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By Paula Keyne

Kylie stylishly strolled into Stories,the leading nightclub where anybody who was anybody came to party. She was putting on tight skinny jeans,a

Black Pyramid tee shirt and a Dior jacket on top to cover her baby bump with Stilettos to give her a relaxed yet classic appeal. She was hanging out with some girls she had known since her university days but wasn’t really friends with. They hung out together once a while trying to out stage one another or trying to show who was richer and her more going on in her life. She walked into the VIP section and spotted them sitting by the left hand side. She know they were sitting there so that anyone who walks into the area will see them balling and notice them.

“Hi girls” she said as hugged and exchanged pleasantries with them.

“Kylie its really been a while” said Essie. While she didn’t really like the other girls,it was Essie she disliked the most,because she was always trying to compete with Kylie even tho she knew Kylie was the queen of the group.

“Yes dear,work just won’t let me have a social life” she replied putting emphasis on work so Essie will know she had something going on in her life.

“Oh that’s good for you,my boyfriend who is an oil worker won’t let me get a job,he said since his salary can feed a whole state I should just chill and spoil myself with his money and I tell you my friends that’s all I

do,jet set from one place to another” she said to loud cheers from the girls except Kylie

“Go girl you rock but my boo just got me the latest model of Range Rover as a birthday gift” came another girl from the group amidst loud cheers for her

“Geez,where are our manners ? Kylie what do you want to drink? You can pop anything the bill is on me” said Essie

“Okay,I will just orange juice” she replied

“Orange what? Girl go ahead and order something worth calling the bartender for” said another girl from the group

“No really Orange juice is fine for me” she insisted

“Damn but Kylie no one I know drinks hard like you,is there anything we should be worried about? Really you can tell,after all what are friends for? Essie said while all the girls exchanged glances at each other

” Well since you guys insist on knowing, I am pregnant, my fiance and I are keeping it on a DL for now because we want a perfect fairy tale wedding, we are still trying to decide whether to have the wedding while am pregnant or after I put to birth” she said and the girls screamed out with excitement while some offering congratulations pretending to be happy for her. She glanced and saw that Essie was speechless and looking close to having an outburst, she smiled to herself saying in her mind checkmate

“Wait oo,congrats Kylie but what does DL means” said Sarah the richest yet dumbest girl in the group

“It means Down Low slowpoke” replied Essie harshly

“Geez Es,you don’t have to be rude” interfered Kylie

“Sorry Sarah but Kylie how come none of us have ever met your boo,I mean you have never spoken about him nor introduced him to any if us,right girls”

Essie countered while looking at the other girls to back her up

“Well that’s because I wanted to keep it private but you guys will get to meet him soon. He is a senior executive in one if the country’s leading consulting firm,he lives in banana island, as a matter if fact that’s how we met cos I decorated his place for him. Gosh he is so handsome and caring and doesn’t have a kid” she said while looking at Essie who everyone in the group knew her boyfriend has children from multiple women. Before she could reply Kylie’s remark the bartender came with a bottle of expensive wine and told them it was courtesy of the guys sitting at the other end of the room.

The ladies except Kylie who excused herself to go home early claiming fatigue, quickly drank the wine and went over to thank the guys and later joined them on the dancefloor.

Samuel has been in turmoil for the last three months since he discovered he will soon be a father and he agreed to to divorce Adanna. Things has not just been easy with Kylie disturbing while Adanna kept ignoring him and he couldn’t even find a reason to give as to why he wanted a divorce. His life outside the office has become a mess,he kept wondering how it when wrong for him. Well at least he is going to try to get ahead of things,he had earlier made an appointment with a divorce attorney to discuss about his finances and how it will affected if decided to go through with the divorce,things like this made him regret why he had insisted on also having a court marriage, back then he had done it so he could control his wife and threaten with divorce at any provocation but now it seems like his joke is now coming to bite him in his butt.

********* was finally getting the recognition it deserved. When Adanna started lit all she wanted was a positive and also empowering website that could relate with people’s day to day activities and that aim was not only being achieved but it was also helping her become a better person. Through her numerous mails and stories and chats with people she has come to

realise she suffers from low self esteem and she has been gradually healing forr these past three months. She has been following steps and also trying to make everything about her positive so no negative thing can drag her back to the pit of low self esteem.

Her blog was the trending thing at the moment due to the fact that last night a guest on one of the country’s leading late night talk show had quoted something she posted and also her blog’s domain and today she

received an email from the talk show host to schedule a suitable day for her to be on the programme after much shuffling between them they had decided that the third Saturday of next month will be perfect because guests for the entire month had already be planned and scheduled and it was also good for her since her main target audience the youths can easily be reached and also she can also get the audience of older persons since the programme comes on immediately after the evening news.

With that settled, she quickly checked through her mails for new stories also to reply does that needed to be replied. Once she was through with that she logged on to her website and started posting the things she had

for the day and also went through her comments section and anyone whose comment was insulting or abusive she deleted the comments and in cases where the person threatens anyone she blocks the person from being able to comment on her blog in the future. When she was through with that she surfed the net looking for past video clips of the host interviewing his guest so she could have an idea of what to expect and what not to do when she finally gets to be on air, since it was a live broadcast, she did not want to be found wanting in any way.

After watching some clips,she decided to start making research on what she was going to say on that day. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t hear footsteps behind her until she felt someone kissing her in her neck and holding her on her waist. It was quite enchanting,she didn’t want it to end and at such didn’t turn back but that was quickly shattered when she heard her husband’s horn outside the gate trying to come in,wait a minute if her husband was outside then who was nuzzling her neck,she turned around to see Adams. She wanted to scold but her to keep calm because she could hear her husband’s footsteps approaching and they had to be on their best behaviours, she instructed Adams to seat on the couch which he did and soon after the door was opened and her husband stepped in.

