Love Really Is Strange – Episode 5

By Lydia Jonathan

“There are times when you feel like things are going great, too great even that it feels just like a dream, and then “BAM” reality kicks in and everything comes crashing down on you and leaves you with the bitter truth, “Nothing lasts forever”.

Evans called, said he’d come over later, that he has something to tell me. Although I felt a bit worried, like something’s going on that he’s not telling me about, but I brushed it aside thinking if there’s something, he’d tell me when we see

When i got home, about going in, my phone buzzed from my bag. I pulled it out and read the text…………

Staring at the text like it’s written in some kind of foreign language and finding it funny. First instinct kicked in and i started laughing at how absurd it is.

I dialed his number, it rang but he didn’t answer. I tried five times but still same. Getting fed up, I texted him back

“Not funny Evans, call me back when you get this”. Putting my phone away, I went in and forgot about it

Evening came and still nothing from Evans. Now feeling the heat, I grabbed my phone and purse and barged out of the house, away from a startled Mimi, making sure to tell her I’ll be back before turning away and headed staight to Evans place

On getting there, I didn’t see his car usually parked out front like it always is but didn’t put much thought about. I knocked but no reply. So i brought out the key but then realised the lock has been changed

I began banging the door a bit harder now feeling tensed, and then a voice asked behind me

“Can i help you?”

Perplexed, I turned around pointing at myself and asked


“Yea, I’m sorry, its just you’ve been knocking for sometime now, and no one’s there, so I thought maybe you didn’t know”

“Know what? Now turning all my attention to him”

“That the previous occupant left”

“He what? Sounding a bit too harsh but then apologising”

“He left this morning. He came in packed all his stuff and left”

Suddenly I felt a pang in my chest, the blood on my face felt drained leaving my face pale and my legs felt numb causing me to slump down, and immediately the man rushed to my aid

“Are you okay lady?

“Yea, I croaked. Thanks i offered getting on my feet. “

“I’m just gonna go” and with that I walked away not exactly sure where I was headed

I brought out my phone after walking for a while and tried calling again but his phone was switched off. Wiping the stray tear that escaped my eyes, I made my way home

“Are you okay? You left the house just like that without saying where you’re going. I thought something bad had hap………..

She pused when she saw my red eyes burning with unshed tears


“He’s gone Mimi”, i said and went to her arms and sobbed uncontrollably.

After telling her about everything that happened, she remained calm as if taking it all in

“Its gonna be alright” then she began, its not the end of the world, its his loss she said and pulled me in for hug which triggered more tears on my part

Later that night, I tried sleeping but sleep was far away from my eyes. So I just lay on the bed looking up to the ceiling when my phone buzzed. I picked it up and read the text

“I’m really sorry baby, I wish I can explain it to you but I don’t want to hurt you more than i already have. I’d rather have you hate me than putting you through pain. I really am sorry”.

After reading it over and over, the tears came back and I cried my self to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with swollen eyes and a killer headache. Holding my head in my hand I made my way to the kitchen finding Mimi cooking. Sighting me, she stopped what she was doing

“Hey, you’re up, how are you feeling?

“I’m fine,I tried saying, just having a headache then winced when I felt a pound on my head

“Hold on, I’ll go get you pain killers” she said and ran out of the kitchen

After much persuasion from Mimi, i was forced to take little food.I decided to go get ready for school but she argued against, saying I’m not fit both physically and emotionally. I had to stay home and she left for school but not without me promising her I’ll be fine on my own

The days went bye, with me crying most of the times and Mimi trying her best to cheer me up. But after some time I decided to snap out of it. Mimi is right, its not the end of the world I told myself and with that I went to school the next week

“Hello….. Hello please wait” I heard someone call out on my way to my second class but ignored until I got tired and I turned around to see a guy running up to me

He caught up with me seconds later, with me getting annoyed at him for stopping me cause I was getting late for my class

Hi, I’ve been calling out but you didn’t answer me……..

“And so?” I cut him off harshly, don’t you think if a girl is ignoring it means she is not interested? Can’t you take a hint? And I turn around and started going on my way

A little amused, he called out again

“You don’t understand, that’s not why I……..

“Can’t you just leave me alone, I’m not interested for goodness sake I screamed now, attracting glances from passers by

“You dropped your purse” he said handing me my purse with an amused look on his face and me standing there dumbfounded and embarrassed at my outburst.

Still standing there staring at the guy that finds my outburst amusing, i thought back to where I left the purse. Then i remembered, I must have dropped it when i went to get some snacks

“Are you not going to take it?” He sounded a bit bored now still pointing the purse at me?

“Y_ea, th_thanks I stuttered,took my purse and started hurrying away from him to avoid futher embarrassment

“You are very beautiful though” he yelled and turned to walk away and i felt my cheek heat up

I went to my class a bit late prompting a glare from the lecturer. I apologized and went to the back( unlike my usual sitting in the front) cuz the front was occupied

“Hi” i heard someone say with an awfully familiar voice

I turned to return the greeting but found my voice caught in my throat, but that just made him smile even more

“I’m George”, he says extending his hand for a handshake

Seeing as he’s not giving up, I shook his hand

I’m Li……..

