Love Really Is Strange – Episode 24

By Lydia Jonathan

I scrunched my eyes and opened it a bit to slowly taking in the dark environment. I tried getting up, but a sudden pain emanating from my wrist area restricted me. After futile attempts from breaking free, I realised the ropes bounding my arms and legs were too difficult to break lose from.

What the h�ll is going on? Where I’m I? I tried sitting up and and actually succeeded. I looked around,but I was in some sort of a dark room and judging from the room’s temperature, I’m guessing the room isn’t that small but does seem vacant as my voice was echoing as I called out

�Hello? I tried again but not one sound was heard except mine. This is not good, I thought and tried with the ropes again but it felt futile. Okay, this is so not good, even if I’m being kidnapped, isn’t there supposed to be someone to interrogate? At least that’s what I remembered from my kidnap. Inhaling a foreign smell and passing out in. Strangers arm.

How long have I been here for? �Hello? I tried yelling again and just then I heard the door creak and someone walked in, and it just proves my theory that, the place is indeed vacant or abandoned and might be very old as well

I craned my eyes, a bit used to the dark environment to make out the person that just walked in, but the foot steps stopped and no noise was heard

�Who’s there? I tried, wanting to hear the strangers voice for recognition of some sort, but the person gave no reply but resumed his walking. I felt my heart now hammering in my chest for fear of the unknown. What if he wants to ki*ll me or even rape me.

�He�, because from the steps being taken, it didn’t seem like a female’s.

The walking came to a halt right in front of me and my breathing seized as well

�Well, well, you finally woke up, a gruff voice echoed

�Wh..what do you want from me? How long have I been out for? I stuttered, my voice coming out low and vulnerable than intended, my breathing coming out slowly as well

He laughed menacingly and I could feel the venom in his voice causing me to shudder in fear

�It’s been exactly twenty-four hours you’ve been out, for starters he huffed. And for your first question? I personally want nothing from, he lowered himself to my sitting position, �But you see, my boss for some reason does, so that’s why you’re here, he heaved himself up and I could tell cause his breaths weren’t fanning my face anymore. I let out a breath I never knew I was holding

�Are you going to ki*ll me? The foot steps walking away stopped and his voice came back up

�Why would I ki*ll you? When I have no grudge against you? He questioned, more of a statement than a question. But he did have a point, he doesn’t really care about me, so why would he want to ki*ll me?

�So if you don’t want to ki*ll me, why I’m I here? It’s not like I’m rich or anything, why does your boss want me? I questioned not knowing where the sudden confidence was coming from, but glad it did anyway

�Like I said lady, he spoke out a little bit irritated now, I don’t know,and honestly don’t care, so if you’d keep your questions to yourself, it’d be really appreciated he turned on heels and soon after, the door opened and banged close with brute force causing me to shudder

�What the h�ll is this place and why I’m I here” I grumbled and so did my stomach. I’ve been out for two days now, and didn’t occur to them that I’d eat? �What would Mimi be thinking? Is she okay? What about the group and George, even Evans… My heart ached from the thoughts and I lay back down my eyes watering as I drifted off to sleep.

The crackling sounds of plates being thrown to the ground woke me up. I blinked rapidly to rid the sleep of my eyes and saw before me, a tray with stainless plates of food on it

�What the h�ll?” I murmured and tried rubbing my aching head, but realised to quickly that my hands were still restrained with ropes and I was still captured. I cursed mentally, really hoping this had all being a bad dream

�Eat!� his hoarse voice rang through my ears causing my already throbbing head to worsen

�Well aren’t you too kind� I rolled my eyes and he just growled and turned to walk away. I tried sitting up but felt a piercing pain in my lower abdomen. Oh God this is not happening, please let this be false, please let it be false, I chanted in in my head and tried sitting up again but let out a weak cry when the pain intensified. He stopped on his heel and turned to look at me

�Are you okay?� his face not showing any sign of emotions

�Do I look okay?� I growled the pain becoming unbearable and I’m on the brink of sobbing

