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Another Story begins on 15/10/2017. A GAME OF LOVE AND OBSESSION

 A Game Of Love And Obsession

A Story By Stanley Oluwatosin



It was a beautiful Saturday and it was the day i had always anticipated MY WEDDING DAY.

I could not really sleep throughout the night because all my thought was based on my wedding. I thought about how everything would go down well and i found myself going on my kneels in the middle of the night. The night seemed unnecessarily longer and this made me eagerly open my eyes and watch the night has it slowly passed away.I slept around 4:00Am and woke up six.

The noise from the ladies in my room woke me up. Khole jumped on me and gave me a peck. I could see the excitement on her face. I was practically dragged out of the bed by the ladies and the day started with us taking ‘makeup free’ selfies.

After the whole thing with the girls, i rushed to my foster parent’s room. Mi mom was up and doing already and so was mi dad. I went on my kneels and they showered me with prayers. The couple prayed whole heartedly and this got me emotional. I could not hold back my tears when Mi mom said “how i wish my brother is here. He was always proud of you baby”.

“common mom, don’t make her cry” khole said from the door and took me into her arms. I got myself together and hugged my family before going back to my room.

Me and my ladies dressed up and the whole ladies section was been filmed for rememberance.

It was fun to have my makeup done while the girls made nasty comments and we all laughed happily.

With my gorgeous wedding gown, My bridal shoe, My stunning jewelry and my pretty self, i was ready to head to the registry for my prince charming.

I was about to exist my room when kelvin called.

“Hey Wifey” he shouted. I only laughed into the phone. “Thanks for agreeing to marry a punk like me baby. I promise to build the world around you and only you honey” Kelvin said and i told him we would see about that. I was about to ask of kelvin’s look when khole snatched the phone from my hand and said “Wait till you put the ring on her finger dude!” i could hear kelvin’s loud laughter before he finally dropped the call.

I left for the registry with my family and my beautiful bridal train at exactly 8:00Am. The order of the cars was a sight to behold, anytime, anyday and anywhere.


Though there were restrictions, the registry was filled with mass media agents. I felt so proud of myself when i saw kelvin and the men in suit. Everybody looked breathe taking.

The legal marriage was done and i became kelvin’s legal wife. Next up was the church.

The security cars were in front, followed with the president’s roll royce, then kelvin’s Range rover, followed by the men in suit G wagon and finally the army .

After the groom’s family departure, i also made a grand departure with my family.

I was in a white Limousine with my bridal train, my foster parent followed in a brand new chervrolet camaro 2015 and fleets of cars followed behind.


Nothing felt more precious than walking into the house of the lord, with your white pretty gown and father holding your hand. It was a day i would never forget.

All eyes were on me and i felt like an angel among mortals.

Mi dad was called upon to give my hand in marriage to kelvin and it was time to exchange vows.

Vows were made and it got funny when kelvin could not wait for the instruction to kiss me before he tried to. My groom to be tried to kiss me thrice and the reverend kept pushing him back, before he was finally allowed to do so.

I saw nothing but love in his eyes, even his lips tasted it. Everything went beautifully well without the family reacting to me making Mi dad the bride’s father and according to plan, my white wedding was a huge success.

There was order of photo and we had to stay behind to take a shot with all the important personnel included. It was so overwhelming to be the president’s daughter inlaw. Everybody loved me.


I was about to leave the church when Jordan stopped me and asked for a minutes. Anxious about what he had to say, i left my bridal train and followed him.

Jordan held my hands when we got to a corner of the church, he looked into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back not knowing what he was upto. Jordan released my hand and brought out a small box, he handed it over to me and said “open up Nancy”.

I opened the box with my eyes fixed on Jordan. I was speechless when i saw the box content. It was the exact ring given to me by my parent and i gave it to Jordan some years back.

“I wanted to hold unto this before but now i think it belong to kelvin. Nancy i love you and i always will. Am happy for you and i want you to be happy for me. Wish me luck with Loretta sis. She got my heart beating fast but i don’t know if kelvin will let me.Nancy, i will still be here for you, I promise” Jordan said and kissed my hand.I felt a huge happiness in me as i went into his arms.


