Love Really Is Strange – Episode 21

By Lydia Jonathan

I padded down the hospital gate and almost ran into a couple walking out. “Sorry I yelled, not turning to look at them but hope I didn’t cause any damage

I left Evans behind, practically jumping out the moving vehicle, while he goes to park in the designated area for visitors.

We rushed out the house immediately we got the news as we asked for the hospital. Lucky enough, she was taken to Henry’s

“Excuse me”, I approached the nurse behind the counter. “I’m looking for Miracle, Miracle Adebayo, she was rushed in for emergency, my brows furrowed in worry as this lady is been still, while I might be having a nervous breakdown. I rushed past her since she wasn’t providing much details and ran down the hospital hallway in search for a certain Emergency unit and Evans caught up with me. I looked around the emergency unit but can’t find her. There’s a possibility I’m not seeing all of it but I’m too shaken to be still.

I was still checking when a nurse approached me

“I’m sorry, can I……

“I’m looking for Miracle Adebayo I cut her off. She was rushed in, and she’s pregnant and… I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. Can I see her? Is she okay?

“You need to calm down, she gave a sad reassuring smile. She’s in surgery and we don’t know anything yet. So if you’d, just take a deep breath, I’m sure she’ll like that okay?. I suggest you wait in the waiting area she gestured

I nodded and let Evans guide to to the waiting area. We sat and I couldn’t seem to stop the incessant tapping of my leg on the floor. Even if Evans minded, he didn’t stop me and I was glad because I was seconds away from total breakdown

Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes to hours and we’ve been waiting for five hours. And it kept dragging on while I just grew more and more tensed. Evans was trying as much to keep me at bay cause I didn’t mind marching into that operating room if it was just me

Stephanie came in afterwards and when she saw my features knew better than to ask me any questions.

“Any news? She turned to him, while he shook his head

“We’re still waiting, he replied and she sat close to me rubbing her hand on my back comfortingly, no words spoken and I smiled a little in appreciation.

A doctor walked out an hour later and I practically sprinted towards him while the others followed behind.

“How’s she? How’s Miracle? Is she okay? I didn’t even give room for answers, I kept bombarding him with questions

“Miss, just calm down, he reassured but I couldn’t stay still cause he wasn’t smiling, which means no good news. “The surgery was successful but she lost a lot of blood he went on and I gulped in fear

“So? I questioned, hoping for a good news in the end

“She took a big hit, and had a severe haemorrhage due to the baby. The good news is she’s gonna be okay if she wakes up, But…he trailed and looked worriedly at me

“But what? I breathed out in a shaken manner, already messed up from his explanations but trying so hard to be strong

“We lost the baby. I’m so sorry, the baby was still immature and still in the very early stages and couldn’t survive the impact he went on but a whimper escaped my lips and my lips twitched indicating a sob coming along

“Can we see her? I put on a good front trying to hide the pain

“Yea, sure. He led us to her and I saw my best friend lying motionless being connected to machines.

“She’s still out from the anesthetic from surgery, so she is going to be unresponsive, he spoke, and I turned and nodded as he left. My eyes got blurry from the sight as I took it in again, a stray tear rolled down my cheek and I wiped immediately

Mimi’s eye brow furrowed later on as her eyes fluttered open. She winced from pain holding her head in her free hand that isn’t connected to a machine

“What happened? She raised her head up and tried sitting up but winced more

“You need to take it easy, I pushed her gently back back down

“My head hurts, she whined still holding her head and a little piece of my heart broke all over again as I remembered the doctor said she might have a concussion since she hit her head pretty bad

“Mimi? I called out to her

“Yes? She replied her brows furrowing

“what’s my name?

“Lizzy, what’s happening?

What about theirs? I pointed to Evans who was holding my shoulders and keeping me in place and Stephanie who wasn’t too far away from us

“Evans and stephanie, she deadpanned worry lines visible on her face. “What’s going on?