He walked closer to me but stopped half way when he saw my expression

�Do you want some help?� his facials faltering a bit now

�Well, for starters, I could use a bath and change of clothes and undies and also a pad� I rushed out but winced when I felt another jolt of pain

�Is this some kind of a trick?� he growled, his features hardened once more, his fist clenching and unclenching

�Yea, I spat, my eyes wattering, it’s a magically trick in fact. Once a month in a girl’s life, her body feels the need to discharge blood from her uterus and guess where it’s comes out from? I stared intently at him breathing heavily due to the pain. My period always comes with unbearable pains and cause of that I always take drugs before even it starts and Mimi always keeps me company but I guess I’m gonna be in very much pain since I have neither Mimi nor any drug

The tears spilling from my eyes made his hardened features resolve a bit and I could see a bit of softness flash across his facial before he turned away and banged the door leaving me alone in my pain. This can’t get any worse, more tears rolled down my cheek

I was laying on the ground in pain when the door creaked open, but I was too tired and in too much pain to care who came in.

�Don’t try anything funny� he came and knelt beside me undoing the knots from the rope on my leg and then my arms. After he was done, I still laid still, no strength of any kind to try to get up. Noticing,he carried me bridal style, but my eyes were still closed, while he walked on still carrying me. He stopped suddenly and kept me down, steadying me with one hand while he opened the door with the other. I opened my eyes and saw myself and a bathroom with a toilet in it

�There’s a pad and clothes in there� he threw me a bag to me. �You can have a change of clothes when you’re done�. �And knock when you’re done� and with that, he banged the door and I heard a locking sound. He was locking me in.

I sighed, stripped out of my old clothes and stood under the rusty old shower as the cold water cascaded down my body sending chills down my spine. I liked it, it washed away the fatigue and although the pain was still there and throbbing, I can still stand a bit. I washed myself with the soap he provided,and just let the shower pour on me. I turned off the shower after I was done, put on a fresh panties with the pad on it. Although it felt weird, a guy I barely know and apparently, he’s my kidnapper, a grumpy one at that, just bought me panties, but I’m not exactly in a position to refuse. Then I put on the Jean and T.shirt with felt a bit loosed on me, on and I knocked on the door after I was done. He opened seconds later grabbing me by my arm as he led me back into the room. He picked the rope to bind me once again

�Do you really have to do that? I’m in position to run away in this condition, not like I would know where I’m going to anyway�

�I’m not taking any chances came his gruff reply as he finished with my legs as I felt another jolt of pain from my lower region. I grasped unto my stomach in pain, as a tear slid down my cheek and unto my lap

�Are you okay? Is there anything else you want? He worriedly ask, his features gentle now

�Just tie it already� I pulled my joined arms out for him and looked away. He tied my hands, stood up and walked away as I lay on the bare ground, actually thankful the ground was cold but still sweating profusely cause of the pain, as I cried silently. Minutes, later, the door opened once more and in he came.

�Get up, you need to take these� he grunted but I stayed still, mostly because I couldn’t

�Get up!� he yelled causing more tears to trickle down my cheeks and unto the ground

�I can’t� I let out weakly. He came closer and sat me up, resting my back against the wall with tears rolling freely down my cheek

�You need to stop crying, he peered at my tear stained face

�You think I wouldn’t if I could� I cursed mentally for him making me talk when I clearly didn’t have the strength to

He opened the bag and brought out some drugs, setting it aside he undid the ropes binding my hands and handed me the drugs. I looked at him in disbelief and as if reading my thoughts

�A nurse prescribed it� he said and nodded for me to drink. I turned to the drugs and threw them in my mouth as he passed me a bottle of water and I drank and swallowed. I tried to lay back down but he stopped me, handing me a handburger with a cola.

�I’m not hungry� I murmured and laid back down. He pushed it aside for me and got up, and started walking away

�Aren’t you going to tie my hands, I called him back.

�Its okay,I don’t think you can run away like that, that and you can’t escape from me� he turned back and continued walking away

�Thank you, for helping� I let out wearily, feeling a sleep coming along. He stopped on his tracks but didn’t turn around, seconds later he continued and I heard the door bang shot as my eyes closed on their own accords

…to be continued

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