“Lizzy”, he cut me off, I know

Frowning a bit , I asked how he knows

He stared at me for sometime, I’ve been taking this class since I got in, and wait… didn’t know?

“You don’t know me, do you? He looked angry

“I’m sorry I shook my head, “i don’t”

“Its fine” he added and turned around to listen to the lecturer

Looking at the class, i felt bad that I was too occupied with Evans that I failed to notice anyone else in my dept and even making friends. Sighing, I promised to get to know each person starting with George and hoping he doesn’t avoid me

After the lectures, I waited outside hoping to see George and apologize but i didn’t see him. He must have gone earlier i said to myself and started walking away feeling bad, but stopped when i sighted him. He saw me too, but turned and started walking away

“Stop, wait, please George wait……..

He stopped and I caught up with him

“What do you want?”

“I errm……. I wanted to apologize about earlier I blurted out

“I told you its fine he replied and started walking away

“No….please wait, he stopped

“I really am sorry, i was wondering if we could start over. I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzy, I said extending my hand, looking at his face for any hint cuz he was keeping a straight face

After staring for some time, “I’m George he smiled and shook my hand

“Its nice to meet you George” I smiled back. Thanks again, for my purse earlier

“Its no big deal, he smiled even more

“So, where are you headed?

“Not sure, since we’re done for the day

“Good” he took my hand in his and we started walking to God knows where.

Mimi: someone’s smiling, did something good happen today

Me: I guess, do you know I don’t know most of the students in my dept?

Mimi: why is that

Me: I guess I’ve just been preoccupied with………

I trailed of, my eyes becoming misty with unshed tears thinking back about what happened. I guess Mimi noticed that’s why she changed the subject

“So, did you make friends? she asked passing me the chips she was eating

“Thanks, yea, I kinda did, I replied and threw a chip in my mouth. “He took me for lunch”

“Oooooooooh, tell me about it

“There really is nothing to tell, we started on the wrong foot, then I apologized, so its all good now

“And he took you to lunch? she wiggled her brows

“Stop it, I said smiling, it’s just a friendly lunch

“Whatever you say

The days went by with George and I being really good friends, reading together,sometimes eating together.

Exams came, and soon it was another semester, and then another and we were in 200 level, but our friendship still waxed on strong

By the end of our 300 level, George started getting tensed whenever he sees me and started acting weird. And then one day, he said he needs to see me before we leave for the holidays

“George? I called out when I saw him standing at my door, about to knock but didn’t and stopped to stare at the door

He turned almost immediately when he heard his name

“Are you okay?

“Yea, I just need to talk to you he mumbled

Alright come in then, i opened the door and ushered him in.

“Is everything okay? You’re scaring me

“Yea yea, everything’s fine, he said and held my hands. Liz you know, we’ve been friends for a while now, and its been really great he began……..

“Yea? I answered a bit unsure of where he’s going with that

“And I’d love for us to be more than just friends. I really like you a lot, and its been really good these past years and i know your heart has being broken before,and you’re cynical about love but I promise to be the best for you……..

He stopped and looked at me as if, waiting for a reaction or for me to say something

“George….. I trailed, then looked back at him. I’ve been there before, and trust me when I say it hurts, I done wanna feel that way again. I really like you but, I don’t want to cry myself to sleep again because of being hurt

George: I know, and hurting you is the last thing on my mind. I love you Lizzy and I promise to do so for a very long time, he said tucking my hair behind my ear

“Okay, I said smiling

“Okay? He smiled and hugged. You said okay

I nodded and he hugged me even more before leaving and promising to call.

“I know you were listening so come out

Mimi came out, smiling. Hey its not my fault he came to confess his love here

Hey! She yelled out when i threw my bag at her, “real mature”

“You think I did the right thing?i asked Mimi who just smiled

“Does he make you happy?

I nodded and smiled

“There you go, and you need a guy that makes you happy after what you went through. Just he careful okay

“Okay i nodded. So what about you and David?

She kept quiet and looked away

“You’re still not talking to him?

“No, she replied looking down

Mimi and David have been going on and off for sometime now. He’ll make her angry and ask for forgiveness, and she always does and takes him back. This time she caught him with his ex, although he said nothing happened and she believed, she’s still angry he was with his ex innthe first place

“Are you okay? I asked holding her hand

She looked at our hands for sometime before replying “I’ll be fine, plus, I’m just teaching him a lesson she smiled

“Okay then,I’m gonna go freshen, I stood and started walking to my room

“You are the love my life, take me as I am, and I will love you” I heard her sing.

I’m gonna ki*ll you,I yelled and chased after her laughing


After the holidays, and now in our final year. George and i were going on strong but made sure to set our priorities straight and focused mostly on our studies until our graduation

We all graduated,and went on our different services and even though we were posted to different states, we made sure to see each other

After our services Mimi and I decided leaving together cuz we were used to each other. So we got a house and after differen numerous application letters we both finally got hired into a company

All was going great, until i got fired.

…to be continued

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