“Hello honey,welcome home,I hope work treated my baby fine today?” she said as she walked up to him to collect his suitcase which he declined and also to share a quick kiss with him that made Adams to cringe

“Yes bae am fine and work was okay” he said returning her kiss and when he saw Adams he waved at him and quickly walked upstairs to  to freshen up. As soon as he was gone Adanna turned to look at Adams with an angry stare

“What is wrong with you and what are you doing in my house for goodness what if my husband had found us in a compromising state huh?”

“Look Ad am sorry,I have not seen you in a while and whenever I call you are always too busy to have my time so I decided to come see you”

“And you had to come to my husband’s house right?”

“Woman please,you and I know we have done a lot of freaking things in your husband’s so called house I wonder why you are trying to pick an offense now”

“You know just leave my house right now”

“See I came here to talk to you can we at least have a little talk, please just five minutes”

No,I have nothing to say to you please go before Ad am sorry,I have not seen you in a while and whenever I call you

are always too busy to have my time so I decided to come see you”

“And you had to come to my husband’s house right?”

“Woman please,you and I know we have done a lot of freaking things in your husband’s so called house I wonder why you are trying to pick an offense now”

“You know just leave my house right now”

“See I came here to talk to you can we at least have a little talk, please just five minutes”

No,I have nothing to say to you please go before my husband comes back downstairs. “

Fine,if that’s what you want,just know am not contacting you again and just incase you want to talk you know where to find me” he said as he walked out

of the house.

Adanna was stunned by his behaviour, true she as been avoiding but that was only because she has been trying to find herself and to also know what

she really wanted. She was beyond angry,here she was trying to make things work and all he could do was get angry,doesn’t he know that a little distance would help their relationship. Her thoughts was abruptly shattered when Samuel came downstairs and she had to serve him his food,he asked about Adams but she had to lie that he left because he only came to borrow

a frying pan from her.


Kylie is having lunch with her sister Susan and they were talking about their various jobs and all the hassle that comes with it. Susan was the only sibling she had and at such they were very close. They always shared their secrets with each until Kylie started seeing Samuel, she knew her sister will oppose to her seeing a married man so she had kept the relationship to herself but now that it was very serious and with the pregnancy she wanted to fill her sister in on everything before approaching

her parents so they can start the necessary arrangements. She had no idea how her sister will take the news so she decided to invite her to a public

place because the sister will be composed and they can have a reasonable talk like grown ups

“Susan am pregnant”

“Wow congrats,how far along are you? Hope you know if its a girl you name her after me right?”

“The baby’s father wants us to get married” she said ignoring her sister’s question

“Well that’s good and also the right thing to do except you don’t want to marry him?”

“I want to marry him,the problem is that he is married, tho he said he will divorce his wife for me,he seems to be taking long and soon I won’t be able to keep my pregnancy a secret”

“Have you thought about Hus wife’s feelings at all ?”

“Susan you don’t get Samuel and I are in love”

“It doesn’t matter,you don’t have any right to break up any marriage, if the man no longer wanted his wife,he should have divorced her before having an affair with you,for goodness sake you don’t have to a home wrecker”

“Look Susan, I did not come for your insults,I only came to tell you about what is going on with my life at the moment and also so that you won’t be in the dark when I approach mum and dad about the matter”

“Am disappointed in you little sister,it’s such a shame,am even disgusted at you, home wrecker”

“Call me that again and there will throw us out of this restaurant for fighting”

“Home wrecker” she said as she stood up took her things and left in anger.

Kylie watched her sister walk away in disbelief, she knew the sister will not understand reasons with her but she sure as hell had not expected their conversation to take such a turn. Wiping away the tears that had formed in her eyes,she paid the bill and left the restaurant.

Susan could not believe what she just heard from her sister,she had stopped being surprised at the kind of things Kylie was capable of but this was just too much, she thought as she was driving her way through the Lagos traffic to go home. Her conversation with her sister just reminded her of years ago when she was married, she thought she had a perfect marriage until her husband of three years dumped her to marry her best friend ,she had felt betrayed and as if her world was coming to an end,she had contemplated suicide at that dark moment of her life but eventually did not go through with it.  She had lost the will power to go on with her life and

at such relied on drugs and other harmful substances to keep her pushing and it was by intervention from loved ones and also when she seemed professional help that she was able to be continue living and coping with

whatever life throws at her. It was in rehab that she had met Adams,tho as of that he was not as reformed like now, then he was a junkie like her who was forced there because his parents thought he substance abuse problem was getting too much. He was jerk back then and never missed the slightest opportunity to tell you how his father was one of the richest men in Nigeria and also amongst the top ten richest in Africa. It was after an argument between the two of them that they became friends tho at first he wanted a relationship with her but she was still heart broken from her failed marriage and such they became great friends and once she discovered his talent for art, she told him about her desire to one day own a big gallery and also to be one of the most notable art dealers in the world,they decided to embark on a partnership whereby he painted and she did all his dealings for him.

Tho it was not easy at first but with hard work from both their angles they have finally become a Hugh success,it was still a long way to go before Adams could become a distinguished artist but right now his art was going places and his name was also becoming more popular with each day that went by.

Her mind drifted back to her sister and all she could think about is how hurt who ever the woman whose marriage is about to be crashed by her sister will be. She only hoped and prayed the woman could survive it like she did.There was a pang of pain she felt in her heart just knowing about the pain her sister is about to cause to an innocent lady. She had to drag herself from her thoughts as she decided to focus all attention to her driving.

…to be continued

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