Love Really Is Strange – Episode 7

By Lydia Jonathan

So, future Mrs Harrison? What now? George came closer to where I was standing in the sitting room

“Food, I’m starved, cuz a certain someone didn’t let me eat, which is ironic considering he propsed in a cafe,sending him a playful glare, i poked him in the chest

“Hey!” feigning being hurt from the poking,i was trying to be romantic and what do i get in return?

“A yes, and this, i wrapped my hand around is neck and kissed him with intensity I was feeling all the ride home

“Can’t get tired of that” he wrapped his hands around my waist after I pulled away which made him frown a little

“Same here, now let go, i slapped away his hands and started making my way to the kitchen,” I gotta go prepare something to eat”

Urrrg, you hurt me woman, he fake groaned

You’ll live, i giggled, leaving him alone in the sitting room while I made my way to the kitchen

“I’ll be in your room” he called out

“Okay” I replied smiling to myself, my mind drifting to hours ago in the cafe……..

………..Too stunned to say anything, when I saw the card, I just nodded and George slipped the ring in my finger,smiled at me and enveloped me in a hug while I just beamed like a little girl being handed a lollipop, even forgetting I was hungry. Mimi decided to ditch me after everything, with the excuse of giving I and George an alone time. So George decided we come home,

“Hey” the voice of the person I was thinking about took me off my daze

“Yea? You want something? Smiling, i turned around to face him but the smile wiping off my face when I met his scowl

“Yea, how about you tell me why there are application letters on your table.

There are moments in life where you wish the ground would just open up and swallow you whole, just so as not to confront your problems.

Standing like a deer caught in a head light, staring at a scowling George,with one of my many failed attempts to write something reasonable, waving it in the air like its one of the problems of the society, i wouldn’t mind the ground opening any minute now, infact, I’d embrace the idea. I thought I could avoid telling him long enough till i got a new job, so as to soften the blow, but I guess that plan just took a ride to downhill avenue. I guess now will be a good time to spill the beans

“George, I can explain…..

“That I wanna hear, unless you’re secretly applying for a new job other than the one you already have

“No, its not like that, i………

“Then what is it like? he cut me off, the anger visibly showing in his features, thanks to the veins almost popping on his throat

“George please calm down, I sounded out, getting a bit annoyed at the situation

“Alright fine, he breathed out, now explain

Averting my gaze, it spilled out more like a whisper than i intended “I lost my job”.

Looking everywhere else but at him, i dreaded his reply, but he was silent. Maybe he didn’t hear, was my voice really that low?
That was until his voice came back up “you lost your job” he asked, which sounded more like a statement than a question

I nodded still avoiding his gaze

“Lizzy look at me”

I turned my head to face him, but saw that the Anger in his face has feltered and in its place is one of concern

“Are you okay? What happened? He tried holding my hands but I pushed him away

“This is exactly what I was avoiding, I don’t want you worrying about me, like I’m some child that needs help all the time, that’s why I avoided telling you till after I got a new job, and……….

“What? He threw the paper he was holding on ground like it burnt him, and his rage appearing full force, you think I worry about you cause your helpless? Is that what you really think?

I kept quiet, and felt mute, mostly because a greater part of me felt guilty. George never saw me as helpless, I saw my self as helpless, as the helpless girl that here father had to leave cuz he didn’t feel the need to be responsible, as the helpless girl that drove her mother to her death, the helpless girl that her first love dumped and left wihout a trace because he couldn’t tell it to her face

“Is that what you really think? George’s voice drew me out of my thoughts, Lizzy, we are a team you and I, we’re partners, we’re suppose to tell each other things not hide from them, he drew closer trying to pull me to him.

Snapping, i slapped away his hands again for the second time,” that is not fair, I tell you things

“Oh really? You mean the way you’re always gloomy on your birthdays and how you snap for most ridiculous reasons, or the fact that you can’t get over the fact that your ex dumped you and you need to move on from it

At that very moment, the thin rope that has been holding my emotions together just snapped and the tears came pouring down my cheek. George seeing my tears came closer to wipe it of

“Baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I just want……

“Don’t you dare touch me,i shoved him, what do you wanna hear? Huh? That I cry myself to sleep everyday on my birthday cuz its the anniversary of my mom’s death and its my fault she died, or that I’m so hopeless I can’t keep a job because my boss, ever so feels the need to remind me of not using what I got for my benefits or how I’m scared that I’m gonna die alone because nothing good ever lasts in my life? Is that what you wanna hear? Or how I’m sick and tired of people treating me how they want?

Baby, you need to get over it someday, you can’t let your fears control you, you know?I’m here for you, you know that

“Get out!

“Babe, it hasn’t gotten to this, we need to talk about this, about us, he gestured pointing between I and him

“I don’t wanna hear it, get out, I’m tired, I just want to be alone right now, swiping my hands across my cheek to wipe the tears away, i pointed at the door for him

“You know what? Fine, be alone, I don’t care anymore, this whole thing is crazy, call me when you feel like talking. And with that, he stomped out of the kitchen and seconds later I heard the door bang annoncing his exit

I slumped to the ground, staring at the ring on my finger, I cried my heart out not because I was hurt but because a part of me knows he was right,I need to get over it at some point


Izz? Are you home yet? My best friend called from the sitting room

“Yea, I’m in the kitchen, not looking away from what I was doing, that I didn’t even realise she was in the kitchen

Whoa! what’s going on here?

