Curious – Episode 2

By Paula Keyne

Samuel walks into his bedroom feeling stressed out but after today’s work who wouldn’t. He stripped his clothes as he head straight to the bathroom to get rid of all the dirt on his body.

Walking out of the bathroom some
minutes later with a towel wrapped around his waist and using another one to clean his head and back while walking to his bed.

Adanna was asleep when her husband came in but woke up while he was taking his bath. She was lying on the bed when he walked in.

“How was your meeting”

“It was great babe,everything worked out as expected”

“Your food is in the microwave”

“Why don’t we forget about that for now,am hungry but not for that kind of food” he replied while climbed to join her in bed. He reached out for while and pulled her to meet him as he kissed her.

Five minutes later he came down from his wife with a grin on his face and seconds later he was asleep. Adanna turned to look at him with disappointment.

He has never been able to last for more than five minutes and every time he was through she ends up feeling used.

She wasn’t a wayward person, she never believed in sleeping around and was a virgin when she met her husband.

She never even had a boyfriend prior to him and it wasn’t as if she dated him. She was introduced to Samuel by a friend and six months later they were married.

All the time in school her friends always talked about sex like something that could take you to cloud nine but since she got married she has even felt like she was on the roof of her house before she could talk about a cloud.

Maybe the fault was in her,who knows maybe something was wrong with her and that’s why she doesn’t feel like other ladies.She kept thinking till she fell asleep.

Samuel woke up in the early hours of the morning to see his wife asleep. He still can’t get over the fact he got married to her,such a beautiful goddess. He was even the first man in her life. He wanted to stay admiring
his wife but he had to get ready for work.


Adams is surfing through the net when he hears a knock on the door. He opens to see Sarah a girl he had been seeing some weeks before.It was just a fling to him tho but the Lady did not want to let go.

“Adams why have you been avoiding me”

“You found me didn’t you” he replied

“Won’t you let me in” she asked

“Oh forget my manners,come in your Majesty” he moves from the door so she can come in.

He usually is not rude to ladies but this Sarah wants to make a big deal out of something small. She was someone he spent a couple of nights with and now the girl feels she is his wife. Just a week together and she told him she was in love with him,how do you explain to a Lady that you don’t do the love thing.

He tried avoiding her but somehow she won’t let go,she was always showing up to places he was in and introducing herself as his girlfriend to people he knows. Sarah was plain sick and he did no just know what to do with her.

“What should I offer you ?”

“A fruit juice will do just fine”

He walked to the kitchen to get the juice. He opened his refrigerator and got a pack out when he felt a female hand round his waist.

“Sarah what do you want” he asked

“You” she replied.

He normally would turn her down but hey if she offered it for free he can as well enjoy himself.

He dropped the juice back and turned around to face her,using his hands to hold her face as he kissed her and at the same time was moving her towards the counter. He used his hands to push everything on the counter to the floor not minding where the landed and then he lifted her and placed her there with her legs wrapped around his waist.

Adanna was in the kitchen doing the dishes when she heard a crash from her neighbour’s house,she walked closed to the window to see what was happening
and suddenly she started hearing low moans and before she could comprehend what was happening it turned into loud moans and it sounded like it was coming from a female. She knew she was supposed  to go back to
her dishes but she stood rooted there and wondering what her neighbour was doing to that lady to make her scream like that.

Adams is usually a slow lover who makes sure his partner is always satisfied first but he just wanted to get over with it so Sarah would leave him alone.

Finally they were through he thought as he walked towards his window for fresh air while adjusting his clothes he came in eye contacts with his neighbour’s wife. He wondered how long she had been there.

“Adams I never seem to get tired nor bored with you” he heard behind him.

“Well good for you,now can you please Leave my house and don’t contact me again” he replied as he turned to face Sarah.

“What do you mean leave”

“Look Sarah I don’t know what you think is going on between us but whatever it is am putting an end to it now”

“I think you are confused right now so I will just go and call you later”

“Sarah I mean it,don’t contact me anymore. Its over”

“If it really is over,then what about what just happened in your kitchen some minutes ago”

“That was nothing,it was just a mistake am already regretting” he said as he walked out of the kitchen to seat on a coach in his sitting room.

Sarah walked past him but stopped at the door
“Just so you know, am the best thing that will ever happen in your life”

“Let me be the judge of that” he replied as she banged his door as if she wanted to remove his door from the hinges.


Samuel climbed the stairs up his bedroom while singing to the lyrics of women of faith song boundless love. He walked into his room stressed out from the day’s work. After dropping his suitcase and taking off his clothes
he headed straight to bathroom. Coming out from the bathroom he realized he had not heard or seen his wife since he came home.

