Love Me Again – Episode 3

� Christabel Hilda Anani. (Loudest Thoughts)

�Manage your anger when you are around a woman, so you don�t ruin your chance with her�

Within some few minutes I was in my room, Livie gave me some medicines and I told him I was going to sleep, so he left. Minutes to hours, I heard Clyde on top of his voice, so Barbara you went to report me to your lover.

You even had the guts to bring him in here again. How dare you. I heard him walking inside, I managed to raise up myself Clyde, why are you shouting on top of your voice with my name again?

Yes, Livie came here to do what you couldn�t do, what�s the big deal about that You pushed me down and left me to die, is that what you have reduced this marriage to.

And how dare you call me a cheat. Clyde be careful with your words, silent treatment I can take but not violence. For some time he was silent when I spoke up, I kept wondering why then he flared up.

Clyde: Oh really, you haven�t seen anything yet.

Me: my dear, I have seen everything, what else is there�. May be you finally ki*ll or divorce me He slammed the door while I took a deep breath and relaxed in my bed. I heard his car moving out. The pain seem to have subsided a little so I called Livie, this time with my new line.

Dr Livie: Hello, who is this? Hey Barby is that you, How are you using a different line but then I hope everything is fine.

Me: Yes thank you, emmmmmmm did you call Clyde about my fall.

Dr. Livie: yes, has he come yet. He said he was already on his way.

Me: Yes he came home not long after you left We talked for a while and I hanged up. The subsequent days were hectic, I could barely walk on my legs but had to go about cleaning and cooking, Which Clyde shows no interest in these days? One evening, our friends came to visit us.

Let me tell you a little about our friends; Mr. Oke is a Lawyer and Mrs Oke is a counsellor we met at a conference when I moved to Nigerian with Clyde.

They have been out of the country for some time now. With them, we share our secrets and every other things close friends do I was with them in the sitting room, We talked about life down to my limping leg, and then Clyde came back from work.

Mr.and Mrs:Hey, Man of the House,surprise.

Clyde: when we spoke I didn�t know you were coming down They talked for a while and for the first time after our fight, Clyde asked if I have offered our guest something I replied and he smiled sheepishly to his guests. Asking them if they are okay.

They engaged in their normal chats and arguments i find time to cut in when I can focusing on my phone. When we meet the Oke�s, we can�t stop talking, arguing about issues. Mrs Oke suddenly asked; are you okay Barbara.

You look out of this world, then her husband chorused yes you don�t look yourself I replied just a little malaria, we talked about it and made funny jokes I excused myself and stood up limping on my leg, Mr. Oke asked if I got the leg checked by a doctor since it has been a while and I still feel pain.

Before I could open my mouth, my husband responded;yes a doctor has seen her I turned and walked away, asking myself what just happened, I brushed it aside. I wasn�t afraid of going to the hospital myself But I don�t want the doctors asking too much questions.

And then there is my husband who may get into trouble. I can�t tell if it works that way in Nigeria but it sure does where I came from.

They finally left, and as usual my husband went to his guest room as he has moved there since our last argument. Heartless being I thought.

He now keeps late night and comes home when he wants to, I can�t tell if he works overnight, am just not bothered with the overnights. But when he comes home looking funny I keep cooking and he never touches, I make sure I cook little just in case he doesn�t eat Then I can eat myself not to waste the food.


It was mother�s day and I called Clyde�s mum.

Maa: Hello my daughter, so nice to hear your voice, so if Clyde doesn�t call for me to talk with you, you wouldn�t call me Clyde always does the calling and I speak with her.

Me: Maa it�s not that way, being meaning to call but you know I want to do that on a special day like this Happy mother�s day.

Maa: Thank you my dear, how is everyone, have you heard from your parents since��. Since the wedding I have cut contact with my parents.

Me:No Maa, I will find courage to call them soon. We spoke for a while and I hanged up, And she asked if am cooking home meal for her son which I replied sarcastically; Who wouldn�t want to do that for the love of their life?

After the call I thought about the food part and I wondered if he had told his mum anything I know she will take the sons side but then I will give her the benefit of the doubt if it turns out she knows But I doubt she does, since she hasn�t asked me.

She�s one of those mothers who would do anything for their son, So you better not step on her toes or do anything to his son when she is around.

I remember, she came on one of those visits with her husband when we were still married and enjoying our marriage when I sheepishly told the son I was tired so we should eat out today. Which he agreed to, which was also a way of hanging out with the family then I thought, when she heard me say that, she flared up, is that how I treat his son in this house.

It took a lot of work by my father in law and Clyde to calm her down which i spent a whole week to apologize for before they left the 3rd week.

Since then we became good friends, whenever she visits, I know she likes home meal.

I sat wondering what if I call home for once I picked the phone and dropped it, then for the third time it went through.

Me: hel���.I went mute suddenly on the call.

Mum: hello, who is there, Hello this is Mrs Wilson.

Me: I know this voice like my own blood. That�s our slogan anytime we are playing tricks with our voices with my cousins.

Mum: Barbara is that really you� Oh goodness, how are you calling me now, What happened, are you okay?

