Curious – Episode 7

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By Paula Keyne

Adanna woke up the next morning to see Samuel’s clothes on the floor but he wasn’t anywhere to be found,maybe he came to dress and went back out. Well
its not like she was surprised anymore. She forced her self to rise up and went to that bathroom and brush her teeth.

With that out of the way she proceeded down stairs to start her chores. When she walked into the dinning
room she saw the mess she did last night and a wave of anger just swept through her all over again,with annoyance she started cleaning the place up not minding that there were broken pieces of glass everywhere. When she was through with that she washed the dishes and then did the cleaning and
dusting of the places that required it. Next came the cooking and cleaning the kitchen after everything.

She was tired and sweaty and decided to go wash herself up. When she entered the master bedroom she saw the clothes Samuel had earlier left on the floor,she wanted to ignore them but it was making the room look unkept so she picked it up and as she was folding the clothes she perceived a strange perfume on them she sniffed them again to be sure and it doesn’t smell like Samuel’s perfume. She decided to scan the clothes thoroughly with her eyes and that’s when she came across lipstick stains,then mascara marks wait hope its not what she was thinking. Was her husband having an
affair outside their marriage,the thought of that made her to sit down on the bed. Well that seems to be the only explanation as to why he has been behaving strangely buy why will he cheat is that she wasn’t a good wife or what,she quit her job to be a housewife when he asked her to and she has always done anything he asked so where is the fault coming from. Is that
the other lady was more beautiful or was she more caring. Well she wasn’t going to let her marriage go down the drain like that she will fight for her husband even if its the last thing she does on this earth.

She quickly had her bath and wore a short gown that was giving to her by her chief bridesmaid as a honeymoon gift,she never saw the need for it
before but today it seemed to suit her plans just well. She wore a pair of red Six inches heels,well it didn’t matter that she never wore heels but hey she had to show her husband what it had and that any other lady will just be second best. She proceeded to put on makeup,wow it felt good to wear makeup again its been a while she really took the time to make herself look good. She added some jewelries to complete her look. She went to dish some food into a flask after all she needed an excuse as to why she was visiting him in the office. That done she step out of the house and
used the other car and off she went to his office.

She pulled up at his work place and walked into the elevator where two other women were also inside. One of the woman said
“Hmmm,my boss has been playing away from his wife oo”

“Tell me something, with who” the other replied

“That lekpa girl that is always coming around na,that likes feeling like beauty queen,whats that her name again sef” she said biting her fingers

“That one that speaks one kind lie lie English? Yes I know her but I dunno her name but forget name, gist me the koko”

“He has been seeing her for weeks now oo,she comes to the office any time she wants and na so she go the order me about even when he traveled recently sef he did not go home na so the wife find am so tey she call me sef”

“Wait oo,this one wey you the act surprise she never ever call you before abi wetin”

“Call gini,for what na,to be honest I have never seen that woman in my life I don’t even know her,I was surprised that day sef,she dey ask me whether her Oga come office,me sef no know wetin the happen I come tell her say him come oo to see him oga but him don go sha”

“Oh my gosh,snitch like you,your oga no break your head”

“My dear,no be small warning I receive that day oo,him say if his wife call I should say he is in a business meeting period” she said and burst into laughter

“Chai,see lie na,abi meeting no the end for im mind”

“Maybe the type meeting wey him and Mrs Americana dey do no get end” she said as the both bust into laughter.
At that moment the elevator opened and the ladies got out but Adanna couldn’t move a step,she was confused she wondered if it was her husband they were talking about or it was just a random guy at the office but that was exactly the sane conversation she had with her husband’s Secretary when she called. At that moment she decided to just go back home,so all her
dressing was nothing.

On the drive home she decided to just give the food in the flask to Adams, lord knows he will appreciate the food. When she got home she parked the car in the compound and then went to Adam’s place next door. She walked into his house to find him with just his shorts on playing video games,he did not even notice her so she just silently walked behind him and then
tickled him,he jumped off his chair and then turn around to see her

“Geez Ad you want to give a grown man a heart attack huh?

” Its just a joke joor,I brought food for you” she said as she handed the flask to him

“Thanks,so is it for me you are all dressed up for cos I have to say I like what I see” he said and winked

“Thanks but no its not for you I went to see my husband” as soon as she said that her mood just changed and she added

“You know what I will just head back home” then turned around to leave. .
Adams quickly grabbed her arms and brought her back.
“You are not leaving until we eat this food together” he said while he pulled her round the couch and made her sit on it. He quickly opened the food and started to dig in,after a couple of spoons, he turned to her

“Open your mouth” and when she did he fed her. They continued like this till the meal go finished.

“Okay now that we are through eating can you tell me what have been disturbing you” he asked as he looked her straight into the eyes

“Nothing really am just stressed out” she replied

“Tell that lie to someone who don’t know you,so please out with the real reason now” he said

She wanted to tell him everything but she couldn’t and he was just staring at her and she thought if Samuel can cheat on me why not do the same and without thinking it through she just leaned in and kissed him.

It was obvious he was caught of guard because he didn’t react at first he just stood still but she kept rubbing her lips against his until he parted his and she got full control. She was kissing him as if her life
depended on it and was thinking about taking it to the next level when he pulled back from her suddenly

“What is wrong with you Adanna,you normally don’t behave like this?”

