The Journey After – Episode 4

� Tunde Oni ~~

My contractions were finally coming at short intervals. We had been on it for some hours. The doctor just checked and said I was at 6cm and I just had to wait for a little longer to get to 10cm. Jaiye was holding my hands standing by my side and cheering me on while I twisted, turned and screamed in pain at every new wave of contraction crept up my stomach.

”Babe, are you sure you sure you don’t want epidural? Jaiye asked with the unmistakable concern evident in his tone

I waited for that contraction to go down before answering him.”Jaiye I am fine, that is like the 10th time you are asking me that, don’t worry, go and check on your mum outside”

”Trust me mum is fine, she is in one corner praying hard for her grandson coming out”

I laughed at that ”we don’t know the sex…hmmmmmmm” as another wave of pain gripped my insides.

I woke up startled by the sound of my alarm clock permeating the air. I quickly looked at my stomach still confused by the dream I just had. Okay so I am still 4 months pregnant and I didn’t get so lucky as to wake up and find my baby beside me. I thought of the dream again and smiled, remembering how my husband was so caring and definitely missing that part of him. The thought of my mother-in-law in the house made me stand up immediately. I had to make breakfast before leaving for work to avoid problems.

The smell of moin-moin hit my nostrils as soon as I stepped out of the room. I got into the kitchen and met mummy still wrapping them in leaves and placing them in the pot.

”Good morning mum” I said going down on my knees.

”Oh madam, you finally woke up at 6:30am” she said with evident sarcasm

”Yes mum, I actually set the time to wake up this early so I can make you breakfast before leaving”

”I am tired of you frying me eggs almost every morning to eat bread so I decided to do something else. I know you are too busy to take the time to make moin-moin”

”No mummy, I am not too busy but the only practical time I can do that is Saturday because I have to leave for work during the week”

”Okay no problem, madam worker, after all you are now the bread winner therefore becoming the head of this home”

I remained silent because I knew that was her way of trying to edge me on and I was definitely not in the mood for confrontation.

”Mummy, do you want me to help you with anything?”

”Don’t bother madam, if you wanted to help, you won’t stand there asking if I want your help, you will simply come and help. I don’t know what kind of lessons you girls of nowadays even learn before deciding to get married”.

”Mummy, I am sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect”. I moved closer to start wrapping some of the moin-moin with her and she snapped.

”I said leave it alone abi. Go and get ready for your almighty work and leave your dependents alone”

I immediately retreated from the kitchen and went straight to my room. I was sure Jaiye was still sleeping and would not wake up till after I have left which was his usual practice.

Later that day, I decided to call Jaiye about a new opportunity

”Hey babe, whatsup? Are you okay?”

”Is that why you called? To ask if I am okay?”

”Jaiye, please take it easy, I was just asking. Anyway, my boss’s friend just left here and he was talking about a position they have vacant in their company so I told him you will call him. I have texted his number to your phone.

”What kind of job position is it?”

”I don’t know much about it but it is definitely a managerial position. I am sure it’s close to what you had before”

”You know what? I won’t be calling him”

I was shocked, I could not be hearing right. ”What do you mean you will not be calling him?”

”I decided I don’t want a job yet. Staying home and you paying the bills is actually fun since that is what you wanted”

”Do you realize we are having a baby Jaiye. Is it my salary we will still live on till then?

”Oh so you didn’t think of that when you decided to make me loose my job sweetie. That your N200,000 salary is what will sustain our whole family”.

”I can’t believe you”.

”Believe it or not”. He hung up the phone and I just sat there staring at my phone.

Later that evening, I decided to ask mummy to talk to Jaiye about the job. As soon as I raised the matter, it was obvious Jaiye had discussed with her before going out and she was waiting for me.

”See ehn, you may be paying the bills but that does not make you the head of this house madam, Jaiye is old enough to make his own decisions”

I could not even hold the bubble of anger that burst out of me.

”He is? Because mummy from where I am standing, he is definitely acting totally irresponsible, spoilt and untrained”

I didn’t expect her to slap me instantly.

”Mummy, please I am respecting you, do not lay a finger on me again just because you have a son that cannot live up to his responsibilities. Is he the first person to loose his job? That both of you will now sit down there and expect me to feed your family”.

As she raised her hand to hit me again, I was prepared and I held her hand firmly. It was at that exact moment that Jaiye came into the house and mummy did not waste time turning to him and saying,

”Jaiye, your wife has decided to beat me after insulting my whole family”

Jaiye did not waste a single breath as he charged towards me. I remember landing on the floor before darkness took over.
…to be continued Tomorrow

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