Me: Mum relax, am okay and nothing has happened.

Mum: you don�t sound and look good.

Me: eeiii mummy, you will never change, besides you can�t see me.

Mum: my dear, a mother can feel the daughters pains even 1000miles away.

Me: Seriously everything is fine, and am okay, how are my brothers.

Mum: they are doing well, She took her time to brief me about their achievements for the past 3 years I left home.

I couldn�t believe I followed a man to this extent and cut contact with my family I had an opportunity to talk to my brothers as well Mum: Darling won�t you ask of your love?

Me: I know dad is fine, or he definitely will get over the heart break I was my dad�s heartbeat, He was my special friend and I know what I did will definitely break his heart.

Mum: He was broken but then still believes you will come home one day.

Me: I hope he is aware am married and my place belongs just here with my husband.

Mum: talking of husbands; how is he treating you? How has marriage been like? Was it what you thought of? Are you happy?

Me: you know too well to ask me this questions right now. Everything is fine, not what I expected but I knew it�s not going to be easy.

Mum: what do you mean, has that guy turned you into a punching bag already Me: Mum? No,I mean there is a lot to deal with, But I have grown and looking after somebody else.

Not my mum looking after me anymore. Just then Clyde walked in to the sitting room.

Mum: Is he around, can I officially meet him now.

Me: I don�t think that�s the best way, besides he just got back.

Mum: My daughter, I just want to say Hi.

Me: okay hold on whiles I pass on the phone I walked to his door and knocked.

Clyde: What is it again woman, am tired of all this your whining�s.

Me: Clyde my mum is on the line for you Immediately, he opened the door and shoved me an eye I handed the phone to him and waited to take it back.

I couldn�t tell what they were talking about close to minutes. But I did hear Clyde say am taking good care of her. No need to mention, I shrugged! What care He pushed the phone to me and banged the door to my face.

Mum and I spoke for some time and I hanged up promising to call back.


Few hours later, my phone rang and it was my friend Bebe, She promised visiting next Saturday We hardly meet up due to the nature of her job but when Clyde and I were still in good terms.

She comes over,we talk, and we do sleep overs, Which whenever it�s my turn to sleep over at her end, Clyde will insist to follow me to her end claiming �two are now one� His favorite love chorus which turns me on somehow.

But now what do I get, I thought for a while. Saturday finally came and Bebe brought with her a lot of goodies.

Clyde was home, they talked for a while and he excused himself claiming he has lots of work Bebe obviously did not buy that, neither did she buy my story of tripping, when I told her about my leg, the reason why I couldn�t come over to her place the next day. She�s always too smart for my liking.

She knows the Clyde she met would never abandon a visitor of his wife not to talk of her best friend just to attend to work, he always say work can wait Even when he had a million dollar contract to work on then, he still made time for his friends and family.

Bebe:Clyde�s Babs, what�s going on here, I smell something fishy.

Me:Bebe I don�t keep fish in my sitting room, it could be the odour from your three months Rasta. We all laughed over it.

I thought I succeeded in changing her mind until she started again.

Bebe: seriously Babs, am your friend� tell me what�s going on or I sure will find out.

Me: Bebe relax there�s nothing to find out, we are fine.

Bebe: Girlfriend you want to ki*ll yourself but I won�t let you, I know what�s going on.

Me: Please spare me the nosy attitude of yours. You know that�s the only thing I don�t like about you right I however know Bebe too well.

When she feels something is wrong she will dig deep until she gets an answer. It�s either i find a nice excuse or she won�t let it slide. I then told her we had a little argument over adoption lately, and I have left him to cool off.

Couples fight, you of all people should understand, You quarrel with Jake your husband all the time over silly stuffs, and how is mine different that I have to be summoned, I finally asked her.

Bebe:Common, what I see here is not a little fight.

Besides I know you guys never had a problem with adoption. Look,let me just tell you this,I saw your husband somewhere some time ago at first I thought he came with you but by the time I realized he drove away.

I saw him again on several occasions And I made some enquiries he frequent there often with different ladies. I didn�t want to cause you any problems here, I came to see things for myself and it hasn�t been easy keeping that to myself.

Me: Bebe, what are you talking about, now my heart just dropped into my stomach, I could barely breathe I took a deep breath and asked are you insinuating my Clyde is cheating on me?

Bebe: I didn�t say that, I just told you where I saw him.

I was never going to tell you this but looking at things here, I think you need to know but please don�t confront him Babs, Babs, Babs, are you ohk? Bebe asked several times before I woke out of my reverie.

Then I saw my husband walking pass us to the kitchen I stood up God knows I was going to beat the hell out of him Bebe held me down, he went back upstairs.

Now I had no choice than to narrate everything to my best friend, we cried together and amidst the tears.

I couldn�t help but say continuously I love you Clyde, why are you treating me this way. Bebe stayed for the night, she planned on helping me get my husband back. Somehow Clyde never came out of his room or has figured I told Bebe something.

We talked a lot, seeing a pastor was out but we resorted on a counsellor. We finally drifted to sleep.

…to be continued

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