My heart was filled with happiness as i went into Jordan’s arms. The huge only lasted for awhile before we ended it.

“So that’s what i wanted to get down with. Let’s go rock the reception” Jordan said and we both laughed. I held the ring box close to my heart as we walked back to the car.

“Is someone trying to steal my bride?”

Kelvin said from behind just when i was about to open the car door.

“Been searching for my bride and my best man for hours now” Kelvin continued and i smiled at the realisation of what he was trying to insinuate.

“Don’t be scared, i won’t take away your bride, am no longer the bad guy you use to know” Jordan said and we all laughed.

“Common babe, we’re leaving in our new ride” Kelvin said and i asked what he ment.

Kelvin hurriedly informed me that the president shipped in a new ride for our wedding. I eagerly informed khole and the ladies of the change before i left with kelvin.

Kelvin had my eyes covered as he led the way to the new ride

“Do you guys realise that you don’t have time for all this surprise game. You are late for your own reception for Christ”

I heard Loretta’s voice infront of us. Kelvin finally opened my eyes and all i could scream was “Woah” when i saw the ride.

It was a beautifully decorated white Lamborghini Veneno.If not for my big wedding gown,i would have danced round the car before leaving in it.

Myself, kelvin,Loretta and Jordan occupied the Lamborghini while others followed in the ride they came with.

With fleets of classy ride,we made a grand exist from the church and a grand entry into the reception.


I had a change of dress in an arranged hotel room which was in the same compound with the reception hall.I wore a red dinner gown and a golden heels.I also had makeup retouch and within thirty minutes i was good to go.

MC Abbey handled the event and i danced into the hall with my groom and my beautiful bridal train.

It was a beautiful entry as we danced to Tiwa Savage performance.Everything was beautifully made to the extent that i got emotional at the beginning of the event.

The order of arrangement was followed and after lots of dancing, it was time for the bride to dance with the groom’s father.

“Now let’s the honourable president come on stage and the beautiful bride. I hope you are here with your dancing shoe sir” MC Abbey said and he exist the stage.

The president held my hand and walked me to the stage, i felt as if my heart was going to burst out with the amount of crowd and cameras. Everything felt so overwhelming.

Myself and the president danced to Kcee performance. I would have been overwhelmed by the number of celebrities and important personalities on sit but with the number of surprises i had received,i wouldn’t be surprise even if angels were in attendance.

The president was a good dancer and even through his dance, his joy could be felt. We were sprayed with different currency during the dance.It got to a point that i had to ask myself if the wealthy think before they spend lavishly.

We received a loud applaud from the crowd after the energetic dance with the president.

Mi mom was called upon to dance with the groom as i exist the hall, to have a change of dress.

When i returned,I met the bridal train dancing to kiss Daniel performance and they were lavishly sprayed as well.

With my cream gown on and a red heels, i was called upon to have a slow dance with my groom later on.

“African queen” was performed by the legendary 2face as i slowly danced with kelvin.Everything about the song was beautiful and the live performance made it more heart warming.

I looked into kelvin’s eyes and thought about the past, present and the future. Everything was a dream come through.All that happened was all i ever wished for, the only wish that was left out was impossible. I knew it could never happen but i still wished my parents were present to see their little girl get married infront of all the personalities on sit.Once again, i could not stop the tears that rolled down my face.

“Beautiful brides don’t cry” Kelvin said, bringing me out of my thought.He wiped my tears and said “I know you’re scared of what i will do to you tonight, don’t worry, it won’t hurt”

I smiled and pushed kelvin playfully.He held me close and kissed me on my lips. We remained like that till the performance ended.


The programme was followed and the last of it all was cutting of the cake.We fed ourselves with cake and wine and in the middle of it all, our childish act came up.

The programme came to a beautiful end, though the party was still on, myself and kelvin had a night flight to catch to the State for our honeymoon.

It got emotional when i had to say goodbye to my family. Mi mom could not stop praying for a safe journey and Mi dad could not stop confessing how much he would miss me.I expressed my gratitude to my inlaws and i told khole to take care of her baby before we finally left.



I felt as if my heart would burst out when i left my family behind. We rarely get seperated over the years, its either i was with one of them or with all of them. Later on I consoled myself with the thought of having the best honeymoon with kelvin.

