Love Me Again – Episode 7

© Christabel Hilda Anani. (Loudest Thoughts)

I quickly called my mum, to find out if she knows the whereabouts of Barbara, She only told me to carry my own cross It’s not like I have confirmed anything yet, but I feel like my heart will explode.

The next day I went to Bryan and Julia’s house I knew very well, I lost them the minute I decided to embarrass them that way

But luckily they were so accommodating, they told me they have no idea where Barbara is.

But I don’t believe them, I don’t blame them either, I just wanted a meeting between Livie and Malia, so I can get some explanations as to why he kept sending my wife secret messages.

I just hope they agree to come, But then what do I do with the truth am looking for Why didn’t I look for the truth rather at first? At this point a lot of things are going through my mind. Just then Bryan called; Livie has refused to see me.

I then called Bebe, after millions of apology she agreed to see me. She came to my place later in the evening.

Me: Please have a seat, what do I offer you.

Bebe: keep the drink to yourself and keep this conversation short.

Me: First of all am sorry, I know it wouldn’t change anything but I just wanted to know the whereabouts of my wife.

Bebe: your wife, have you forgotten how you threw a divorce paper into her face, Like she meant nothing to you after all these years.

For your information, I don’t know her whereabouts, Even if I do there is no way I will give out that information to you.

Me: Bebe please, I agree I might have messed up, I just wanted to clear my doubts.

Bebe: Really, Clyde you still talk about doubts when I thought you have finally come to your senses.

You know I think I should leave now, I can’t sit here and you insult my friend again, after all she has no obligation to you anymore.

Bebe stood up to leave and all I could say is am sorry I couldn’t fathom what I was saying the sorry for, but I feel some tiny guilt and regret

There and then, I called up Livie’s hospital to book an appointment for the next day.

I just couldn’t wait to get to the bottom of this. I was finally called in to Livie’s office and he was like, you want to see a gynecologist or you brought someone with you.

Me: Livie you know why am here, could we please sit somewhere and talk.

Livie: This is my working environment, whatever you have to say can wait maybe when I close from here, I will see what I can arrange I just heard Livie saying next, then I knew I had to leave.

I checked their notice board and realized he will be closing in about 5 hours I told myself I can wait, I was there close to 7 hours, until he came out and I runned after him like a puppy running after his mum.

Until he waited and luckily didn’t ask any questions, he just told me to follow him.

We got to a house with a giant gate, I assumed that was his house, we entered and parked both our cars. He called out to malia, who quickly came out beaming with smiles and gave Livie a hug then noticed I was standing at the door, she quickly withdrew and said Hello you are welcome.

She asked me to come in and have a seat, they both excused themselves for about two minutes, I could hear tiny voices in the kitchen as to they want to agree on what to tell me then they came out malia headed upstairs with Livie’s bag and Livie with a tray of juice I smiled, exchange of responsibility.

Livie: My wife will join us soon, oh there she is.

We officially exchanged pleasantries and I asked if I could talk Me: I apologize for causing your household some kind of disrespect, but am here to find some answer.

With what happened at the restaurant, I understand now why Barbara insisted she wasn’t the one.

That could only mean whatever messages I saw on her old line, I might have been mistaken too.

Livie: Which messages, from which number. I don’t get you Clyde.

Clyde: I have them here, from your number Livie take a look at it, I handed over Barbara’s phone to Livie.

I remember when I first saw the messages they really didn’t mean anything to me that much I thought it was just a friendly message until I met you guys severally at the restaurant which she denied.

I nearly believed until my secretary also confirms meeting you and Barbara there some time ago.

Malia: These messages were not from my husband, yes I admit that’s his number but we exchanged our second numbers a year ago I guess by then Barbara might have saved it with Livie’s name.

You can even see it saved Livie 2?

How could you distrust your wife this way, over just a simple message like this ones? What is wrong with saying I miss you or thanks for coffee, let’s do this again I can’t believe you could hurt a good woman over this kind of messages It just shows you don’t love her or even trust her.

Me: OMG!

Am so sorry, I just can’t believe I was this stupid. Yes I admit I had a little personal issues.

I battled with some weird feelings but I think I have gone too far I quickly muttered and they all agreed to my loudest thoughts Me: How can I make this right Livie, you are the only one who can tell me where I can find Babs.

Livie: And what exactly do you think you can achieve, besides I have no idea where Barby is, Even if I do I don’t think she will want me to tell you.

Please am not sure I want to be involved in this anymore than I have already.

We talked for a while and after several pleas they refused to tell me where Babs is. I went home so heart broken, for once I can see clearly now.

All feelings came rushing back in, I remembered how much my life changed after meeting Barbara.

