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Love Really Is Strange – Episode 14 - Youngicee

Love Really Is Strange – Episode 14

By Lydia Jonathan

Me: He….Hen….Henry, What do you mean?

I stuttered, maybe she knows what happened and she’s angry or there’s trouble in paradise I thought now fidgeting in my seat. She noticed my inconvenience and held my arm

Princess: are you okay Liz? You seem shaken a bit

Me: yea of course, you’re were talking about Henry? (I tried to act cool)

Princess: yea, he’s not been himself lately, he hardly smiles or jokes like he does

Me: yea?

Princess: back at the fashion show, I thought I got him back but he went back to brooding later on. I think something’s bothering him

Me: errrmmm, you think so?

Princess: yea (she gestured for me to come closer, and whispered in my ear) I think it’s a girl

My eyes got wider three times their normal size

Me: wh..what do you mean? (i stuttered rubbing my palms together nervously)

Princess: I think he likes Mimi (she whispered like someone’s gonna hear if she doesn’t)

Me: what? (I laughed nervously)

Princess: but don’t tell him I told you, he’d probably go ballistic.

Me: but….

Princess: see, he told me before I knew you guys that there’s a girl he met in a café, exhibit A,( she gestured at the café) and they have a love-hate relationship, yet he can’t seem to hate her and he finds her amusing, and they always bicker when they meet and yet he always looks forward to meeting her cause he can’t seem to get her out of his head. That’s totally Mimi and him

she cried as if she just had a break through while I was just sitting there many things running through my head, like she’s gonna hate Mimi and later me if she finds out I knew that Henry kissed Mimi

Me: what? Bu..ho..wel..its..just…(I blabbed unable to form coherent words cause of my jumbled thoughts)

Princess: it clearly shows whenever he sees her, but I’m not sure why he wouldn’t just tell her though (she looked away as if deep in thoughts)

Me: hold on, ( I finally put my words together) so, it doesn’t bother you?

Princess: bother me?(she whipped her head so fast, I was scared she was gonna have a whiplash) why would it bother me? (she frowned)

Me: well, I don’t know, cause you both a together (I frowned)

Princess: together? What are you….hold on, you think Henry and I are dating?

Me: you’re not?(I frowned even more)

Princess: no, no, why would you think that

Me: I don’t know(i shrugged) cause you both are always together and always come in holding hands and stuff….

I stopped cause she was laughing so hard, customers began looking at our direction

Princess: I’m sorry, (she wiped the tiny tear in her eyes due to the excess laugh) it was just so funny. (she turned to look at me but I was wearing a straight face) Henry and I are not together(she cleared her throat and began) we’re always together cause we both share same profession

Me: you’re a doctor? (seriously, haven’t I been listening to them at all when they talk about their work?)

Princess: yea, I work with him in his hospital, although I’m working on getting mine soon, and he’s helping me

Me: so, let get this straight you’re guys have nothing romantic going on?

Princess: yea, we don’t, I actually have a financée

Me: you do?

Yea: yea, (she pulled out her necklace that has an engagement ring as a pendant) he travelled out for a course and told Henry to take care of me cause he got close to him when he was here, I guess that’s why he(henry) is always with me

Me: (She took the ring in her hand, her eyes now glistering with unshed tears) funny enough he thought Henry and I were together when we first met that’s why he couldn’t ask me out at first(her eyes still on the necklace)

Me: you miss him?

Princess: yea (she huffed, a tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it immediately) he proposed just before he left and I couldn’t keep wearing it on my finger cause I always look at at and it reminded me that he’s not here, so I wear it close to my heart. I miss him so much and just wish he would come back soon(more tears rolled down her cheek)

Me: (I held her hand, giving her a reassuring squeeze) I’m sure he misses you too (she smiled wiping her tears

Princess: thanks, I’ve been holding it in for long, Stephanie is always happy-go-lucky, so didn’t feel right talking about it always

Me: no problem( I smiled) and thank you

I got up, and started walking away fast

Princess: errrr, why? Where are you going? (she shouted out to me)

Me: i’ll talk to you later

I shouted out and ran out of the café with one thing alone in my mind. I can’t wait to tell Mimi

I got home breathing heavily like I just ran a marathon. I opened the door fiercely, as if the door did me wrong

“Mimi you’re not gonna believe this”, I breathed out happily but stopped dead on my tracks

“Why are you nakéd?”

Mimi: (She turned to look at me) I’m not nakéd

Me: so, wearing panties and bra alone is normal?

Mimi: she bent to look at her body then back at me, her eyes glassy with tears threatening to spill if she so much as blinks

Me: hey what’s wrong? (I walked over to her)

I think something’s wrong with me Liz she broke down, I can’t even think straight, I think I’m losing my mind(she said amidst tears)

Mimi: why can’t I get him out of my head Liz? (she broke down into sobs)

I went closer to hug her, its alright I cooed, and about that, I’ve got something to tell you, I let go her grinning like a maniac, while she furrowed her brows like I’m a crazy person.

