Cracked Sources (B01 E16 – Finale)

“How can I help you Anna?” Andrew
asked the second time.
The way he spoke gave her guilty
pleasure, she couldn’t help her digression.
“Anna. Speak.” He called her to
She held herself to order and began the
reason why she came to him, to plead his indulgence in seeing that Mark got
released from custody as soon as possible, she used the famous bait line,
“If you ever loved me, you’ll do this for me,” Andrew feigned a smile
to ease the tear build her in her voice.
“Is that all?” He asked. She
nodded and said, “Yes,” He could still feel the tear in her voice, it
hurt him to feel her pain, he wanted to wave his hand and take away all her
sorrows, pains and troubles, but he couldn’t because he was human just like
her, and they must feel as long as they were alive.
“OK. I promise to do all within my
power to reunite you with the man that stole you from me. I promise to wipe
your tears away, even if it means losing you further to another man. All these
because I love you Anna,” His own voice began to loose its confidence.
His words caused tears to trickle down
her cheeks, she wiped them off, they were a product of her raging hormones.
“It’s a pity I don’t love you again Andrew,” She dropped him a bomb,
and walked away..
As Andrew entered the firm, loud
applauses greeted his every step. Both those who sincerely loved the idea of a
young and more competent man such as Andrew on the throne as CEO, and those who
could only think about how much back door alliances and plotting he had to make
to get here. Not withstanding, they all had one thing in coming – they all were
giving him a standing ovation, He was the main of the moment.
“I wonder how long you’ve been
planning this,”. Mr. Sanni moved to congratulate him in hi is new office,
he acknowledged Andrew was too good and stealthy, Andrew feigned ignorance to
what he said, and blamed luck for his new position. Sanni laughed, he had more
things to say, “Yes. Your lucky day. I only came to do what I do best,
offer advise and foresight. I hope you’ve thought about how to win the major
battle ahead with the Directors. Now that Akin is out of the way, everyone of
them will be out, openly desperate for your throne.”
Andrew climbed his desk, and spread out
his hands like the Romans he normally watched on TV and bodily declared,
“Let them come, I see no reason why I cannot outsmart everyone of
Andrew stressed his point to include Mr.
Sanni should he ever feel the need to challenge him. Sanni pledged his
allegiance to the growth of the firm as he had always done to Akin. They came
to an agreement, a center for their reasonings.
Mr. Akin walked in, after been kept
waiting by Agnes all the while Mr. Sanni was inside.
“You need to do away with that old
later secretary, if you want to excel as a reputable lawyer”
“Agnes is perfect for a CEO,”
Andrew quickly replied, no one spoke ill of Agnes around him,
“I’d never employ her,” Mr.
Akin shrugged.
Andrew smiled sheepishly – His actions
spoke all his words for him.
“We need to save Mark. You’re the
CEO, you can make it easier, reinstate me as a member of the board of trustees,
and that way, my son has a better chance of surety from me, later we can talk
about how to hand over power fully back to my …,”
“No” Andrew cut him. Akin
didn’t really get what that was so he asked him to repeat his sentence, “I
said NO,” Andrew maintained his stance, pretense was over.
Mr. Akin gave a surprised look.
“You can’t come in here dishing
commands like you own the place. For Christ’s sake, I’m the bloody CEO,”
Andrew stood up to declare, almost in the same manner as he had declared
himself champion to Mr. Sanni.
“Young man, I own the place,”
Akin found his words just in time, but they were no much for an Andrew prepared
to fight the hand that fed him, “Not anymore old man. Look around you,
change has come,” Andrew helped him look round the office.
Mr. Akin stopped him from talking further
– He punched him hard on the nose, “How dare you? How dare you?” He
kept repeating, he shook Andrew violently and punched him some more while he
stated the many things he had contributed into his life, before Agnes showed
with with security officers to carry him out disgracefully.
“I’m so sorry Boss,” Agnes
applied first aid to his swollen nose.
“Is Boss my latest title now?”
Andrew joked, referencing their discussion earlier in the day. He wanted to
thank her, to appreciate her for her unwaivering support and loyalty. He did
some, the ones he forgot he promised to do regularly, as often as he
remembered. Soon she was done cleaning him, and dropped a letter from Patrick,
before leaving the room.
The letter read “Dear Andrew, you’ve
surprised me to the deepest of my imaginations. You, CEO, I’d never have
believed it if I was told but lo, I saw it happen with my own eyes. I want to
pledge my total commitment to your leadership, especially in the aspect of
punishing Mark and his entire family for their continuous fraudulent acts. As
soon as I put my family in order, I’ll return to your side to resume my duties
with non wavering loyalty – Patrick”
Andrew smiled to himself. His mind went
back in time, to the years when he was an insignificant young boy, with an
insignificant father who used to beat him and his mother over every slight
provocation. As a well known village drunk and petty robber his father had a
public reputation to uphold, and he showed him and his mother who was boss
whenever they did somethign wrong. As at the time he died Andrew was happy, but
now, he wished the man was alive to see how the insignificant son had made
something tangible of himself.
Patricia interrupted his reminiscing with
her presence, “You look sore,” She said.
“I’ll live,” Andrew said. His
nose still hurt.
“Here’s the recording of Sanni and
Patrick, just as you asked.”
“There’s no more need for that, I’m
assured of their loyalty, as long as I continue giving them what they
“What do they want?” She
wandered seductively towards Andrew seated on the office couch.
“The same thing everyone wants – To
feel relevant, to feel wanted” he said to her, and locked lips with her as
she rested herself on his laps.
After a while he held back, and pulled
her hair backward, tilting her head likewise.
“If anything whatsoever should ever
happen to her, be assured you won’t be spared,”
Patricia arose, and swiftly swerved her
leg with an acrobatic move to pin Andrew down.
“What’s so special about this Anna
girl?” She asked.
Andrew pulled her leg away from his face,
and dragged her closer to him, and said “She’s pure and naive, those are
my qualities in a lady” He dragged down her blouse to reveal her pumpkin
sized breasts, and he began to feast on the large melons.
They had a pause again, this time she was
the cause.
“I’ve located all the
directors” She found her breath to say amidst his eating off her,
“That’s good, we’ll discuss them
later,” Andrew buried his head back, he continued to feast on the meal
before him.
PS: Thank you for following. Cracked Sources will return with Book 2 very soon. Stay tuned.

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