How much a Casanova I wasn’t anymore, how much loving her changed me? I want all that back, at least if she doesn’t want me anymore, I just want her forgiveness.

Days passed by with no luck of finding Barbara, my parents weren’t willing to help either.

I got drunk one day and took a taxi to Bebe’s end. She had no option than to take me in for a few days.

Most times I overheard her talking on phone with someone my gut tells me it’s Barbara because they seem to be arguing a lot.

After some few more days, she drove me home and told me i should start from where I found love. I might definitely find love there again I thought she was giving me a hint as to where Barbara left to.


So the next few weeks I made preparations for my travel to San Francisco On my arrival, I went to several places I know Barbara usually frequent but to no avail.

For three weeks, “I got nothing’

Until one evening I met one of Barbara’s numerous friends back here who after narrating everything to her had pity on me.

Though she lost contact with Barbara after we left probably because I changed her number she managed to give me her dad’s company name.

Apparently it’s a well-known and popular company in London; THE WILSON’s

I thanked her so much and took her line, just in case everything works out she can talk to Barbara again.The next two days, I spent shopping for Barbara, I don’t know what she likes now Until I ended up buying nothing at all.

The third day I left for London, got there late so I booked a Hotel for myself which I had no intention of leaving now until I get my woman back

I relaxed for 2days planning on how to get through to Barbara on paperThe next day, I got a hired car, for the rest of my stay in London.

I was just so sure I will leave with Barbara soon. I had so much luck in locating her dad’s company with the help of the driver.

I was just going to find out their house address from the receptionist because I had no idea she has started working in the same company she was running from I got to the receptionist, and met some handsome guy there waiting to see someone Just then the receptionist called out to him.

Receptionist: Hello sir, Miss Barbara Wilson will see you in just five minutes.

Handsome Guy: Thank you I got confused as to whether she works here now, so I got closer to the receptionist and asked if Barbara works here now, she told me she resumed work a month ago and hoping to take over from the Dad once he retires.

I asked enough questions just to be sure it was my Barbara.

I was so nervous when I saw the guy going up to see Barbara I waited outside in my car to catch up with Babs when she closed for the day but to no avail.

The next day I woke up early to stalk at her company gate but yet still nothing. A week after waiting in the reception, I saw a figure walking to her car outside which I had no doubts it was Barbara.

She has become so much beautiful, with her curvy hips and her beautiful black hair With her 7 inches heel, her beautiful official wear, she modeled to her car, i tried running after her but then I got glued at one place.

But I managed to get her car number and colour which I can follow later some other day.

For now am in so much pain, so much shock as to seeing my Babs again. I went back to the hotel, to get some rest, where I would continue the stalk tomorrow.

The next day, finally came and as early as 5 am, I was in front of Babs Company I waited until she pulled in at 6 am, I was wondering why the boss would come to work this early Just then I saw her coming out with some files and I followed her car.

At a point I felt she knew our car was following her because she kept looking in her mirror to see the driver. We kept avoiding until she pulled in front of a huge and beautiful mansion, the gate is controlled remotely, so there is no way I can storm in there and ask of Babs.

So I stood far away, when she entered, and I left.

Now I know where she stays and work, so it’s very easy to talk to her. I took some days off my stalking, when I started again I realized she hasn’t been coming to work, close to 3days I asked the receptionist to book an appointment and I was told she traveled for a conference with her Dad and she has no idea when she will return.


But I never stopped frequenting the company, until one sunny Saturday afternoon I saw her pulling out of her mansion in another car I guess she has so many, so I shouldn’t expect to see her in only one car.

I followed her until she pulled up at a restaurant with a guy leading the way in Instantly my mood changed, jealousy swept over my feelings, then I remembered the same feelings that made me loose her besides that guy is too young to be her “something” I encouraged myself.

I walked in after them, they got their order and was about to eat When I pulled another chair beside Babs.

Babs: What the hell?

Me: Before you say anything, please hear me out, we are in a public place.

Babs: Oh really, so I should keep quiet when you are stalking me? Or you came here to finish what you have started.

I heard from my friends you might come, I know how smart you are, no matter how far I hide you will always find your way to hurt me again. She said a lot of hurtful things and I just kept quiet, listened and the guy with her was just staring at me.

Me: Babs am not here to hurt you please, I instantly knelt down to the amazement and stares of on lookers.

I sat on the floor weeping like a baby, She just grabbed her bag and pulled the young guy and they left the restaurant after leaving some money on the table.

I quickly runned after her, but she drove so fast away.

I told myself, today wasn’t that bad, and I quickly ordered another of the food they were eating earlier. When I entered people were still staring at me like I killed someone.

I followed the order van to their gate where he delivered the food and left, I waited there to see any action but to no avail I went back to my hotel for a nap.

…to be continued


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