“You got hit by a car Mimi? I frowned a little trying to hide the tears forming in my eyes

Mimi: I did?

Me: Yea, do you remember anything?

Mimi: not really, I remember getting a text from Henry to come meet in out front, which was unusual because he always comes inside. I got out and searched around but couldn’t find him and then there was a car….and…and

She winced in pain trying to recall and she held her head

Me: it’s okay, you’re fine now

Mimi: I got into an accident (frowning, then her eyes widened) how’s the baby? (She touched her stomach) is it fine?….

Henry…..she trailed looking over us

She smiled and we turned to see Henry, with an unreadable face but it faltered and he smiled a little and went to hold her hand

Henry: hey, how are you feeling?

Mimi: been better (smiling) how’s the baby? Is it fine?

His face contoured to a sad one and I turned away from the scene burying my head in Evans’s chest while he wrapped his hands around me

Henry: I’m so sorry sweetheart

Mimi: what?

Henry: you lost it. I’m so sorry baby

I turned back to them and saw that he was trying so hard to fight the tears but she sniffled and I heard whimpering and she broke down in his hands while he stroked her head continuously fighting back his own tears

I left Evans’s hands and ran out the hospital hallway. I stopped when I was out enough and glad no one came after me. I slumped down, my entire body vibrating with each sob. My phone buzzed in my pocket. With blurry eyes I checked the caller id and it was unknown. I swiped and pressed the phone to my hear

“Hello Lizzy, a female voice came up but I was to tired to decipher whose

“Who’s this, I tiredly let out

“Funny you should ask, I could feel her smirk from the other end. How’s your friend? Sorry that had to happen to her but I told you I was gonna make your life miserable. Since I couldn’t with you, I decided on those closest to you. And if you still don’t wanna pay heed to my warnings, she laughed menancingly. I hate to say it but, that isn’t gonna be the end and she hung up

The phone fell off my now shaking hands and unto the ground as my throat went dry. the tears burning in me eyes. “It’s all my fault” I muttered

“Hey baby? Are you okay? I was startled out of my thoughts and I got up swiftly from my crouched position and wiped my tears away my back still at him. He held my shoulders and turned me to face him but I bent my head unable to look him in the eyes cause I didn’t want to see it. If I saw his eyes, it will break my all over again.

“Please look at me” He raised my chin to look at him but I shook my head disapprovingly

“I can’t, I croaked, feeling the burning sensation in my eyes

“Baby please, I know you’re hurting but you have to look at me. I’m here for you, you can’t bear it all alone

My body shook with sobs and I pushed him away from me, looking up to face him now, the tears pouring freely down my cheek.

“I can’t do this anymore, I can’t…. I muttered

Evans: what are you talking about?(he frowned a little) are we still talking about Mimi? Cause I think she’ll be fine

Me: No! You don’t get, and you never will. It’s all my fault my bestfriend is in there( I pointed towards her ward) and now she’s lost the best thing that happened to her. I can’t bear to put her in more danger than I already have don’t you get?

Evans: What are you talking about? It was an accident, it’s no one’s fault but some reckless driver’s

I shook my head vigorously feeling the tears roll down like a waterfall down my chin

Me: no, it is, you won’t understand and you won’t

Evans: then make me understand, please, we’re in this together….remember

Me: No, I can’t

I sobbed more, the words of Janet playing back in my head over and over again “I decided on the ones closest to you, since I can’t seem to get to you” I shook my head trying to shake it off but it kept playing over and over. “ I can’t…. I can’t…. I muttered holding my head. Evans must have been really worried cause he rushed and grabbed me but I pushed him away staring him down and I saw the flash of hurt past his eyes but it was soon clouded with worry

Evans: Lizzy, please talk to me, you’re making me really anxious here

Me: I can’t (I sniffled, wiping my tears with my palm) I can’t put any one else in danger especially you, cause I don’t think I can leave with myself. So I have to do this

Evans: What?