The president’s private jet was made available for us and without wasting much time, we were good to go.

Reality dawned on me when the Jet took off and i could not help but think about all that had happened. With the thought of the past on my mind, i became quiet and lost. I was so lost in my thought that i did not realise that Kelvin was staring at me.

“Are you scared of me kidnapping you now?” Kelvin asked as he touched my chin.

I smiled faintly and looked down at my feet. Kelvin made my gaze meet his and said “what’s on your mind? Why are you quiet?”

Though i had a whole lot on my mind, i knew sharing it with kelvin would only bring about an unwanted outburst of emotion. I only faked a smile and told Kelvin i had nothing on my mind instead.

“Just know that you been moody won’t make me go easy on you” Kelvin said with a charming smile and he pulled me close to himself.

We had our eyes locked for awhile before we claimed eachother lips. Everything about kelvin felt so real even to the bone.

“Lets keep the action for later”

Kelvin said in between the kiss and i ended it with a smile. The kiss we shared was brief but passionate. I went into Kelvin’s arms and we cuddled for awhile before i finally slept off.

I slept for a long time and i was enventually woken by hunger. I met kelvin’s eyes on me when i opened my eyes and this made me realise he had not blink his eyes. I felt loved with kelvin’s eyes on me throughout my sleep.

After feeding my stomach, i stayed awake with kelvin and we talked about a whole lot of things, most especially how we would build our family. We were bussy suggesting lots of things like Names for our kids, Names for our pets, me been a full house wife and other things. After a long conversion, i fell asleep in kelvin’s arm again and i did’nt open my eyes till the Jet was about to land in new york.

Kelvin woke me with a kiss and i was surprised at how much I had slept during a eleven hours plus Journey. We alighted from the jet after a safe landing and with a phone call, kelvin was able to locate the driver arranged for us. We found the G-wagon arranged for us and within a short period of time we were on our way to New Jersey.

I did’nt know maybe it was because of the cool breeze or the beautiful city, i felt overwhelmed and this made me all over Kelvin. I could not recall how many times i kissed him during the three hours, fifteen minutes drive to new Jersey.

We arrived “Econo Lodge” in New Jersey in the afternoon and even with my tiredness, i could not help but appreciate the beautiful environment.

Our luggage was taken into our reservation and Within a short period of time, myself and kelvin were alone in the comfort of our room.


“Will you love to have your first bath as Mrs. Smith?” Kelvin asked from the door and i only smiled. I focused my attention on my luggage as i was trying to unpack and see if i had forgotten anything.

“Common, this is not the time for clothes” Kelvin said as he walked up to me. He gave me a light shoulder massage before he swept me off my feet. In his arm i felt like i was in paradise. Kelvin kissed me as he took me to the bathroom in my cream gown.

We got involved with eachother’s lips for a long time before kelvin gently place me on my feet. I gently turned my back at kelvin as he kissed my neck softly. Kelvin held me from behind for awhile before he slowly unzip my dress. I watched as my gown slowly formed a heap around my feet. Kelvin lifted me off my feet and we started to kiss again. With his well built body, it was not difficult for me to wrap my legs around his waist as we kissed passionately. Kelvin said lots of romantic things in between the long kiss and i could not hide the fact that i loved the man i married as well. Our hands got bussy on eachother in between the kissed. After a long kiss session, kelvin released the hook of my bra and my round boobs bounced freely as he fed on them. I buried my fingers in kelvin’s hair as i moaned to the pleasure. Nothing felt more pleasurable than making love to the right man, at the right time and at the right place.

Kelvin gently placed me in the bathing tomb and he gently removed my pant. He also got UnCloth before he joined me in the tomb. With the water running, my body felt more relaxed and refreshing. Kelvin took his time to make make my body clean and every part of the process made me feel nothing but love. After cleaning me up, Kelvin briefly cleaned himself before he came out of the tomb. He carried me out like a baby and took me to the room.

He looked deeply into my eyes after placing me on the big bed, he then kissed my hand and said

“Let’s make the cutest baby in the world”

I smiled and looked away shyly from kelvin. Though i had been with a man before, everything with kelvin felt different. His charming smile and beautiful words made me trip but i was stil scared of making babies. I knew Making love with kelvin would be a dream come through but i was not ready to make babies. According to my personal plan, i would love to have babies after a year or two of getting married but kelvin was talking about babies on the first day of our honey moon.

