Behind The Mask – Episode 18

� Jones Kwesi Tagbor

*The battle field*

I opened the door slowly.

“Stop there! I’m warning for the last. Make sure that man do not come into this house.” An invisible voice said. I thought it was only babies that do urinate in their pants until this day that unconsciously urine started drawing the globe in my pant. I stood still without knowing where to go then i heard my phone ringing. I only thanked God i didn’t do the unexpected when my heart bit the more upon hearing the phone ring. I turned and saw the phone glowing on the bed. I walked backwards and picked the call. It was pastor. As if a life jacket was presented to me in the midst of a stormy sea. I was briefing like a confused Tilapia.

Pastor: John what is the problem?

Me: Pastor am dying please help. There are some spirits in my room trying to harm me.

Pastor: me and the elders are in an all night prayers now. Nothing will happen to you just join us in prayers.

I started hearing some powerful tongues and roaring prayers in the background. All i could say was AMEN. The noise stopped and within some few minutes, the light came on. The powerful prayer lasted for about 45 minutes. After the prayer, the pastor asked if i was still afraid. Even though i was not sure if the voice behind the door left or not, all i said was YES with a feeble voice. He said i should be expecting him and the elders first thing in the morning. I had wanted to tell him what the voice said but i only said okay.

I opened the door and noting was there. It was there that I realized i that i soiled my pant.

It has become imminent Enyonam and her camp face the battle squarely. But before that, the marine queen said she was disappointed in Enyonam because instead of her going striate to break me down from the beginning, she was having fun with me. She told Enyonam that she will punish her when they return from the battle. They planned everything and Enyonam was supposed to come home very early to create a scene which will take me away from the house so that when pastor comes, he wouldn’t meet us.

As early as 6:00am, Enyonam was already in the house. I looked into her face, looked at the picture Xorsenyo brought. “Enyonam who exactly are you?” I confidently asked. ” What the hell is the meaning of this question? instead of you welcoming me from my trip, you are asking who i am. Don’t i look like your wife anymore? and whose picture is that?” she asked. “have a look at them.” i gave the pictures to her to see. ” This is my twin sister who died some years ago. And where do you get them from?” she asked. “I don’t get you. You mean you know her?” I asked. “Yes but she is dead come and let me go and show you where she was buried.” I became very surprised as to what she was saying. ” okay lets go because am getting confused here.” i said to her. “meet me in the car.” she said. “Enyonam eeermm lets wait and go later. My pastor back home said he will be visiting this morning. So i think we should wait and go after he is gone.” ” but what is he coming to do this early morning? don’t worry, we will be back soon. The place is just at community four.” she tried convincing me. ” okay lets go.” I said to her.

Her plan was to send me to a far away place so that pastor and his people wont meet anybody when they come. Apart from that too, she will cast another spell on me. She had really planned for me partly because she wanted to prove to her master that she was not a failure.

We sat in the car but the engine wasn’t starting. She made me to push of which i did but to no avail. All these time, pastor and his people were on their way. Suddenly, pastor’s car also broke down on the way. They did all they could but still it wasn’t responding. There was no network too at where they were so they couldn’t call for help. They decided to pray over the car. Out of the blue, another car came to stop behind them and the driver happened to be a mechanic and also a member of the same church just that from a different town. According to him, it was the sticker at the back of the pastors car that alerted him that a member needs help. He went under the car and within minutes, the car was good to go. The pastor thanked him very well and the man was equally glad to work on pastors car especially at the time pastor needed serious help.

Our car was still not starting so Enyonam suggested we use public transport. It was a Saturday so there was no issue with going to work.

Xorsenyo called and said he was also coming to my place that morning because he had some strange dream about me and wanted to tell me. I told him that was fine so he should come so that we could use his car as well. Enyonam was not happy with my suggestion and said she was not going to sit in Xorsenyo’s car. I reminded her that it was the same car that was used to save her when she fell during the reunion. She ignored me and said she was going to get her mechanic in town. This time around she want to run away.

Within some shortest time, Xorsenyo was already in the house. Five minutes later, pastor and his people too got to the house. They met Enyonam at the entrance and stopped the car to ask if i was around. She directed them to the house and said she will be back. The pastor told her that he will need her presence so she should consider going to her place after they’ve left. She had no option than to come into the house.

I welcomed them and asked Enyonam to serve them with water. Pastor asked his elders if they will take the water and only one elder said he will. Enyonam went into the kitchen and added some charm to the water. The elder comfortably took it and even enjoyed it.

Pastor: John, we just want to do some small spiritual exercise in your house that’s why we travelled all the way to this place.

Before pastor could finish telling the reason for coming, Eld Stephen was already feeling sleepy and weak.

Pastor asked us to form a circle where he himself was in the center. The prayer started and seriously Enyonam was also praying. Once of a sudden, she shouted and commanded everybody to keep quiet.

Enyonam: I’ve given you people too much liberty to fool around. This is not a prayer camp. If you need a place to establish one don’t consider this place because it is a rented house. I have a place to go. Hoping by the time i return you people leave this house with your noise.

Pastor: You devil i command you to be mute. You are not moving an inch until our mission is completed.

Enyonam: How dare you command me in my own house?

Pastor: This house does not belong to you and the body though which you are talking also does not belong to you. We are aware of all your plans and even all the worse you did in the past. We are stopping you this very minute.

We heard someone knocking on the door. I went out and it was Jessica. ” what do you want here at this time?” i asked. “Am coming for my money or i show your the video to the world. I’ve edited it so no one will see my face.”

Pastor: John let the person in we are praying.

Me: Pastor please she just want to deliver a message so i will attend to her here so that we can continue. I will join you soon.

Enyonam walked to meet me and saw Jessica at the entrance. Immediately, Jessica started crying. “Jessica what is it? come inside.” Jessica came into the room.

Jessica: Mr John is owing me and does not want to pay.

Enyonam: How? are you not to report to him after you close from work? how then is he owing you?

Everything is inside this disc. But if he should pay me, no one will see the content of it.

Pastor: Lady will shut up before i descend on you? I’m aware of all your plans and everything will come to an end today.

Before we could see, Eld. Stephen was fast asleep in the sofa. Pastor said we should allow him to sleep because he knows where the problem was coming from.

Jessica: And who is this man trying to command me? What plan are you talking about? i can see you also do cheat on your wife is not around just like this man. Pointing fingers at me.

Me: Jessica what is the meaning of this?

Pastor: God have mercy on your soul. Shall we pray.

The prayer storm started with all seriousness. I couldn’t pray but was saying “Jesus”.

I didn’t know when me, Xorsenyo and one elder got out of the room when Jessica vanished. She vanished leaving the disc on the floor. Enyonam threw some charm against pastor. The charm was to make him have sexual feelings for her. It was one of the elders that saved pastor in the room while we were outside. Pastor dropped his Bible and was looking into Enyonam’s face seductively when the elder said ” You are lying. I reverse this charm in the name of Jesus!

Pastor came back into his senses without knowing what went wrong. The marine queen and Jessica appeared from no where.

…to be continued.


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