Love Really Is Strange – Episode 18

By Lydia Jonathan

“ Guys? I started panicking, I think we should….I was cut off when Henry carried her immediately and started running out to the car. Without questions asked, Evans and I followed after him. He put her in the back seat and I went in and kept her head on my laps. Evans started the car and immediately we were zooming of to a nearby hospital but from the looks of things, nearby isn’t really gonna be nearby cause of where this place is situated.

Mimi opened her eyes few minutes later, looked at her surroundings and passed out again

“Guys!! I yelled, hurry up and Evans stepped on it

We arrived at a hospital sooner, and she was rushed to the emergency room

Minutes past, and then a doctor came to break the news to us while we all stood up as if life of Mimi rests on his shoulders

Doctor: Are you her family?(he looked at all three of us)

Me: Errrmmm, well yea, she’s my best friend, we live together. We’re practically sisters

Doctors: okay. Well she’s stable now, she just needs the rest due to her pregnancy. She needs body fluids and the pregnancy had made her unconscious due to lack of it…..

“Pregnancy”, Henry turned to me and then the doctor. What are you talking about?

Doctor: Yes, she’s two weeks gone. When was the last time she ate something(he turned to me)

Me: well, she hadn’t been eaten well lately, so, I thought she lacked appetite….

Doctor: well, she has to eat, cause of the baby developing in her.

I nodded and thanked the doctor. “can we see her now?

“Of course”, he led us to her. She was sleeping with her hand fastened to a drip. I cupped her face with my hands, holding back the tears threatening to spill

“She’s pregnant? Henry turned to me as soon as the doctor left. Why didn’t she tell me. What’s going on…..

“No! you don’t get to ask anything, I turned abruptly to him. What the héll Henry, I called, I texted but you reply any. I get it, you guys fought but, why the heck were you ignoring everybody, and you may have a child with another girl? She’s carrying your child Goddamnit, I pointed at Mimi who was lying peacefully, what’s gonna happen to her huh?

Henry bowed his head feeling guilty, I presumed, sparing glances at Mimi

“Babe” Evans came and held me

“ I’m sorry,I turned to him. I just got so mad, you know? He pulled me in for a hug drawing circles round my back, and boy was that relaxing

“What happened Henry? Evans finally turned to his friend, who was now sitting close to Mimi

“I love her Bro, he held Mimi’s free hand, not turning away from her. A part of me is overjoyed she’s with my child, and the other part guilty, that I put her through this, a stray tear rolled down his cheek and down his chin. Gód he looked so vulnerable and that broke my heart all over again.

We all sat in silence and awaited Mimi’s awake, while I rested my head on Evans’s shoulders with eyes closed, feeling the fatigue coming on full force and Henry was still beside Mimi, still holding her hand

Hours later, she woke up and Henry called to our attention. Immediately I rushed to her side with Evans beside me

Me: how are you feeling? I smiled at her

Mimi: Better, we’re you worried?( She smiled)

Me: Of course. I was worried out of my mind

Mimi: Good, now you know how I felt

she smiled wider before turning to Henry then her smile dropped. She pulled her hands away and tried sitting, while I helped. Henry’s facials turned sour, but he masked it with a smile

Henry: I’m glad you’re fine

Mimi: really? Cause for a moment there, I thought you didn’t care

Henry: of course I care, I love you Mimi, and I mean

Mimi: oh save it, I’m sure you changed your mind cause you heard I’m pregnant

Henry: that’s not true (he gritted out)

“I feel like we should give them some privacy” I whispered to Evans, but I guess it was not much of a whisper cause Mimi heard and told us not to go anywhere

Henry: Mimi please listen to me

Mimi: now you want me to listen. What, you tired of your her already?

Henry: please just here me out

Mimi: fine, what is it you wanna say?

Henry: yes, I may or may not have a child

Mimi: may or may not? What, you didn’t know what was gonna happen when you were enjoying it or what?

“Mimi! I glared at her, behave, I mouthed

Henry: it’s okay Liz, I deserve that

Mimi: of course you do, you had a child with her, and now I’m pregnant. So I guess I….

“Shut up! And just listen to me, he barked, startling both Mimi and I. She kept quiet whilst Evans was quiet through all of the happenings

Henry: she doesn’t mean anything to me, (turning to Mimi) it was a stupid mistake and it happened a long time ago

Mimi: exactly how long?

Henry: seven years ago.

“What the fúck? I surprised myself, not knowing when the words came out and everyone turned to me but Mimi was shocked as well.

Henry: Evans was really sick (he went on) and wouldn’t go for treatment, so I got angry and we had a fight. I went to a bar, and I called my then exgirlfriend over and after I was drunk. I broke up with her cause she cheated on me, but she was the only person I could talk to. She took me home and I was very drunk, and I don’t know what happened after then. I woke up the next morning, apologised to her and left and that was the last I heard from her until recently she started calling. I warned her to stop calling, but now she’s sending threats, said she has a child for me, and that I need to come see them

He finished and looked at Mimi who was as speechless as I was while Evans looked indifferent.

“It was a drunken and stupid mistake Mimi” he held her hand. I love you, he said slowly and I want to be there for you and the baby he touched her stomach prompting her to smile.

“ I love you too, she broke down hiding her face in his chest” I’m sorry I got mad and jealous. You have nothing with her anymore, right?

“ Yes, I don’t. He raised her chin up. And its okay, he carrassed her hair. “ I’m sorry I made you feel that way too” they both smiled at each other. “ We’ll sort it out okay?

