Love Really Is Strange – Episode 11

By Lydia Jonathan

I lay on the bed staring intensely at the ceiling like it’s going to magically poof everything back to normal, to when I had no problems, and it was just george and I.

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night. I came home spent and headed straight to my bed. I just wanted to close my eyes and forget everything that happened. Mimi came in with food but I had no energy nor do I have the appetite to eat. Her many attempts for me to have a taste was futile as I flagged it off as being to tired and just needed rest. She accepted and left

My door opened and Mimi peered her head through

Mimi: are you awake?

She whispered

I nodded and beckoned. She came in and sat at the edge of the bed

Mimi: how are you feeling?

Me: I’m better

I smiled, showing a weak attempt at convincing her I’m fine, but I guess she didn’t buy it cause she crossed her hands and furrowed her brow

Mimi: what’s going on Liz? You’re not yourself lately, you have bags underneath you lids, your eyes are always swollen cause of crying and you’re not even eating. Is this about Evans, is he bothering you, cause I swear i’ll ki*ll him. Just say the word and he’s dead, I don’t mind, I’ll just…..

Me: George broke up with me

I choked out

She stopped talking and turned to look at me

Mimi: what!?

Me: I told him I met with Evans yesterday, we had a fight and he said we needed a break

I tried but failing to hide the sobs

Mimi: you met Evans again?? Hold on that’s not the point right now. What’s gonna happen now, is the wedding off?

� I don’t know, I broke down completed. Why did it have to happen again Mimi, why can’t it be easy just this once, I said in between sobs

Mimi pulled me closer to her shoulders and I cried uncontrollably and Mimi let me, patting my head gently

Moments later, we left the house for the caf� with me looking like the walking dead

Mimi: aren’t you going to at least put on a powder on your face? You look terrible

Me: why bother, what’s the point? I don’t have the energy nor the zeal, plus no one cares

Mimi: I care, and so would others, so they won’t think you’re crazy

She smirked. I turned to give her a blank stare and she raised her hands in surrender and signalled we go ahead

� you look……Nice?, Henry greeted as soon we got in

Me: what are you doing here?

Henry I came to say hi

Me: this early?

Henry: when better to come say hi to my new friend than now

He flicked my nose but I slapped his hand away

Mimi: you’re still not dead?

Mimi turned to him as soon as she saw him

Henry: you know, if you like me, all you have to do is say it

Mimi: in your dreams sh�tface

Henry: sorry babe, but you’re not in my dreams yet

He winked, and she scoffed and walked away. He turned back to face me

Henry: why do you look like you’re bringing the zombie convention to town?

Me: none of your business, now go away henry, I’m not in the mood

Henry: why, what’s going on with you?

Me: don’t you have something better to do?

� yea, you know like dying a slow painful death somewhere?ridding the world on yourself? Mimi butted in, turning to Henry

Henry: one of these days you’re gonna realise you feel something for me and admit it

Mimi: I’d rather stick a pin through my eye balls

Henry: I can’t let you go through that pains just for me, plus, sorry babe, but you’re not my type

He winked and turned to me

Henry: I have no one else to talk to, since my best bro, well, is not himself lately and wallowing in self pity

Mimi: gee, I wonder why

She scoffed and went to tend to her work

Me: leave me alone Henry

I pushed him aside and walked past him

�can’t get rid of me that easily babe� he called behind me, but I ignored and went on

Good morning ma…… Abigail ran to greet me, but stood frozen in front of me as soon as she took in my appearance

Henry: see, you scared the poor girl

Abigail: no ma….

She defended

�its just that you’re not looking yourself, not that I’m saying you’re not looking nice or anything, she rambled on but I blocked it out as the standing and talking is making me dizzy, I guess the sleepless night is finally taking a toll on me and now Henry’s arguing with her about what she thinks

�ENOUGH!! I snapped startling them both. Just shut it both of you. I’ve had it, I know I look hideous and I’m really tired and I felt like my heads gonna explode and my eyes hurt like crazy, and I’m having the craziest week, so I just need one day to be normal, cause nothing’s going right for me, my ex is back and it’s driving me crazy and my fianc�e just dumped me and I just need one freaking day to be normal!!

I vented and turned to walk away, when suddenly my view got blurry and I collapsed

�oh my G�d, I heard a faint gasp, and felt someone trying to pull me up

� is she okay?

