Curious – Episode 12

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By Paula Keyne

“Kylie and Samuel, have you come here freely and without any reservations to give yourselves to each other in marriage”

“Yes I have”

“Yes I have”

“Will you love and honour each other as husband and wife for the rest of your lives?”

“Yes I have”

“Yes I have”

“Will you accept children lovingly from God and bring them up in accordance with the law of Christ and His Church?”

“Yes I will”

“Yes I will”

“Since it is your intention to enter into marriage,join your right hands and declare your consent before God and His Church …………..”

“Congratulations Kylie you are so lucky,just see how handsome your husband is” said Sarah

“Thanks a lot dear” she replied and turning to the others

“I really appreciate your presence here,it means the world to me”

“Its okay” they replied

“Well lemme go and say hi to other guests around” she said and walked away from the group.

“Wait o,did Kylie not say she wanted a high societal wedding,why is it now on a low scale” asked a member of the group

“It might not mean anything,I mean checkout and see how protruding her stomach,if it was me it was just be family members only”

“True talk”

“But the guy fine sha,why did I not meet him first sef”

“Bad Belle go joor,if you like don’t go and find your own husband.”

Come,Sarah what are you busy typing on your phone sef”

“Nothing really,Essie just told me to send pictures of the wedding for her”

“Paparazzi well done but why did Essie not even attend like an surprised she is not here”

“She said she is sick”

“Sick ke? She is just jealous joor” replied another girl and they all burst innto laughter.

Scrolling through the pictures that Sarah sent to her,Essie was admiring the decorations and colours from the wedding when she saw a picture of the

couple,she scrolled past it but returned when she felt something nagging at her sense. Looking at the picture,she felt something was not right and then

after studying it for a while,she logged off and went through her gallery and bingo she found out why she felt something was wrong. Essie’s husband was also that blogger Adanna’s husband except he had a twin but hold on a minute did him and his wife get a divorce but even if that’s the case isn’t it too soon for another marriage. She really need to do some investigations to be sure and if its what she suspects then it might just be her chance to bring down that obnoxious Kylie to her knees. Smiling she sipped her orange juice.

Adanna stretched as she woke up,she turned to her side and it was empty for the fifth day in a row. Samuel had travelled for a business meeting and had promised to be back in a day or two but it seems something might have come up because even when she calls he never picks up and later she wakes up to see a message from him giving an excuse or another as to why he could not

reach his phone when she had called. She rose from the bed and went to open the curtains to let the morning sun flood the room. She took her laptop from her reading table and went back to sit down on the bed before logging in to the internet to search for stories she could share on her blog and te first thing that popped up had her in state of dismay,she quickly clicked on the headline and felt like she had just being poured hot oil all over her body as she saw the images on her screen load before her eyes,wait this cannot be true,she quickly went to another blog and saw the same story,she checked another and there it was again. The next thing she heard a loud scream and it took her a while to realise it was coming from her,no this cannot be true,she of picked her phone and dialled Samuel’s line but he did not answer.

At the point the tears just poured freely from her

eyes,there was no point denying what was so obvious, all she could do was wonder where she had it wrong, what she did to be treated like this. She

quickly searched her name on google and there it was before her eyes,every blog with their own headline but it all said one thing, she flung herself across the bed and started yelling as much as her lungs could take,the tears wouldn’t even stop falling but it wasn’t as if she wanted it to stop.

She was still crying when her phone rang,thinking it was Samuel calling her back she quickly answered without looking at the caller


“Hello,good afternoon my name is Felicia Essien calling from gistpartner dot com I will like to,,,” she quickly ended the call before it could go any further, she was so pissed off she switched off her phone entirely and

continued crying.

Adams smashed his phone against the wall in annoyance, he has been trying Adanna’s number ever since he read the headline that was storming the

blogosphere at the moment but the line was switched off, he wanted so much to strangle that fool she married and that obnoxious Kylie. Who would have thought that the oh so righteous Samuel was just a pervert,he decided to toss all caution to the wind and go and check on Adanna next door. He turned to carry his phone buy all his saw was fragments of what used to be

his phone, hissing he walked out the door. On reaching the gate he was greeted by the gateman nicely and was quickly ushered in since he was a familiar face. On getting in,he called her name but they was no response,

he kept calling on her while he checked different parts of the house, he soon found her sprung across the bed sleeping or at least that was what he thought until he came closer and could hear sobs coming from her.

He placed his hands on her shoulders anod she turned to look at him with eyes that showed she had been crying. He didn’t say anything but just pulled her

close to him which she came freely but it seem to have triggered her tears as she started crying all over again

“Shhhh its okay” he said as he used his hands to give her a rub down her back.

“He married her” she said between sobs

“I know,now stop crying, have you eaten today?” He asked but she did not reply

“Why don’t you just lie down here while I prepare something for you”

“Am not hungry”

“I know but I am, so you have no choice but to join me when the food is ready after all am your guest” and that did the trick because that made her smile.

“Alright I will join you but only because you asked nicely” she replied

“Well since you are also eating why don’t you come and help me out” he said as he lifted her from the bed to stand on her feet.

