Love Really Is Strange – Episode 20

By Lydia Jonathan

I have to admit, this right here is not my finest hour. Wiping this particular table for twenty minutes now. Cause they have have been sitting there a while now and it’s making me both nervous and curious
�Oh forget it, I threw the cleaning rag aside and went to sit close to Mimi
Vivian: hi you. You’re Lizzy right?
She smiled turning to me. Confused I turned to Mimi who had same smile on her face
Me: I’m lost here. What’s going on. Thought you had a kid and you’re threa….well you know
Vivian: yea, I do have a kid. How do you know?
Her brows furrowed as she looked at me for answers clearly
Me: what are you talking about?
I turned to Mimi who though has a little bit of doubts on her features seemed relieved and actually relaxed for real
Mimi: Vivian has a kid but he isn’t Henry’s
She beamed looking from both of us while I spotted a confused look
Me: what? Hold on a second, but you’ve been threatening him
I turned to look at her, even more confused
Vivian: threatening him? Why would I do that?
She looked at me, more confused than I was
Mimi: okay, but why did you call him after all these years
Vivian: cause I got back into town with my family and I thought I’d call to say hi, but he got mad and said all sorts of things and even something about breaking his girlfriend and him up
Me: hold on. Your family?
Vivian: yea, I’m married and I got two kids now
She smiled and flashed her ring at us
Me: To your baby’s daddy?
Vivian: yea. We had a little problem, then we separated and I was in a really rough place. And then Henry called and I thought I needed the distraction but I was wrong. He was hurting too, and kept talking about Evans and how he’s feeling bad for him. So I took him home since he was too drunk and in no way capable of driving. Then I talked to Mark, My husband and I realised I was pregnant with his baby. Soon we got married and had our baby. I am really happy (smiling)
Me: Whoa! That’s just wow. Congratulations
I turned to her and she beamed nodding. I looked to Mimi and she seemed indifferent, like she seemed relieved but at same time still uneasy but she wasn’t saying anything
Me: how many times did you say you called him?
Vivian: Once. It’s why I got worried when he was yelling at me on phone. So I thought to come see you (turning to Mimi) and ask what’s going on, since I can’t get to him
Me: If you just called him just once, then who was threatening him?
I turned to Mimi whose worry lines on her face seemed visible now
Vivian: what? Whose threatening who?
Me: we have no idea.


Mimi and I both shared gazes and then looked away, both unable to utter a single word since Vivian left
�If you have questions about him, just ask, I’ve got some dirty deets, Vivian winked before she got up to leave to go tend to her kids. And please tell him I have to talk to him she pleaded. Mimi nodded and she left
�She seems nice,I finally spoke out, tired of the deafening silence but Mimi still remained still, peering deeply at the table not paying the least attention to her environs
�Mimi? I shook her to snap her of her daze
�Huh? She turned to me, still stunned though
Me: You seem out of it. Are you okay?
Mimi: yea, I’m fine. What were you saying?
Me: I said vivian seems nice, and seems truly happy with her life
I smiled, thinking back to how Vivian was gushing about her husband and kids with a smile plastered her face. I looked up to Mimi but she was spotting a serious look
Mimi: This is serious Liz. If Vivian wasn’t the one sending the threats, then who was?
Me: don’t worry, I bet it’s just someone trying to scam him. Now that we found it she isn’t the one, you should be happy
Mimi: I know…(trailing) but I can’t see to. Something doesn’t add up. What if there’s something really out there, who’s out to get us
Me: I wouldn’t worry about that. Plus if anyone should be worried, it should be me….
I trailed, looking away
Mimi: what?
Me: it’s nothing. Just try not to worry. Everything will be fine, it already is
Just then, George walked in on us
George: hello ladies
He greeted. Mimi threw a curt smile and nodded and I nudged her, seeing as his facials turned sour from her response
Mimi: I’m sorry George. I just got something on my mind
George: it’s okay(his face lifted into a smile) are you ready? (turning to me)
Me: yea, just give me a minute
I got up and turned to go get my purse and Mimi excused herself also tailing behind me. I got my purse and turned to go meet him but Mimi was staring down at me
Me: you have something to say?
I frowned a little, but she crossed her hands over her chest
Mimi: Nope, have fun
She turned and left to go tend to a customer that walked in. I took a deep breath and went to meet George
�Where are we going? I turned to him, few minutes into the drive
�Oh, just some place, he smiled to me and turned back to the road and we drove in a comfortable silence
�We’re here, he parked and we got out
�its pretty, I commented as we walked into the restaurant
�I know, that’s why I brought you here, he smiled gestured for me to go in.
I frowned a little, worried about his nice gesture but shrugged it off as him being a good friend. I walked in and we got a table
Me: this place is really nice
George: I know
He smiled and a waiter walked to us to get our orders. We ordered and the waiter left. I cleared my throat and looked up to him
Me: so,we need to talk
George: yes, we do. I’m so sorry about my behaviour back in your house
Me: No, it’s fine, I’m sure it was just a game. I’m sorry you got hit
I frowned a little, thinking back how he was bleeding when Evans hit him
George: oh, it’s fine. But I was serious though
Me: what?
I took the glass of water set before us, to quench my parched throat
George: I was serious. I never stopped loving you
I spit out the water almost immediately, after he finished, my eyes widening from the scene I caused. I apologized for the attention I drew from lookers cause they all seemed rich and fancy. I turned back to George and saw my damage. The water splashed all over his shirt
�I am so Sorry, I brought out a handkerchief, got up to dab on his shirt but he smiled and told me to sit
Me: I’m so sorry I embarrassed you
George: it’s fine, really
I nodded, then went back to the statement that caused the whole scene
Me: wh…what do mean you never stopped. We agreed to be just friends, and you said you moved on
George: I know, but I lied, I didn’t want you feel bad. I still love you Lizzy, I never stopped loving you
Me: Please stop, I can’t take this right now. I have a lot on my head and you…you just can’t
George: Lizzy, I….
Me: No, no George, please stop
George: please hear me out..
Me: No George (I snapped, getting side stares, but I didn’t care anymore) We broke up, and we moved on. We’re just friends now, nothing more
George: I can’t be just friends anymore, knowing that everyday I think about you, how I want to hold you close and cuddle with you, and kiss you deeply and….
Repulsed, I got up abruptly, and almost everyone turned to look at us
Me: we’re done. I moved on, I’m with Evans now and you know that. You should moved on too
I turned and walked out not minding the plain stares from lookers. I walked out of the restaurant, my breath ragged from anger and just then George ran out yelling my name
Me: what?
I turned to face him
George: I’m sorry, I crossed a line back there
Me: you should be. You told me you moved on, and I was happy, so what the h�ll was that about?
George: well, I’m sorry not all of us has the amazing ability to just move on like you did
He snapped
Me: what’s that supposed to mean?
George: we broke up and immediately you ran into his hands. He was the reason the reason we broke up in the first place, wasn’t it?
He yelled, anger dancing in his eyes. Visibly seething, I remained calm and looked up to him
Me: we’re done here
I turned on my heels, and started walking not sparing him a second glance. And he didn’t bother stopping me, for which I was glad. As I walked on, the anger dissolved a bit and in its place worry took over. Was he right? Did I really break up with him because of Evans. Was I ever in love with him?