� does she look okay to you?

� we have to take her to the hospital

� nice one genius, as supposed to where, a school?

� oh shut up, he snapped, and I felt him carry me bridal style to what I assume is a car. I heard the door close and ignition kicked in

� hang in there Liz, I heard a faint voice and that was all I remembered..

I opened my eyes and stared at the white ceiling above me. I didn’t have to look beside to know my best friend was beside me holding my hand

I looked around and saw that I was connected to a drip. Wow, I neglected my body so much, it took passing out in the caf� to knock some sense into me

I tried sitting up but was immediately pushed back down gently by Mimi

Mimi: the doctor said you have to rest

� I’m fine� I mumbled. With my free hand I rubbed my eyes and turned to look at her

Mimi: yea, you’re so fine you’re in the hospital

She frowned and nagged

� how are you feeling? Henry came to my side

� been better, I smiled

Mimi: you took this way to far Izz, what if something worse had happened

Me: I’m fine Mimi, how long have I been out for?

Mimi: Eight hours

I turned to look out the window and it was getting dark out

Me: that long huh?

Mimi: yes, that long

Henry: she’s still in the hospital you know, and you don’t have to keep nagging

He turned to Mimi, but she just turned to give him a nasty stare

Mimi: why are you still here? It’s cause of your friend she’s in this position, so I don’t wanna hear one more word from you

Henry raised his hands in surrender and went back to his seat and just then the doctor came in with a nurse

�Everything alright in here”? He turned to both Henry and Mimi and they both nodded. He turned to me after the nurse was done removing the drip. He checked for my heartbeat with his stethoscope and nodded

Doctor: how are you feeling?

Me: pretty good. When can I leave?

He smiled � someone’s eager to leave he commented and turned to Mimi,

Doctor: she needs food and rest. She was so much worked up and fatigued that her body was in duress and gave up on her

�Here� he took a prescription from the nurse and handed over to Mimi

Doctor: There are the drugs you need to get her. You can get them in the pharmacy out front

Mimi took it and thanked him

Mimi: so can she leave now?

Doctor: not yet, she still needs the rest, and have to stay for a day

Mimi: okay thank you doctor

He nodded, smiled at me and left.

� You hear that� Mimi turned to me as soon as the doctor left

Me: I heard mom.

I rolled my eyes, �This is torture, I muttered turning away from her

�Tell me about it� Henry scoffed, I’m not the one sick and I’m already suffocated by her

Mimi: one more word from you, I swear, just one more word

She glared at Henry, but he just turned to me

� hang in there� he mouthed and we both smiled while Mimi just got up and started walking out

Me: where are you going?

Mimi: to go get you food and drugs

She snapped and banged the door

� she’s a keeper� Henry turned to me and we both laughed

Seconds later, the door opened and in came George, worry laced in features. He rushed to my side

Henry: i’ll just give you guys some space

I nodded and he left

George: Babe I’m so sorry I let this happen

Me: it’s not your fault

George: it is, I shouldn’t have gotten mad and left you, I feel terrible. So, I’ve been thinking, you were right, we should have the wedding sooner

He placed his hand on my hair, smoothing it. I tried sitting up, and he helped me

Me: you know, I’ve been thinking too, lying on a hospital bed for eight hours made that possible. And you were right. We do need the break

George: what? No, no, I was angry and I shouldn’t have said that, I….I…..didn’t mean it

He stuttered

Me: yes you did

I held his hand

Me: and you were right,we’re fighting more often, I’m hiding things from you and it’s hurting me…. and you. You deserve better

A tear rolled down my cheek and he wiped it off

George: but……

Me: I’m not done george, I need to let it all out

He stopped and I went on

Me: I’m sorry I hit you, I shouldn’t have done that and I’m really sorry

George: it’s fine, and can make this work, okay? I love you

Me: I love you too, but I have to let you go. This isn’t working out George. I’m sorry

George: This is about Evans, isn’t it?

He got up to his feet and began pacing

Me: No! This is about me, and what’s best for us. Our relationship isn’t healthy George, can’t you see, we have to sort things out ourselves, we need to work out individually. We need this

I held his hand and he stopped his pacing, and turned to me

George: you’re right. We had a good run

He bent to kiss my forehead

�Goodbye Lizzy, he turned and left and I sobbed silently

�I brought food� Mimi walked and announced but saw me my wiping my tears

Mimi: are you okay Liz? I just saw George walk out. You okay? She came to sit my my side

� Yea, I nodded…….. I’m gonna be okay. Now come on I’m starving.

