Behind The Mask – Episode 8

© Jones K. Tagbor

I have always yearned to make her my wife and live the rest of my life with her. I quickly rushed to my table, grabbed a pen and an A4 sheet, sat back and begun to draw out plans towards the ceremony.

Enyonam: ee! What is happening there? She asked me in a funny but surprised manner.

Me: Just guess what I’m doing.

Enyonam: I guess you’re preparing to meet Queen Sheeba right?

Me: Even more than.

Hahahaaa, we both laughed as she made fun of me.

We then decided that she will lead me to where her parents were the following weekend. Hmm, wonders they say shall never end. That day, I used all my strength to penetrate through her still without protection. In the process, I could feel some burning sensation around my genitalia. I uprooted myself from her saw blood around it. Hmm this lady was only sucking my blood through sex. “Sweetheart just look at what is happening to me? ” I alerted her. “Oh why? I’m sure you were exertion too much force. Let me help you. ” she said, grabbed my bleeding organ and sucked the blood until it stopped. I enjoyed it anyway.

Enyonam was able to influence the church leaders to make me their financial controller since I was an auditor. She did this without informing me. After service on Sunday, during the announcements, some names were mentioned to stay behind to see the head pastor after closing. I was a bit surprised to hear my name as part of the people. The church is owned by the head pastor and has some junior pastors and elders. Since they have been broken down in spirit, everything they do was inspired by their own flesh. Let me tell you one interesting thing. Pastors who are influenced by flesh turn out to demonstrate power to their members. They try all they can to impress so they begin by giving false prophesies and if they realize their prophecies are not coming to pass, they seek for other spiritual means where they can tell what will happen in the life of a person in future. They give themselves all sort of names.

At the meeting, the pastor said the holy spirit chose us to add up to the leadership of the church. There, I was appointed as the financial controller for the church which I accepted wholeheartedly. This became another vital ground for me to soil the house of God. Redirecting church money was nothing bad to me at all. Eventually, Enyonam’s demands became higher so I also needed more money to impress her. When people request for money for any church project, I add my own figures and take my share from it. The painful aspect was, I was not using those monies to put up any property for myself, instead, I spent them on Enyonam.

One day at church, the pastor in his prophesy time called Enyonam to step forward. He looked into her face and asked the church to clap for Jesus.

Pastor: Church, God is good. I’ve just seen an engagement ring on sister Enyonam’s finger. There is some radiation coming out of the ring which is searching for it’s pair. Church, can you begin to pray for her. She is about to get her husband right here in the church.

The church began to pray fervently, especially the young single men. Until that day, I never knew even the very gentle guys who normally pray with some swag could become aggressive in prayers. Some were even rolling on the floor simply because, Enyonam was the taste of all the single young men in the church because of her outstanding nature when it comes to praise and worship. She was also seen to be beautiful and rich. Some ladies were equally feeling jealous because the prophecy didn’t select them. The prayer went on until the pastor asked them to stop by ringing the bell.

Immediately they stopped praying, I had a shock within me as if an electric shock and the next thing that followed was some seizures. You will think I was an epileptic patient. The pastor asked the ushers to bring me forward.

Pastor: The ring on Sister Enyonams finger has selected brother John as its right pair. Shall we give a clap offering unto God.

The church clapped but some few guys who wanted Enyonam didn’t clap. Jealousy in the house of God.

After that, the pastor asked me if I already have someone in mind that I wanted to get married to. I told him Enyonam was the only person on my mind. The whole atmosphere was electrified because that made them have more belief in the pastor. It also made more people to join the church because what happened was heard through members to their friends on what the pastor did.

After church, together with Enyonam, we went to see the pastor and thanked him for his prophecy.

The following day’s evening, my daddy called my line. I saw the call but didn’t want to receive it. The call came in for the second time and this time I answered it reluctantly.

Dad: Johnny I hope you are doing well?

Me: Yes I’m doing well. Hope you are not calling to ask for money.

Dad: John! must I take that as a form of greetings or an insult to your father? John What has come over you?

I immediately regretted and I apologized

Me: Am sorry dad for being offensive. It won’t happen again. Please, how may I help you?

Dad: I don’t need your help. I only called to advise you. My son, I want you to quit your work at harbor and come back home. I will get you another work here. My spirit tells me that all is not well with you at where you are now.

That made me surprised and with an uncontrollable anger on my dad…

Me: What is that supposed to mean? I don’t understand it. Can you explain why you are saying this? Daddy please, I don’t want to disrespect you. Leave me alone. Am now of age and I should be able to tell if something is good for me or not. I don’t think I’ve complained to you about my work.

With a very low tone,

Dad: my son, I know you’re of age, but don’t forget that the Bible says you should obey your parents in the Lord. Don’t see it that am disturbing you. What an old man can see when sitting, can never be seen by a child when he or she stands on the tallest tower. You are all I have here in Ghana and besides, I just want the best for you and not…………

I intentionally hanged up the line even before he could complete with his advice.