“Hey! What are you thinking of again? You comtemplating on having a baby or not? Do i need to hire someone else to do the job?” kelvin said, bringing me out of my thought. I laughed and told him to go ahead. Kelvin then gave me his charming smile as he pulled me to himself, making me lay on my side.

He gently touched my hair with one of his hand and creased my lips with the other hand.

Kelvin slowly kissed me on my forehead and said “Babe, this is the moment have always been waiting for. I want to love you without holding back and i want you to do the same.Let’s make this minutes the most memorable moment of our lives”

I held kelvin’s cheek and locked my eyes with his before i eventually placed my lips on his.We both kissed passionately without holding back.I let my hands work on his body as we sucked eachother lips and tongue.

Kelvin slowly placed me on my back without breaking the kiss.He gently placed his hand on my boobs and teased my Tips.With my eyes closed,i felt overwhelmed with his teasing game.

After awhile kelvin removed his lips from mine and he replaced his hands with his mouth on my boobs.I could not help but moan out his name as he sucked my boobs at interval,he was just so good at it.

After awhile kelvin came up to me and claimed my lips again.We continued to kiss before i felt his hand on my pu**sy.Kelvin made his hand wander around my pu**sy with him deliberately avoiding my hole.At this point in time, i was dripping wet.I whined my waist and pushed myself to him but he ignored my advances.Kelvin continued to kiss me as he teased my pu**sy.Just when i was becoming tired of the teasing game,kelvin steadily and unexpectedly dipped a finger into me.I opened my mouth and shut my eyes tightly as i welcomed the new pleasure.At first kelvin fingered me at a slow pace but he enventually increased his pace as time went on.My breathe was heavy and I was so turned on,everything in me was yawning for sex.

I was still moaning out kelvin’s name when he unexpectedly stopped,he removed his finger and came up to me.

“I love you baby” Kelvin said as he kissed my nose.

I wrapped my hand around his neck and said “I love too”.

Kelvin smiled charmingly and kissed me on my forehead, then my eyes,then my nose and he eventually stopped on my lips.We kissed for awhile before kelvin moved to my neck,he then sucked my Tips for awhile before he moved down to my belly button.Kelvin kissed my tommy and then he moved to my pu**sy.He carefully kissed round my wet pu**sy without leaving a part untouched.I felt like i was in paradise when kelvin dipped his tongue into my hole and slowly sucked me up.

I could no longer control myself as kelvin worked his magic.I whined my waist and held the bed spread so tight.It got to a point that i could that i could not take kelvin’s teasing game.I held his head up and said “Lets make it now…the babies..

.let’s do it now”

Kelvin smiled and came up to me,he gently kissed me on my earlobe as he stroked his D***.Kelvin held my hand in the middle of the kiss.I parted my leg wider for him as i wait to feel him deep inside of me.

Hand in hand,lips on lips, kelvin entered me.The pleasure i felt was immeasurable as i moan out his name loudly into kelvin’s mouth.Kelvin removed his lips from mine and he kissed my neck as he slow Bleep me. We had a wild sex and it was as if i was in a wonder land.He took me to the height i never dreamt of reaching.


“Wakie wakie”Kelvin said as he gave me a peck.I was awake before he came into the room but i was too weak to get up.The thought of the crazy sex we had made me shiver and I could remember kelvin cuming in me.Though i did’nt want a baby,all the crazy things we did felt so good.

“I ordered breakfast.Come take your bath”Kelvin said as he tried to pull me out of bed. I stil felt pain all over my body and it was painful for me to get up.Kelvin carried me and took me to the bathroom.”Where do you get your energy from?”I asked surprised at how energetic he was after the mad love making.”You wanna know? From this boobs of yours” Kelvin said as he buried his face in my chest.


Our honeymoon was filled with lots of love making, shopping and naughty play. We returned to Nigeria after a month and We went directly the Aso rock.It was good to be home with kelvin,his family and khole. MY LIFE WAS PERFECT

True love is difficult to find but easy to loose.

…to be continued

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