Me: you’re not gonna believe……

“Wow” a voice cut me off, we turned to see Henry, his eyes fixed on Mimi.

Both Mimi and I stood there staring at him, both unable to move

Henry: I….I… I’m sorry I just barged in, I was at the door and it was opened and….I didn’t see anything….not that there’s nothing to see, I mean you have a very beautiful…..ummm….well….

He blabbed on and Mimi and I turned to look at each each

Me: oh my Gód, you’re still nakéd Mimi (i whispered like he hasn’t already seen her)

Mimi: (looks at herself and immediately used her hands to cover both her body, well tried to) don’t look, turn around (she ordered) and ran up to her room

Henry: I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to, the door was opened, so I thought something had happened and….

Then it hit me, I forgot to close the door in my haste to talk to Mimi

Me: it’s okay, it’s my fault, I forgot to close it when I came in

He nodded and looked away we fell into an awkward silence. I stood there praying Mimi comes down a lot faster, he turned to me and I gave him a tight lipped smile and looked away and Mimi came down, fully clothed this time

Henry: I’m really sorry Mimi….

Mimi: it’s fine, why are you here? (she sounded out, a bit harsh I might say)

I turned to look at her but she looked away crossing both hands on her chest

Henry: you’ve been avoiding me, and I just wanna talk

Mimi: well I don’t wanna hear it okay?

Henry: Mimi listen……

Mimi: I get it (she cut him off) the kiss was just a momentary lapse, you didn’t mean to do it and you got caught up in the moment

Henry: Mimi listen….

Mimi: it’s fine, you don’t have to apologize or anything,I get it, you have an amazing girlfriend who looks very beautiful without even trying and you’re in love with her and I don’t blame you at all, I mean who wouldn’t want to be with her right?

Henry: what are you….

Mimi: I get it okay? I’m not like her, I’m plain old me, I don’t have the model figure she has or the hour glass figure like Lizzy does that every girl would die for and every guy would love to have in possession

Me: Mimi please stop…(I begged hoping to stop her from disgracing herself more than she’s already doing)

Mimi: No Liz,(she turned to me)I need to admit it, I can’t keep hurting myself. (she turned to him) I like you, a lot and I know you’re in love with her and you guys are together, so it’s fine, I’m just gonna……

She was going on when Henry pulled her closer and smashed his lips on hers silencing her. I just stood there, all awkward not knowing whether to turn away or watch the beautiful moment before me. I was still contemplating when Mimi pushed him away both breathing heavily from the kiss, but a smirk formed on Henry’s face

Henry: so you like me huh?

Mimi: what the héll was that for, are you just gonna keep cheating on Princess?(she was furious)

Henry: Princess? (he raised his eyebrows)

Mimi: yea, you’re girlfriend(she gritted out)

Henry: I don’t know what you’re….Princess and I aren’t together

Mimi: what?? (she turned to look at me)

Me: yea,(I nodded) that’s what I wanted to tell you, she has a fiancée

Mimi: but i….you guys were….how?….

She blabbed on while Henry stood there smirking and I just wanted this whole thing to be cleared out so, I can leave

Mimi: so, you’re not together? (she turned to him, as if making sure)

Henry: No, and there’s a girl I can’t seem to get my mind of lately, and I’m looking at her

Mimi: you like me? (he nodded she smiled and they both stared intently at each other as if they’re the only ones around)

Me: awwwww

They both snapped out of it and turned to look at me

Me: sorry you guys were just so….(I gestured between them) and I got caught up in the moment. I was about to tell them not to mind me and continue but I guess I didn’t need to, cause he grabbed and kissed her with all intensity and she returned his kiss and soon later they were pulling each others clothes off like it’s an obstacle while i stood there being all awkward like I’m prying on them

Me: Lizzy would you mind? No of course not, I’ll just give you guys some privacy

I soliloquized, turning away but they didn’t even break the kiss or turn to look at me

“ I’ll be in the café, and please, not on the couch, I’m very fond of it, I announced and left them to eating each others faces


I entered the café but saw that Princess had already left. I pulled my phone and texted an apology to her and went back to tending to my work and just then he walked in

Me: Hi (I smiled at him) what would you have?

Evans: just coffee, works piling up and I need the the boost (he smile back)

Me: coming right up

I smiled and went to get him his order, my mind drifting to Mimi and Henry, how because of fear they both couldn’t tell each other how they felt on time. I like him,heck I’m still in love with him and this whole friendship thing is killing me. I just need to rip of the bandage and tell him right? I thought, what’s the worse that can happen

“Here” I handed him his coffee

Evans: thanks (he smiled and took a sip)

Me: hey, can I talk to you about something?

Evans: sure

I took a sit across him

Me: well, I…ummmm, I was wondering, if…

I paused to look at him and he was staring directly at me

Me: (I turned away from him cause of the intensity of his gaze) so I was thinking….

“There you are” a voice cut me off and we both turned to see a lady walking and smiling at him.

“Your secretary said I could find you here. Gód I’ve missed you so much”, she sat close to him pulled his face and planted her lips on his.

…to be continued


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