From that very day, I started seeing my father as a torn in my flesh. Anytime he requested for money, I get angry at him because I felt he wanted my doom. I use to see him in my dreams fighting me. How wrong I was. Hmm. I used to blame him for his own problems because he shouldn’t have retired at the time he did. There was no day that I dreamt of having other siblings. I was gradually dissociating from my family because I’ve found a lady that I’ve not even married yet.

A very good weekend came and my visit to Enyonam’s house came into being. Enyonam came to my place first to pick me with her car. She said her real parents were abroad so they just came for a visit which they will be returning soon so we needed to fast track preparations towards our marriage. They were staying in a very big house at community 1 of Tema. Her supposed parents received me very well. They asked the necessary questions every in-law will ask and eventually, they gave me the go ahead to marry their daughter. But my worry was that, the parents of Enyonam that came to the school during the disaster seemed to be different from this people. Well, I took it that it was a long time that’s why they’ve changed for me.

I went to my father back home and told him that I was ready to get married so I’ve started the preparations towards it. He said I should bring the lady home for him to see before he could give me the go ahead to marry her. I said that was no problem. I came back to Tema to invite Enyonam.

I came with her the following week to my father’s house. My father received her nicely but said, he will invite our pastor to come and also see her before we go away. Enyonam seemed not to like the idea. She quickly said she had an appointment so she couldn’t wait for the pastor who we were told went for a meeting and will return in the evening. My father tried his best to let her stay behind but she got more convincing words to free herself.

As soon as she moved her car out of the house, the pastor also came in. I called Enyonam on the phone to return but she said she was running late.

Talking to my father,

Pastor: I can smell the scent of an evil spirit around. This was the same scent I sensed when your wife was admitted at the hospital and later died. We need to pray.

Dad: Pastor but what do you mean by that? Are you saying my son is evil or what?

Pastor: Not at all. Your son is not evil but the scent is in the house.

Me: Pastor, we invited you here to see the lady I wanted to marry but you didn’t come early so she left.

Pastor: That is the main reason why we needed to pray. Why couldn’t she just wait? Is her appointment more important than her marriage?

He raised a song which my farther joined in singing. I stood there watching them do their own thing when my phone started ringing. It was Enyonam “sweetheart, I’ve just gotten a flat Tyre in the middle of my journey. Please I need you to come right away to help me out”. She pleaded. “Alright, just calm down. I will get there soon”. I said to her. I asked where exactly she was and quickly, I told my dad and pastor that, Enyonam needed my assistance so I needed to go. The pastor said he will go with me so we should use his car which was also the church’s car.

When we got to where the car was, Enyonam was no where to be found. She knew I was coming with the pastor so she took public transport without telling me. We got there before she told me on phone that she had low battery that was why she couldn’t tell me earlier.

Pastor: John my son, I don’t want you to marry that lady. She is not having a good spirit.

Me: Pastor, this lady is God sent to me so Please, I’m not sure I can let her go. I’m not ready to break her heart.

Pastor: Okay I’ve heard you. But remember that you need to hear and obey God When he instructs you. You youth of today take everything into your own hands and do things to suit your flesh and disregard God. Above all, I wish you well. He said and left.

This is what happens when we become blind to the world. May God have mercy on us.

I got some people to attend to the car and I drove it to Tema.

I never knew I was under the influence of the spell. I saw myself as a superior in everything I did.

As quick as Enyonam wanted it, we planned the date for our engagement and I informed my dad. He disliked it and didn’t really show any interest for the idea so he requested our presence as soon as possible. I told my wife to be about the issue and she disregarded it. I wondered why my dad would be thinking of this decision since the church I attended had prayed over it. We started distributing our invitation cards. We both travelled to Dubai to buy the gown and my suit. The ring was ordered from India.

At my office, I gave an invitation to the administration and also to the individuals. I selected Xorsenyo as my best man.

I just decided not to involve my church back home but Xorsenyo said that would be a bad idea so I sent the invitation to a few. My father had no other option than to attend. This time around, I sent invitation to my siblings abroad to come and witness what my senior brother was trying to stand against. Honestly, the money we used in just the presentations could build a mansion and even buy a car. How shameful it was that we needed to borrow people’s car in addition to Enyonam’s car for the wedding.

Just a week to the weeding, I received a call that my father was severely sick and rushed to the hospital so I needed to come home. “Ah! What at all is this?” I asked myself looking very worried. I called a friend of mine to go and check on him for me so I will join them later.

Hmm, sometimes, God finds different ways of saving us from falling into the trap of the devil but we do feel we know better. At times, even God himself do regret for creating man. But behold, our ways are not his ways, neither are our thoughts his thoughts.

…to be continued


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