� Thank G�d�, I thought he’d never leave Mimi muttered handing me the drugs and food and just then he entered pressing away on his phone

Henry: you missed me that much huh?

Turning away from his phone, he looked up at Mimi

Mimi: yes, I missed you like a dead fish misses the river

I took a bite from my food stifling a laugh

Henry: babe, we should leave the poor dead fish out of this matter,don’t you think so?

He smiled and Mimi was turning a dark shade of red and looks like she’s about to blow

Unable to hold it in any longer, I burst out laughing

Me: why do guys hate each other so much? like you’ve known yourselves before now

Mimi: I’m pretty sure I’d want to strangle him too if I had met him before now

Henry: (fake gasped holding his chest) you hurt my feelings babe, almost making me wanting to know you before now

She scoffed and turned away from him and I just shook my head and went back to my meal, a smile still plastered my face

After staying for a while, he got up to leave.

Henry: I have to go babe ( he came and kissed me on the forehead). I’ll see you later

Me: thanks, for everything

Henry: don’t mention it

He winked and turned to Mimi

Henry: Bye Miracle

Mimi: I hope you get hit by a bus ( she threw him a tight lipped smile)

Henry: i’ll miss you too

He smiled winked at her and left. She scoffed and turned to me after watching him leave, but I crossed my arms on my chest and furrowed my brows

Me: do you like him? I gotta admit he’s handsome

Mimi: what!! G�d No

She all but yelled

Me: then why do you act that way with him?

Mimi: because he’s just so….so infuriating, I just want to….. to arrrgh( she raised and dropped her hands as if emphasising her frustration) . How can you stand him?

I chuckled, shook my head and fished my phone from my pocket

Mimi: what’s funny?

Me: oh nothing( I shook my head)

Mimi: so why did you laugh?

Me: did I? ( I caressed my chin as if deep in thought)

Can’t believe you’re acting like him now, she huffed. �I hate you� she muttered, got up and headed to the rest room

� I love you too� I laughed and called out but she scoffed and went on

Mimi: Are you sure you’ll be okay?

She asked for the uptenth time now

We decided she should go check on the caf�, lock up and go home to rest. Well I decided, she just thought I won’t be okay on my own

Me: yes, I will, now go

Mimi: if you need anything, just call, okay?

I nodded and she left. After she left, I sighed and lay my head on the pillow. � what a long day� I muttered, closed my eyes and drifted to sleep

The next day, Mimi came to pick me up after my discharge

Me: why can’t we just go to the caf�, I’m strong enough and you’re treating me like a kid

She turned to glare at me

Me: I’ll just go home and rest

She nodded and we headed home. She dropped me off and went to the caf�. Having nothing to do, I decided to sleep, sleep and sleep and was holding on to that when a knock on the door woke me. I grumbled, got off the bed, groaned and walked sluggishly to get the door

� Hi� he smiled, � can I come in?

I nodded, too stunned to say otherwise and stepped aside as he walked in and I followed behind him

Evans: Heard you were in the hospital, how are you feeling?

I’m better, I handed him the drink sitting across him on the couch

He took a sip and looked at me but looked away and we fell into an awkward silence

Well, this is not awkward at all, I decided to break the silence

Me: soooooooo

Evans: umm right (he dropped the drink). I ummmm……i’m glad you’re okay

Me: thanks

Evans: Look Liz, I’m sorry about my outburst in my office

Me: it’s fine, and I’m sorry too

Evans: and I’m really sorry

Me: you already said that

Evans: I meant about eight years ago, I should have told you and I’m really sorry

Me: that’s all I wanted to hear. Sorry I wasn’t the best girlfriend

Evans: you were to me

He smiled at me and I did same

Evans: okay, so I know I can’t turn back the clock, but I’m willing to start over over as friends if you’d let me

Me: I’d love that (I chuckled)

� Hi, I’m Evans he stretched his hand for a shake

� I’m Lizzy, I took his hand, it’s nice to meet you I smiled

Evans: So, you own a caf� huh?

Me: And you own a ginormous firm?

Toch�, he laughed, and we chatted, the sleep now long gone…….This isn’t gonna be too bad, I thought to myself.

…to be continued


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