“Just forget about what is wrong and kiss me,comon I know you want to” she said as she leaned in to kiss him but he shifted back from her,not wanted to take no for answer she used her hands to grabbed his next and pounced on him again but not for long because he came out from clutch and stood up staring at her as if she was mad. At this point the wide thought of making out with him fled away and she felt ashamed and she hurriedly stood up too and ran out of his house.


Adanna was through with her house chores but wished she wasn’t . It has been two weeks since she embarrassed herself in Adam’s house. The incident
has been the only thing in her mind these past few days. She worked through everyday feeling numb and wondering how she was going to face Adams
again,for goodness sake she was a married woman why did she have to make a fool of herself. She wondered how she was going to look at her husband when
he returned from his trip. He travelled a day after the incident in Adam’s house.

She wondered if her husband was still cheating on her,maybe he even took his lover with him on the trip and here she was killing herself over akiss. Well if Samuel can cheat then she can also cheat,she said to herself and then bursted into tears. She had no idea why she was crying but she just needed to let the tears flow, she felt like a fraud,first she is cheating on her husband and secondly her marriage is crumbling and her life
is a disaster, she sobbed more as she thought about herself.

She was still crying when she heard the doorbell rang. She hurriedly wiped her eyes with the back of her hands and straightened up, shortly after Kylie came into
the sitting room. Adanna ushered her in and got her a pack of juice and some cookies because she had earlier declined to eat food.
“Welcome once again to my home Kylie,you really caught me by surprised”

“I know right,I was in the neighborhood and I said why not just come over here to see you and your hubby,is he around?”

“No he is not,he travelled for a business trip”

“Wow he seems to travel a lot”

“Yes he does,you know he now has a bigger position than before so the travelling came with the promotion” she said

“Wow but I have a friend in your husband’s office that they share the same position but doesn’t travel much”

“Ehnmmmm,probably because my husband is the one doing the travel” she said hoping that Kylie will believe her lie but she doubted it because even could not understand why he travels that much.

” yes you are right maybe your husband is the best man for the travelling stuff,I bet he is very good at his job and that’s why the company is always asking him to travel. I mean who would send their worst staff huh” she said
why sipping her juice.

“So tell me Adanna how long have you guys been married?”

“Well two years now tho by October it will be three,October eighteen to be precised its also our birthday”

“Wow so you guys celebrate your anniversary and birthday on the same day that’s marvelous but how long have you known him?”

“Okay,I have known him for over eight years now. I met him when I was a fresher in the university, I got admission when I was eighteen years old”

“That’s good you guys were in the same class or what?”

“No,he was two years ahead of me in school,we met when I was celebrating my birthday,I just got into the university and as I turned eighteen I took my girls out and he was also there celebrating his birthday so he asked me and my friends to join his table and that’s where our fairy tale started”

“Awwwww its so cute,that means your ninth anniversary is also your third anniversary as a married couple its so romantic. So what’s the age difference between you guys sef?”

“He is five years older than me”

“Wow,sorry for prying to much but it’s not often you hear such a romantic story you know,so how many kids do you guys have?”

“We don’t have any kids”

“Oh my God,have you guys been to the doctor to see what’s wrong?”

“Oh no,its not what you think,we re medically my husband is not just ready for kids now”

“What do you mean not ready,are you saying you don’t want kids too?”

“Well,I do but at the right time and right now my husband doesn’t want any so its just to leave it at that. Why are we even talking about boring old me,common tell me about that your fiancé”

“There is nothing much to tell, he is a business man and he travels a lot but he makes time for me tho,we are nothing like you and Samuel but but we are in our own paradise”

” oh really” Adanna said but inside she kept thinking if only Kylie knew her fairy tale husband was just a memory in the past,she wouldn’t even talk
about them. They discussed about random things and Kylie even asked for relationship advice from Adanna which she gave freely. They spoke like old friends but not for long because soon Kylie had to go.

Kylie was driving out of banana island laughing at Adanna,so much for fairy tale life huh,she is going to wait for Samuel to return from his next week
meanwhile he will be back today and will spend days with her. Funny how some women think they know about men and relationship when they can’t even
keep theirs. At least she gained something from the boring talk she had with Adanna,now that she knows they are no kids even it will even be easier
to push her out of the house at least Samuel won’t bring up the excuse of not wanting his kids to go through a divorce. Bravo on her part for going to visit that boring thing,now all she had to do was keep up the feeding
her with ideas while she does the same to Samuel.

Her phone rang breaking into her thoughts, she checked the caller ID to see it was Samuel calling
“Hello baby,how have you been?”

“Am good baby doll,errm am about to board my flight and we will arrive in an hour time,so should I expect you to come pick me from the airport?”

“Sure baby,I will be there, I will even dress up for you”

“Awwwww,I love that and my little man can’t wait to see you again,he is even show discomfort just listening to your voice and not able to do what he knows how to do best”

“Hmmm,I like that,I will prepare food specially for him. Do have a safe flight dear”

“Thanks” he replied and she ended the call.


All Adanna could think of was what Kylie said,I mean how will two people who have the same position in the same company have different life styles and work schedules,it just did not did not make sense. She heard the door opened and footsteps of someone walking in,she thought it was Kylie who came back probably because she forgot something and called out

“Hey am at the dinning section come and meet here”.

She was shocked to see Adams walked in seconds later
“Hey Ad how have you been?”

“Am fine,sorry I had no idea it was you I thought it was a friend of mine who just left here. So what brings you to my house?” She asked.

Adams did not answer but instead walked towards her while maintaining eye contact with her,when he stood in front of her for a while just staring,he bent his face and kissed her.

…to be continued

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