“okay, she nodded

I turned to Evans who was smiling glad everything was sorted out.“ I love you, I mouthed. He kissed my forehead and replied “ I love you too”


“ You’re gonna be okay right? I turned to Mimi

“Yea, he’s with me, she smiled and replied

“okay, if you need anything, call me. She nodded and I left the hospital with Evans. I waved him bye when he dropped me home to rest. Unable to stay alone, I turned to the bus stop to go get a cab to the café. On my way to the bus stop, I felt something and turned around to see a vehicle coming at high speed right at me. I was frozen at the spot unable to move.

I stood there, unable to move, while I saw my eyes flash before me. It was like I was hearing my mum’s voice yelling for me to move but my feet where frozen to the ground. I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my cheek. I heard my name been yelled, but it was faint and the car was closer to hitting me

In a swift movement I was in the floor and someone was on top of me me but I was too scared to open my eyes as I was still shaking in fear

“Lizzy….Lizzy open your eyes the voice called, but the I shook my heard crying.

Lizzy…please open your eyes, the voice called again now shaking me. The voice felt familiar I thought. I opened my eyes and saw George, fear in his eyes also.

“Gód Lizzy. I thought you were gonna get hit, he embraced me but I was still shaken to respond. He pulled back, and started scanning for injuries

George: Are you hurt? We’re you injured?

He kept looking for injuries

Me: you’re bleeding

George: what?

Me: you’re bleeding

I pointed to his scrapped hand, which I’m guessing is from the fall. He looked at it and turned back to me

George: I’m fine. Are you okay? I was yelling for you to move out of the way, but you didn’t. I had to push down. I’m sorry

He got up, and took me up with him

Me: what happened?

I turned to my surroundings, finally noticing the car was no longer there

George: must be a reckless driver, or the person was trying to ki*ll you. The person drove of without even stopping to check for damages. What was that about?

He gazed into my eyes, waiting for a reply

“I don’t know I shrugged and looked away dusting my self up. How did you save me? why are you here? I turned back to him

George: I went to the café,but your girls said you weren’t there. I called but you weren’t answering. So I thought to come to your house when I saw you in the bus stop. So I stopped to talk to you, but that car was coming at you. I yelled for you to move but you didn’t hear

Me: oh, thank you

George: it’s no problem. Are you sure you’re okay?

Me: yea, I’m fine

George: okay. So where are you headed

Me: I think I’m gonna go home now, I’ve enough for one day

George: alright, come on, I’ll take you home

I nodded, and he led me to his car and we drove to the house

“Are you sure you’re okay Liz? He questioned when I handed him him a drink

Me: of course, why do you ask? (sitting opposite him)

George: Why was someone trying to ki*ll you?

Me: I don’t know. Plus it might not be a murder attempt. Might just be reckless driving (I shrugged)

He looked intensely at me. “ I’m fine, really, I tried to lighten the mood. Now why were you looking for me? Missed me already? I smiled

“you know I do, he gave a sad smile but covered it up. So, you and Evans together huh? He smiled

“yea, we got together I replied bowing my head, a part of me feeling sorry towards him

He walked up to me and squatted raising my chin up to look at him. “ I know what you’re thinking, and I’m fine you don’t need to feel bad. I’ve moved on okay?

I nodded, smiling at his gesture

“congratulations, he said standing to go back to his seat. He’s a lucky guy.

He stayed and we talked for a while before he left. After his departure, I called to check up on Mimi and Henry and they said she was fine. I decided to shower and retire to bed as it had been a long day

I woke up to the sun shining through my window, reflecting in the whole room. I rubbed my eyes and checked my bedside clock and it was eleven o’ clock. I got up immediately and shouted. Oh my Gód, I can’t believe I over slept I was suppose to go to the café, and go pick Mimi up. Oh my Gód, this is not good. I looked all over for my phone but didn’t see it. With my night wear which consisted of a short and a mini top, I ran down to check for my phone to make a call but stopped when I saw them.

“Mimi? You’re back?

Mimi: yea, we waited, but you didn’t come. We called but you didn’t answer. So Henry drove me home. And saw the reason you wouldn’t pick your call

She waved my phone across my face. I took it from her. Must have dropped it here after I called them last night

I turned around to see Henry smiling waving

Henry: hi Liz. Nice short by the way (smirking)

Me: bite me

I scowled and went to sit

Henry: ouch, someone’s in the mood

Mimi: yea Liz, what’s wrong?

Me: I’m sorry, just angry I woke up late. I’ve gotta call the café

Mimi: no worries, already done. Told them them we wouldn’t come today, they should take care

Me: thanks, you’re a life saver

Mimi: no problem, it seemed you needed the rest

Me: you have no idea. It was such a long day and I even almost di….

I stopped mid sentence, deciding not to tell them, since it’d probably be nothing. I turned to look at them but they were staring at me, waiting for me to continue.

“Almost died of tiredness, I joked

Mimi: I’m sorry, it’s my fault I made you go through that

Me: oh no, it’s nothing. You’d do the same for me

I smiled and embraced her

“ I’m glad you guys are okay though

“I’m glad too, she smiled

Henry: well, aren’t you girls just adorable. I thought I needed a guy here, so I called Evans over. Stephanie and Princess is coming as well. Is it okay with you guys? Stephanie said Princess has been feeling really down lately

Me: of course, they can come. We can make it a get together

We smiled, but then Henry scrunched his nose.

“Do you guys smell something? Like something’s burning

“Oh my Gód Mimi shrieked and ran to the kitchen

“Gotta love her, I commented and smiled at Henry and he smiled back. “ I’ll go help her he nodded and I left for the kitchen to go prepare for our visitors, and I’m still in my night wear.

…to be continued


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