“I’m baking” I replied curtly and went back to my work

“For what, a restaurant?

Okay, I admit, I might of over done it, by baking close to fifty cupcakes and still preparing another batter

“I was depressed, so I baked, was my answer

Okay, but why this much? She picked one and digged into it,moaning as she chewed….wait what? You were depressed?

“Yea, and if it does taste a bit salty, that’s courtesy of my the tears, a sad smile painted my face

“Liz,are you okay? She said dropping the cupcake

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?

“Well, you said you were depressed, and you baked tears cupcake, so I wanna hear it, turning me to face her

“George and I had a fight, I sighed dropping the batter on the counter. He found out about the job. He said I never talk to him about my problems, staring back at her, I put on a sad smile, and he was right you know, we’ve been together since uni, and I can’t trust him enough to tell him things, cuz I’m scared one day he’s gonna leave too

“Hey, you don’t know that, he does love you, and he even put a ring on it, she nudged me hoping to get a smile from me, ‘you should at least have faith in him, he looks like he’s here to stay and you can’t judge him based on Evans, he’s not him

“You’re right, I need to talk to him, don’t I?

She nodded, and smiled. Now what do we do about these? she pointed at the cupcakes, which i shrugged at taking a bite out of one and she did same, having the same reaction as the first time

“You know what you should do? She murmured failing to speak well because of the cupcake in her mouth I turned to look at her as if urging her to continue.

‘You should open up a resturant or a small caf� she added munching on her cupcakes. You have the gift, why not make use of it

Then it hit me, that’s what Mimi’s mother meant when she said “you should use what you have”

“You think so? I turned to Mimi devouring the cupcakes like its the last meal on earth

Mmmmmmm she nodded unable to speak cuz of the cupcakes she stuffed in her mouth

Easy there, you’ll choke, i hissed fearing for her health,

Okay mom, she playfully rolled her eyes, prompting me to smile..

� Hi, i said trying hard to avoid the gaze of my fianc�e, at least I hope he still is

�what are you sorry for?

�for not telling you about my job and for snapping and…… I trailed still avoiding his gaze


�are you going to let me in or what? I breathed out sounding a bit irritated

�aren’t you supposed to be apologizing and why aren’t looking at me? he raised my face to look at him

�I’m sorry, I really am

�i know, he pulled me in for a hug �and I’m sorry too for saying those things to you, he smiled

I nodded and he guided me inside the house, his hands on my shoulder

We talked for a while and I told him about my ex boss

�that b�stard, what does he think he is, George excaimed, I’m going ki…

�calm down George, it’s fine

�No its not, I can’t believe he would do something like that

�but…….I tried to protest

�did he touch you?

�No,i gritted out, trying to forget about it

I decided to tell him what Miracle proposed so as to change the topic and it worked

�its a great idea,and you do love cooking,so it’s perfect he grinned

�you really think so, cuz I’m really not…….

�Lizzy, you can do this, he cut me off, you’re going to do great

�okay, I nodded but still feeling uncertain

�but I’m still going to ki*ll that man if I see him, he nudged me and got up to get us something to drink

�if it helps you sleep well at night, I called out laughing in the process

Even though I don’t feel the things I felt for Evans with George, he makes me feel loved and I love him and that’s all I needed, I smiled to myself

� Here, he handed me a glass of orange juice and I took a sip. BTW, my mom said she wants to meet you

�what? I spit out the drink earning a cough. You’re mom hates me

�she doesn’t hate you, she just doesn’t know you that well, that’s why she wants you to come spend little time with her

�i’m not sure about that George,I don’t want her hating me more than she already does

�its going to be fine,he reached for my hands, sqeezing it a bit. She’s going to love you cuz I’m crazy about you

�okay, so when does she want me?


�what? So why are you telling me now?

�because we weren’t talking, he got up and walked away smiling

I swear this guy pushes all my buttons


I got home later in the day and started packing immediately,

�are you going somewhere,what’s with the packing Mimi asked entering my room

�okay, first of, I made up with George

�thats great, so you want to go live with him?she raised her brows in a teasing manner,

�very funny, but I’m going to stay with his parents for a week

Mimi remained mute

Mimi? I called turning to face her

� I thought she hates you?

� yup

� and you still want to go spend time with her?

� yup

� can I plan your funeral or maybe you’ll write your will before you go? She burst into laughter

I stood there staring at her while she laughed her heart out, unable to take it anymore, I grabbed my pillow and aimed it her but she dodged it and ran out still laughing. Sometimes I really wish I can just choke her I grunted and went back to my parking

The next day George came to pick me up to his parents house

Mimi: hope you didn’t forget the will

Me: I hate you

George turned to look at us with a raised brow, as if asking what’s going on. I just shook my head and replied �dont ask� got in the car waved at a smirking Mimi and George drove off

A week of hell, here I come…….

…to be continued


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