The Journey After – Episode 5

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I took a moment to listen to the different voices speaking around me. They had no idea I was awake already and trying to gather my thoughts. I began to wonder how long I was out for since I could hear my mother’s voice in the mix. As I opened my eyes slowly, I felt so numb I wondered what kind of drug they must have given me to achieve that. At the corner of the hospital room, I could see my parents huddled together with Jaiye and his mother but I could not really pick out what they were saying. I felt my stomach, silently praying my baby was okay. I remember vividly how Jaiye had pushed me and I hit my stomach on the edge of the table. I remember every single kick he dealt me while his mother watched before I passed out. I remembered everything and I wondered how he explained it to my parents. My throat felt dry and a cough erupted from my mouth which brought all of them to my bedside immediately.

”Oh! Thank God, you are awake”. My mum exclaimed, relief evident in her voice.

”How long was I out for mum?” My voice sounded so croaky, I didn’t even recognize it.

”You have been out since yesterday darling”, my dad said. ”We got here earlier today”

”Babe, how do you feel, should I get you some water?” Jaiye inquired and I nodded. I needed to conserve my energy for my baby. He quickly went to the bedside table and got water, lifting me up to take some.

”Nimi, tell me how you feel? In fact let us get the doctor to come and take a look, my mum said as she went out to get the doctor. I looked at Jaiye and he looked truly stressed out. I felt absolutely nothing. As soon as the doctor came in, he asked everyone to step out while he examined me.

”Everything looks good considering the circumstance. I am sure you will be glad to hear that your baby is doing okay”

”Thank you Jesus!” I felt so much more lighter immediately.

”Doctor, why did I pass out for so long though”

”Well, you had a concussion from the fall. I must say though, Mrs Peters, this does not strike me as a fall, I observed different marks on your body. Do you want to tell me what is going on? Do you need help?”

I could read between the lines of the questions he was asking me. I didn’t need help though. I had it all figured out.

”Doctor, I am fine, thanks for your help. When can I go home?’

”I want you to rest here today just for observation to be sure there are no other effects. You should be able to go home tomorrow so far you can promise to take it easy for the next few days”.

”Okay thanks doctor, I will take it easy”.

As soon as he walked out, my whole family came in again. I took my time to look at Jaiye’s mum but she immediately averted her eyes. I wondered why my parents had not noticed her cold attitude.

”Dad, I don’t think Jaiye told you what really happened” I said facing my dad.

”Oh he did darling, he came home from work and met you passed out on the floor, you must have fallen down.”

”Okay and where was his mum when that happened?”

”She went to the market darling. Don’t you remember baby girl? Are you okay? Thank God the baby is okay”. My dad said sounding quite concerned.

I looked at Jaiye’s eyes. He silently pleaded with me with his eyes to just go with the story but I knew my child deserved better from me. He had crossed the line.

”Dad, Jaiye actually lied to you”

”What do you mean he lied? What happened to you?” my dad asked, anger already creeping into his voice. My dad was a no-nonsense person.

So I went ahead and relayed the story right from the beginning. I told my dad every single detail from the incident that caused him his job to this present moment. My parents sat there with shock in their eyes. You could hear a pin drop in the room. It was my mum that first broke the silence as she landed Jaiye a slap before anyone could react. My dad sat there for a long time. My mum was insulting Jaiye so much and his mother began to defend him. I was shocked at the words that came out of her mouth.

”Don’t you ever touch my son again, it is only a foolish mother that will believe every lie that comes out from her child’s mouth without finding out the truth. Did you daughter tell you of how she was trying to beat me before Jaiye came and saved me from her?”

I just looked at her and shook my head at the hopelessness of the person Jaiye called a mother.

”I know my daughter very well, you on the other hand have always been a shameless woman. Which mother defends her son at a time like this. You are a disgrace”.

”Stop it”, my dad said firmly and looked at me.

”Baby girl, what do you want to do?”

”Dad, I have made my decision, I am filing for a divorce and custody of my child”

Jaiye tried to move close to me, ”Nimi, please don’t do this. I will change. It wont happen again”

My dad was quick to refrain him from coming any closer.”Young man, I will advise you to leave this place this minute because as far as I am concerned, my daughter no longer has a husband. You will be served with the divorce proceedings soonest.”

Jaiye immediately went on his knees begging my dad but my dad was very firm, asking him to leave. I did not bother to look at him because I did not need anything weakening my resolve. After what seemed like hours, Jaiye finally left with his mother and I looked to my parents.

”Nimi, how could you have let it get so bad before telling us? What if he had killed you?” my mum asked.

”Mum I thought he was going to change and he was just angry because of my actions”

”When we leave here, we will deal with your stupid actions too, embarrassing your husband in public like that? Let me make arrangements, you are flying home with us”, my dad said

During the next five months, I was back in town after spending about 2 weeks with my parents. I was able to rent a one bedroom flat despite all of Chisom’s protests. She kept insisting I stay with her but I knew it was going to become a hassle especially when my baby finally arrived. My divorce with Jaiye was still not finalized. Who knew that filing for divorce in court was so complicated? It was always just signing of papers in the movies I watched but for plenty reasons, Jaiye and I ended up appearing in court airing all our dirty linen in public. My baby was due to come at any time.

As I sat down to have dinner that Sunday night, I heard a knock on the door. The only person who visited me constantly was Chisom since we lived in the same estate. I pulled the door open and the laughter froze in my mouth as I saw Jaiye standing there. How did he find my house?

…to be continued




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