Adanna spent the next couple of hours with Adams they they did a lot of things together,from cooking to eating and he even help her with the chores,that is if you count him breaking her plates when he said he was helping her

wash them or when he was pouring water all over the kitchen that he was helping her scrub the floors but in all it was because it kept her mind off everything that was going on right now. In all the hours they spent together,she did not for a second think about her husband Samuel but now that he was gone to take care of some issue and she was all alone sitting

in the living room thinking Samuel was still her husband because right now he was married to someone else and she wondered where that left her.

“Kylie have you been watching the news”

“Hi sister am fine,thanks for asking ,no I have not being watching the news because I have been on my honeymoon and I think I have other important things to do than watching some boring news” she replied as admiring herself in front of the mirror in their hotel suite

“Well if you have been current with the news then you will know that it is everywhere that you got married to popular Nigerian blogger Adanna’s husband, dear little sister you are quite famous at the moment don’t you

know that?”

“Well I don’t see how that is my business I mean the divorce will soon be final so I don’t see why that is news” she said as she tied the bathrobe she was putting on around her

“Just listen to yourself,you don’t have any conscience do you?”

“Look sister why I will like to follow you chit chat,I have an appointment at the spa and I don’t want to be late for it so goodbye” she said as she ended the call. She looked at herself real hard in the mirror before she

walked away. She went to the bathroom where Samuel was shaving and just stood there

“Hey babe what’s good”

“I thought you told me your divorce from that trash was final”

“I never used the word final I said it will soon be a thing of the past and while are you bringing that up now?”

“Thing of the past huh? Well tell that to the Nigerian mass media because every one of them is calling me names that I got married to someone else’s


“Wait the media know about us?”

“Of course they do, my poke nose sister Susan just called to let me know”

“Oh my goodness, I hope Adanna hasn’t seen the news yet” he said as he used atowel to wipe the shaving cream that was left on his chin and walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom looking for his phone

“Excuse me you,did you not just hear a word of all I have said”

“Well I have miss and all that can register in my head right now is that my wife who I told I was travelling for a business meeting would read somewhere that I got married to another lady”

“So I am now another lady right? I told you to get a divorce”

“Well I also told you to give me time to do that,but would you listen? No, you wanted to get married before the child was born” he replied while still searching through his things looking for his cell phone. Not finding it,he

turned around and asked

“Have you seen my phone anywhere”

“I don’t blame you fool” she replied and stormed out of the room and headed out for her appointment.

“Heheheh see me see trouble oo,you don’t blame me? Before can you blame me” he said to himself and hissed,he was about to give up on his search when he

remembered he plugged his phone to charge last night when they were having dinner. He quickly walked over there and took his phone,he saw a lot of missed calls from family members,colleagues and from Adanna,they were some strange numbers he did not recognized but he did not pay them any attention rather he dialled Adanna’s number but it was switched off. Well since the

cat was already out of the bag it was best if just heads home now and try to see how he could settle things,he quickly went into the bedroom and started arranging his things.

He needed to be on the next plane to Lagos,there were so many things he needed to settle,lord how was he going to face his colleagues in the office,how about his boss,what explanation was he going to give him,he did not want to think of Adanna right now but wait a minute how come did it leak to press for goodness sake he was just a regular Joe so why is it news that he married a second wife,no doubt its because of Adanna and her stupid blog,what even made that fool to open a blog and become popular now she has made his business public and now people will have an opinion on how he wants to live his life,just because of that damn blog. He quickly stuffed his clothes in his box,called the airport to

book his ticket then he wrote a note for Kylie telling her about his plans and left the suite for the airport.

Kylie came back to meet an empty suite at first she thought he was probably out walking but when she went into the room she saw a note on the bed giving her some clumsy excuse about him going back to Lagos and trying to settle some things out,yes right like she is going to believe anything he says,he probably wants to settle with that his wife,no problem she has all the time in this world she knows what to do. She quickly dialed a number on her phone

“Hello Kylie whatsup”

“Am fine o how you?”

“My dear just stress from my job o,how is life is with you now ehnn,you that you are now a celebrity”

“Aunty are you trying to get information about my marriage,if yes then just ask a direct question and stop beating around the bush”

“Haba nau,how will you say that,you know we are friends am not trying to find out anything that you are not ready to share but if you tell me it will be good business for me you know”

“Somi you will never change,its always business for you”

“So is there anything you will like me to know?”

“You still own that blog right?”

“Yes I do but it is now a forum”

“Okay, so you know what? For old times sake and for our friendship what do you say about having an exclusive on my marriage?”

“Kylie you better not be kidding me right now,like for real I don’t want you to feel pressured to tell me anything you know?”

” I know”

“Okay then when will you be ready for the interview I will set it up”

“Oh so you really wanted the interview”

“Girl its business, you should understand that”

“Fine,when I get to Lagos we will have the interview but before then I will send you a picture you can run that for now its also an exclusive”

“Yes,I can’t wait. I really appreciate this”

“You are welcome” she replied and ended the call smiling, she quickly sent a picture of herself, Adanna and Samuel. The picture was taken at the gallery when Adams was showcasing his art but hey no one will be checking that the only thing the mass media will see is the fact that both ladies knew that self. Smiling to herself she stood up went to the wardrobe and started arranging her things,it seems Lagos is definitely the place to be right now there was no need wasting time here after all her husband was already back in Lagos. She wondered what house she was going to,was it the one in banana island or was it her personal house,well that will just have to settle itself when she gets back in town right now she needs to focus about leaving this boring hotel.

…to be continued


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