He frowned a little, confusion evident in his features

Me: I think we need we break up

I breathed out. His face had different emotions swimming in it, but the one of sadness almost too transparent

Evans: W…wh….what, what are you talking about

He stuttered staring intensely at me

Me: We need to break up

I repeated, fighting the tears welling up in my eyes

Evans: Why? (he half yelled)

Me: cause I need it right now

I lied, if anything, I needed him the most right now, cause he is the one that can keep me sane at this moment. But I need to keep him safe. I need to keep them all safe

Evans: Okay, you’re not thinking straight, and it’s cause of the accident, I get it, so let’s just, relax and talk this through

Me: No, ( I shook my head) there’s nothing to talk through, I’ve already made up my mind

He ruffled his hair with his hands clearly frustrated with my behaviour now

Evans: where the héll is this coming from Lizzy? Just few hours ago, you promised I’d never lose you, and now you’re breaking up with me?

He queried staring down at me. But I broke down into less subtly sobs than I was doing earlier which made him falter.

“Look, He sighed and breathed out. “I know something is going on with you, so if you’d just tell me, so we can sort it out together….Please, he pleaded holding my both shoulders down, staring intently at hoping to get a breakthrough and I almost gave in for a second there, but shook it off all too soon and pushed him away lightly

Me: I can’t ( I let out lowly) I’m sorry

I turned away from him and we remained in mutual silence. “Its for the best, no one else needs to get hurt” I kept chanting in my head

Minutes later later, I heard angry footsteps padding down the hallway. I turned around and he was no longer there. I guess he left, I closed my eyes soaking it all in. My bestfriend’s hurt and I had to break up with him. This is so not fair…. I muttered wiping the tears away from my eyes now pooling on spot where I crouched down

I went in later on to the ward Mimi is in after wiping my tears but unable to get the redness away from my eyes.

“Hey, how are you feeling? I held her hands and surprisingly, she looked better and smiled a little

Mimi: I’m gonna be okay

She turned to Henry and he smiled and nodded

Me: that’s better

I smiled. “Everything will be fine” I squeezed her hands gently and she nodded

Mimi: but, where’s Evans?

She looked around, noticing he didn’t walk in with me

Me: oh, something came up and he had to leave. He said to say sorry and that he’ll see you later

Mimi: okay (nodding)

Henry: Ummm Lizzy?

Me: yea? (turning to him)

Henry: Is it okay if she come stay with me for a while, until she fully recovers that is

I turned to my best friend and saw her eyes fluttering shut,drained of energy. The injuries and cuts on her face still fresh, and I turned to him and nodded

Me: yea, that’d be nice. I’m sure she needs it too

He came closer and pulled me in for a hug

Henry: you’re gonna be okay right?

Me: I will be (I nodded over his shoulders). Take care of her okay?

Henry: I will

He pulled away to look at me and smiled reassuringly

Stephanie’s Phone rang and she answered. After she hung up, she turned to us

“That was work guys, I forgot I had an appointment and the person’s has been waiting for me. I’m so sorry. But I can cancel….

“No, no, you go, we’ll be fine, I cut her off

Stephanie: are you sure?

Me: yea. Now go, don’t wanna keep them waiting longer than you already have

I smiled, assuring her and she came and hugged me and then Henry, squeezed Mimi’s hand gently and left after saying “goodbye”

Henry: I think you should go too. You need the rest. She’ll be fine

Me: are you gonna be okay with her?

I questioned feeling uneasy

Henry: yea, I’ll assign a nurse to her, and I’ll make sure to check on her always. She’ll be fine Lizzy

Me: okay. Call me when she wakes up, okay?

Henry: I will

I left the hospital feeling hollow and empty on the inside. I headed straight home with one thing alone in mind. “Just to be able to get through the day”..

…to be continued


  1. Liz could have tell Evans wat is going and Janet is behind dat probably they could have fight together, nd other way round nd if brk up with Evans and her frd has alrdy been hurt so should nt give up.

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