�Baby, I love you,but you know I can’t make it right now. I travelled out, I told you that, so you need to stop calling me okay?.
John please, I’ll talk to you later. I have to go now, bye. And she hung up and started cursing
I’ve been sitting here listening on, on this lady’s conversation. I know I’m been rude right now but it seemed sweet at first, but now I’m not so sure anymore
A guy walked up to her later on and kissed her on the cheek, while she blushed
�Not on the street Isaac�, she nagged, �people will see. He apologized and they walked away holding hands
I was deep in thought after they left. �was I like that with George, was I mentally cheating on him like this lady is obviously cheating on her boyfriend, and I didn’t even know?
I jerked little when I felt my phone vibrate from my bag on my leg. I pulled it out and It was Evans. I rejected and put the phone off tired of all the dramas lately. I got up, hung my bag and headed home, not wanting to go to the caf� anymore. I got home and Evans was sitting by my door his head in a bent position and he seemed deep in thoughts
He raised his head and all thoughts I had vanished. Seeing him made my heart start beating erratically in my chest. He had worry lines on his face but all I want to do is pull him close and hold him for a long time. His eyes felt like they were looking right through my soul and I couldn’t help but get lost in them. It felt like the first time again with him. I’m completely, utterly and madly in love with him an I don’t care who it hurts. I have him and I don’t wanna lose him anymore. I don’t care if I hurt George. I’m always gonna carry that baggage with me, but I can’t feel bad cause of this right here, because this feels too right
�Hey, I called and he got up and came and pulled me in a hug while I relinquished the anger and worry I held and inhaled in the scent that is Evans’s. I hugged him back like a child who just found her lost teddy bear and I don’t wish to let go
�I’m so sorry I lost it. I shouldn’t have hit him,I shouldn’t have yelled and said all those things to you,he rushed out over my shoulders
�Hey, I pulled away from him gently missing his hold on me too quickly
Evans: you have every right to be mad, I get it
Me: I’m not mad, not anymore anyway
I smiled a little, trying to ease his heart
Evans: I’m really sorry, I just got so mad, when he said that and… I don’t wanna lose you Liz
He held my hands looking intently at me. I freed one of my hand and placed it on his face, not looking away I smiled but it dropped caused he looked so vulnerable. �You’re not gonna lose me okay? Caressing his cheek with my thumb, I smiled and he smiled right back
�Sorry I didn’t pick your calls
Evans: it’s fine, it’s my fault
Me: no, it’s not. I should’ve tried talking to you. I made you worry didn’t I?
Evans: not anymore
He pulled me in again to himself and we stayed like that both too absorbed in the moment to pull away
�Babe, you’re phone’s ringing. Evans called out as I was in the kitchen preparing something
Me: can you please pick it up and check who it is
Evans: all right
I went back to what I was doing. I suddenly started craving something really sweet after Evans and I got in. I decided to make any thing sweet, not sure what exactly I’m baking, but from the level of sugar I’ve poured in, let’s just hope I don’t become very close with the toilet
I turned around smiling but it dropped when I saw the worry on Evan’s face
Me: what’s going on? Who was that?
Evans: that was Miriam
Me: what?
I frowned a little
Evans: I think we need to go to the hospital now. Mimi got into an accident….

…to be continued


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