Love Really Is Strange

Love Really Is Strange – Episode 17

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By Lydia Jonathan

I got home after the encounter with Janet. Although I saw the hate in her eyes I waved it off as jealousy. What’s the worse she could do I thought eating my meal alone since Mimi hasn’t still gotten home.

Just then, I heard key jiggling in the key hole and the door flew open

“Well, it took you long enough, thought I was gonna call the police for a search party. I joked walking to go welcome her but paused half way when I heard sobs

“Mimi? I called out, are you okay, but her sobs got louder

“hey, I went ahead and embraced her and she dropped everything she was holding and responded to the embrace now crying uncontrollably

“its okay, I coed caressing her hair gently while she cried even more on my shoulder

Few minutes later, she calmed down a bit and I made her seat

“what happened? I peered in her eyes as if looking for a clue as to why she was crying, but eyes were now red and puffy like she’s been crying a while now

“I broke up with Henry, she burst into tears again covering her face with her palm

Wh….wh…what do you mean? I stuttered, you guys were made for each other, I even wrote the speech and everything for you wedding I wanted to say but decided against it.

“What happened? I took her hands on mine

“ We got into a fight, she heaved in, having an intake of breath trying to calm her self down but failing. I think he’s cheating on me, she blurted out

“Are you sure? He doesn’t seem like the type to do such

“ I know, and I trusted him, and he can’t even tell me the simple truth, she turned to me a bit calm now. There were the calls, and then and the threat texts but I ignored them. The call came in again today, and I asked him about it and he got angry and yelled. He has never yelled at me Liz,but you needed see his eyes when he did, tears rolled down her cheek and I felt my heart break a little. Why can’t you just allow her enjoy this? I looked up but turned back to my friend crying her eyes out

I tried wiping the tears but more drizzled down

“ I told him to have fun with his bítch and I walked out. Was I wrong to do that? she looked into my eyes as if the answers to her questions are gonna be magically answered by me

“ i’m so sorry, I shook my head, unable to give her an answer

“ you know, all this while, I thought, we were finally gonna be happy, that we found love and….and…we are gonna be happy, guess I was wrong, she didn’t even wait for a reply. I can’t even hate him,i just want him close, to tell me my assumptions were wrong and I’d be fine with it, cause I love him.

“Love really is strange isn’t it? She snickered,and I felt the pain in her eyes

“Tell me about it, it sucks big time,it makes you think all is gonna be fine if you just loved, but that’s a huge lie,its just gonna mess up everything and make you just really want to punch a face I scrunched my face. Speaking of face, here, I pointed the couch pillow at her. If you want to punch something. I hoped to lift her spirit, and I guess it worked because she blew her nose and laughed though a sad one and punched the pillow hard

“ Feeling better?

She shook her head and I went closer to embrace her

That night, she slept in my room, cause she she didn’t wanna be alone

I woke up in the morning and saw my bestfriend’s tear stained eyes, all swollen up. I got down gently from the bed allowing her to sleep more

After I was done, and ready to leave, I wrote a note for her urging her to be strong, and kept breakfast cause I knew she wouldn’t want to eat. I left the house cursing myself mentally for not knowing his house or even his hospital. I called his line but he didn’t answer. After numerous tries and not wanting to cause suspicions by calling the group, I dropped a text and bagged my phone

“ Henry, please pick up, we need to talk. Mimi’s a mess right now, and I need answers. Call me when you get this”

I got down from the cab and walked straight to my café but slowed down when I saw my workers all outside, hands folded and whispering incoherent words. I walked closer to them ready to query them for not opening up and getting busy, but stood still when I saw the state of my café.

“What happened? I walked closer in, was it a burglary?

“We don’t know Ma, Abigail ran up to me, we just got here and saw it like this, we’re even scared of going in

I opened the door, well, what’s remained of it anyway, because it has been badly damaged and walked in and saw the real damage. Everything has been turned upside down, the coffee maker, every breakable stuff in there has been broken beyond repair. I immediately ran inside the bakery and as I guessed, it wasn’t missed. Although it isn’t as bad as the café itself. I was speechless staring at all the damages incured and just then, the girls walked up to me

“Can we save anything? I turned to them, the energy drained from me

“We’ll try Ma, they assured and left to tidy up the mess

I sat on the floor, staring at my café, my eyes burning with unshed tears but none seem to be flowing down

My phone rang, I checked the caller id and it was Evans. Not wanting to talk to him cause I might break down I ignored it and let it ring out. He called again and I decided to answer

Me: Hi (I sounded out tiredly)

Evans: Babe? Are you okay?