“Adanna, are you there ?” he said as he walked towards the kitchen and found her peeping through the window

“What are you doing there madam ?” he said as she startled and turned to face him like a child who has been caught stealing candy.

“Oh honey you are back, welcome home. How was work today ?”

“Work was fine but you did not answer my question”

“Question? What question?” She asked

“What were you doing by the window”

“Okay, it’s really nothing I thought I heard something from next door so I went to check. You know me Mrs Inquisitive”

“Hmmm okay Mrs inquisitive” he replied as he walked towards her to give her a hug.


Samuel is walking to the cafeteria to get something to eat when he heard his name, he turned to see Kylie waving at him.

“What are you doing here” he asked

“I’m decorating Mr Kanu’s new office”

“Wow that’s nice. Are through for the day?”

“No am not,just heading to the cafeteria for lunch” she replied.

“Same with me. Let’s go together then”

They walked together and ordered what they wanted and then sat together to have their lunch.

“So tell me Samuel how are you finding Lagos?”

“It has been good so far but I have not had the opportunity to really go out and see the town for myself”

“When do you close from so I can come take you out” she asked him while munching her hamburger.

“I will close pretty late today because I need to round up some things but if you will be free then we will make it tomorrow”

“Okay,that’s fine by me” she said as she winked at him.


“Adams you need to be fast with your paintings or else we will loose the few clients we have.”

“Am trying my best Susan, it has not really been easy for me you know” he said as he walked towards his window
“I just can’t seem to get it right,like any painting I start I don’t feel like completing it,its like am looking for a piece that is missing”

“Well you better hurry up and find that missing piece because I have already set a date with the gallery and we can’t postpone because the owner Mrs Eki is doing us a favor and you know it” she said as she walked
towards the door,turning back she said

“Try getting your act together, this is not just about you but also about me and my reputation” and with that she walks out of his house.

Adams stare aimlessly outside looking for something to ignite that spark for him to paint again. Susan has already tried enough for him and he needs to prove to the whole world including his parents that he was not just another rich boy who doesn’t have any ambition for his life.


Adanna knows its wrong to be thinking about what she heard from her neighbour’s house the other day but she could not control herself,she kept on wondering how he was able to make the lady moan and scream like that.
Was it okay to behave like that during sex but if it was then why is that she has never felt that way before. She wondered if something was wrong with her or was it that her husband did not know the techniques to make her feel like that. She was still deep in her thoughts when the horns from her husband’s incoming vehicle caught her attention.

She decided to hurry up and serve his food so that they could have time for each other,who knows maybe
she could also scream like the other lady tonight. Hey a girl got to do what she got to do right, laughing out loud she thought as she headed towards the kitchen.

Samuel walked into the house feeling tired and as usual heads to the bathroom first after which he came down the stairs to look for his wife and eat dinner. He was surprised to see his dinner all set and his wife sitting
down waiting for him.

“How was work today honey” she asked.

“It was fine sweetheart,hmmm I perceive something delicious” he replied while walking towards his meal.

Adanna sat patiently through her husband’s meal bringing up small talk here and there and when he was through eating they cleared the table and washed
the dishes together.

Once they were through the finally went upstairs and
she couldn’t wait any longer when she jumped on her husband and started kissing him. Tonight she is going to feel the way other ladies feel.

Samuel kept wondering what was wrong with his wife all through dinner,she kept smiling like she had won a lotto or something. Once they were through tidying up the kitchen and headed upstairs to their room,she pounced on him.

This was something she has never done before and he was a little bit startled. It wasn’t long after she started making noises from her throat like some of these porn stars but the only difference was theirs sounded erotic and hers was was just plain annoying.

Who taught her these things and why was she forcing herself to swallow his mouth. He needed to take charge
and put his wife in order,he was the man of the house and at such must take
charge and make love to his wife.

Adanna was having a swell time trying to imitate everything she has seen on
movies she was even trying to sound like those women on TV but only
succeeded in bleating like a goat. When she was just trying to get the hang
of it,her husband forcefully took charge and even bit her in the process
and as usual he just laid her on the bed played with her b**bs for a little
while and then had his way and five minutes later he was through.

After discharging,he rolled away and was adjusting himself to sleep when his wife said

“When will you ever make me feel like a woman?”

“How else can you feel like a woman. Is it by behaving like a slut or a prostitute?”

“Is that reason why you can’t satisfy me in bed huh” she replied as she rolled away and hissed.

He tried going to sleep but his mind kept on wondering if really he doesn’t satisfy his wife in bed.

…to be continued


  1. When your heart is set for somewhere else, its easy to bring out fault from where you're gaining pleasure from before hand… ……. Samuel u seriously need to go drink cocontion so u can bang your wife madly like a porn star, five minutes too small bro. Work hard. Nevertheless, all is covetousness

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