Me: yea, yea, I just swallowed something

I cleared my throat, trying to rid the tears threatening to spill now

Evans: okay. So, I’m coming over soon to pick you up

Me: okay sure. Wait, what? No no you can’t come

I rushed out. The last thing I want is him seeing this place like this. We just got together and I don’t want to be a burden to him

Evans: why?

I could sense the curiosity in his tone

Me: oh it’s nothing, I just need to stay in the café a while. I’ll call you later.

I rushed and put off the call. Surely he’s gonna hear about it, since we’re in the opposite building. But I want face him when I’ve at least cleared the place.

I sighed and got up from my sitting position and went out to see the what’s happening. The place was a bit cleared out and damages a bit fixed

“should I call on the carpenter to come assess the damages for repairs?” Miriam came to me

“of course I nodded. She turned and dialled away in her phone to call the carpenter I assumed

“Do you think we can open up today? Abigail came in, seems she was out the café. Customers are already coming and I told them we’re not open yet.

“ We’ll try” I breathed out, I smiled at her and went to help the others

Few minutes later, the carpenter came in with his tools. I think Miriam had already briefed him on the damages and he set out to work immediately after greeting me.

Hours later he was done and everything was put back in place. The remains of it anyway. The baker came and assisted me and the place was open for business later on.

After making sure everything’s in place and customers are all satisfied with no or just little trace of any disruption ever occurring in the first place. I got out and met Evans almost coming in

Evans: what happened? I heard what happened, I’ve been calling and your phone but it’s switched off

I then remembered I put it off cause, I didn’t want to be disturbed

Me: I’m sorry I got you worried. I was just trying to clear the place for business

He got in and I followed him, while he glanced around checking for damages

Evans: what happened? Did you guys catch the culprit? We should report it to the police(he brought out his phone to call but I stopped him)

Me: There’s no point, plus we’ve already cleared the place

Evans: but….

Me: It’s fine, (I cut him off) No one got hurt, and I don’t think anything was stolen, so it’s fine

Evans: are you sure?

Me: yea (I nodded) now come on, aren’t we supposed to go somewhere?

A smile played on his lips.

“Off course, he led me out to his car.

We were still on the way when my phone vibrated, prompting a text. I brought it out and read

“Hope you love the surprise, because there’s more where that came from. Anonymous”

I felt my breath caught in my lungs. What the héll is this? what does this mean? I thought still staring at the text. Does this have to do with what happened at the café? I questioned myself looking at the text, likes it’s gonna magically give me an answer

“Everything okay? Evans snapped me of my thoughts

Errrrrmmmm, yea,yea I nodded. Just Mimi texting to check up on me, I lied deleting the text and put my phone back.

Evans and I had a fun date, well, I tried to, because my thoughts were all over the place. From the café, to Mimi and Henry and then to the text. But I shoved it all down and decided to just enjoy the moment with the guy I love.

He dropped me off later on, promising to check up on me. I nodded and he left.

I called Mimi, immediately after, and she assured me she’s fine, though I didn’t believe her, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened later on, the girls (princess and stephanie)came in and I told them about what happened since there was no point hiding it. Although, they were worried, I made them see that everything was fine and after few disagreements they came around we gisted and laughed before they left

I went home after closing up, and Mimi was up and actually preparing dinner

“Thank Gód, I sighed and went up to her

Me: hey, how are you feeling?

Mimi: good

She turned to me and worry lines were visible in her features

Me: Mimi? What’s wrong?

Mimi: I think I might be pregnant.

“Wh…what do you mean you’re pregnant”,i sounded out exasperated, all the happenings of the day now taking a toil on me

She flinched, due to the tone of my voice

“ I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be angry it’s just…. I’ve got something on and everything’s just messed up right now and….

She broke down sobbing on the floor

“hey its okay, I sat on the floor close to her. Are you sure you’re pregnant? Might be a pregnancy scare

“ I don’t know, she said through sobs. I missed my period, and I thought it’s late but, something doesn’t feel right with me I….I’m so confused Liz. What I’m a going to do? what will my parents or brothers think of me? She continued sobbing. I can’t be a single mom she covered her face with her palm crying on it

“Hey we’re not sure yet okay? So please stop crying I patted her back. We’ll sort this out. We will even go to the hospital to confirm it okay? I raised her chin and more tears rolled down her cheek

“ I’m I gonna be okay? she peered into my eyes

“off course, now come on I rose tiredly and took her with me

She wiped her tears and nodded, but turned back to look at me

“ Are you okay? You look tired

“yea it’s nothing, I waved it off. We had dinner, well, I wouldn’t call what we did eating, because we both didn’t have appetites. But at least we took in a little.

The next morning we got dressed and headed for the café. Evans came and saw us all tensed and questioned. Seeing that I can’t hide it from him, I told him everything and even asked about Henry, but he said he hadn’t heard from him. After sorting everything out in the café, Evans drove us to the hospital

I tried calling Henry again and again discreetly so as not to make Mimi notice,but he still wasn’t picking up the last trial, I got a “his phone has been switched off”. I sighed and put my phone back while a nurse led us to the doctor

A blood sample was taken, and we were asked wait behind. We sat in the reception and Evans excused himself to go get us something to eat

“Mimi? I called and she turned to look at me. You gotta stop that, I pointed at her jittering legs. I think you’re scaring that little girl. She turned to see a nervous little girl on the brink of crying

“ I’m so sorry, she apologized to the girl’s mother

“ it’s okay, the mother gave us a warm smile she’s just scared of taking injections. We both smiled and nodded.

“ Hey its gonna be okay, it doesn’t hurt that much. Mimi tried to assure the little girl, but the girl just burst into tears. Startled we turned to the mom who informed us she doesn’t do well with strangers, that it’s fine

“ I’m gonna be a horrible mom, Mimi turned to me after the little girl finally stopped crying. I’m horrible with kids

“ hey, it’s not your fault she just doesn’t know you that’s why she cried

“thats not what I mean Liz. I’m a horrible person, I don’t know a thing about parenting, I’m can’t change a diaper to save my life and I’m pretty sure, the baby will hate me

Me: okay first of, we don’t know anything yet, and you’re the best person I’ve ever met. Plus, not every mother knows that at first,it t time, and I don’t think a child can hate his mother, especially that young, I smiled and nudged her. So,relax, everything’s gonna be okay.

She smiled and nodded and just then Evans came with the food, but we were to tensed to eat.

The nurse came in minutes later “The doctor is ready for you” she informed us

Mimi got up. “can you come with me” she pleaded. I nodded and turned to Evans, who smiled and squeezed my hands assuringly. I got up and followed her leaving Evans behind

Doctor: Miracle?

He raised his head to show us a warm smile and Mimi nodded.

“Congratulations Miracle, your blood work shows your two weeks pregnant. I think at this point you should be mindful of what you take in, so as not to….

The doctor was cut off by Mimi’s sobs

“Are you okay? He turned to look at me. Is she okay?

“Yea, she’s just overwhelmed by the news. Thank you very much. I helped her up and we left his office

“ I’m doomed, what I’m a gonna do now? Mimi turned to question me in the hallway

“For now, we should we thankful to God, you have a life inside of you. We can tackle the rest later okay?

“Okay she wiped her tears, and nodded we went to meet Evans. He noticed her tears and turned to me. I nodded, and he turned to her and pulled her in, embracing her. “It’s gonna be fine, he murmured.

We all got in the car and Mimi closed her eyes as soon as we got in avoiding any form of conversation from us. Evans started driving although we weren’t sure where we’ll head towards.

“I know somewhere he might be, not sure though but it’s a chance, Evans turned to me and I nodded in approval. I turned to Mimi but her eyes were still closed

We arrived at small house quiet away from others. It stood as a stand alone.

“where is this place? I turned to Evans as he parked the car

“ Oh, it’s a place Henry and I come to, if we want to be alone. I sighed and we got out

“ I’ll wait here here, I do think I can face him now, Mimi said from the backseat. I nodded and we went in

“This is not creepy at all, staying here all alone, I murmured whilst Evans called out for Henry but there w no reply. We made our way to the backyard and there he was. He had his back at us, a bottle of alcohol in his hand

“ I messed up big time Bro, he took a quick gulp from the bottle, before setting it down

“ What are talking about Evans questioned. What’s going on?

“ I think I may have a child I didn’t know about” he heaved in getting up to face us but stood shocked when he saw us, and at that moment I heard something drop from behind me. I turned around immediately and saw Mimi on the ground motionless

We all rushed to her side. Evans carried her head up while I checked for a pulse.

“ What happened? Henry questioned kneeling beside her

I think she’s fainted, I breathed out…..

…to be continued

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