Cracked Sources – B02E11

He walked up her back porch, knocked twice but no reply came. This was
the same way he got entrance the last time – The time he threatened her to
never get pregnant for him – She never took this long to answer his call,
something was wrong. He heard a noise and turned to the front porch where it
emanated from. He was late, her assailant had struck – a stab to the neck – She
was down and fast bleeding out.
His legs seemed heavier than ever, yet he pushed them harder than he’d
ever done. What should he do? “Stop the bleeding, or stop the assailant,”
he was stuck in between decisions. He finally settled for the latter, with her
bleeding Imelda was good as gone already, “This evil would not go unpunished,”
He consoled himself as he ran after the fast-fleeing hooded assailant.
“Stop! Stop!” He kept shouting on top of his voice, the
increasing distance between them had started to frustrate him. His legs were
too heavy for the burden, but he pressed on and caught up to the assailant. He
threw his weight and sent them both crashing to the rough floor of the empty
road they had been running on for a while. The assailant fell with the face to
the floor, Andrew pulled off the hood and turned the figure around for a view.
He saw his reflection stare back at him.
“Wake up Mr. CEO,” Detective Ojo snapped his finger at him for
him to stay awake. He sounded rude; the other one with the protruding stomach
was far nicer to him, possibly he could see pass this entire frame job.
Andrew’s eyes were burdened with stress, he hadn’t gotten much sleep
since he arrived here but he still found strength within to put up the act and
charisma he was known for. “I didn’t ki*ll her,” he channeled his inner
voice to speak, he needed to keep his flaw in check, they shouldn’t see his
emotions failing. He watched as Ojo exchanged banter with his partner, they
obviously had a clash of interest in the way they questioned suspects.
Mr. Nice Detective finally spoke, “She was stabbed multiple times in
the neck region.” The pictures he placed before Andrew depicted the
gruesome crime scene of the murder; he made sure Andrew understood how much
bleach and manpower it’d take to clean up the crime scene, Detective Ojo seemed
to enjoy Andrew’s face of conflict at the sight of the pictures.
Andrew remained silent. His brain calculated the probability of him
having a dream about her death in the same manner she was killed; he wondered
if he could have had something to do with her death and his mind acting to suppress
it. Whatever the truth was, he wasn’t going to find it locked to this chair.
Patrick had just returned from his sponsored wedding anniversary vacation
with his wife. He didn’t appreciate not been looped in on all that had been
happening while he was away. Patricia was the one to bring him in on all the
info he was missing, luckily, she was passing by Andrew’s office when he went
to check on him. He couldn’t believe his ear when Agnes told him Andrew was
arrested here, it took the confirmation of Patricia for him to believe. Now, he
wanted to know everything he had missed. As far as he was concerned, Andrew was
leaving the police station immediately he understood all on ground, he wondered
how a building full of lawyers would let their CEO spend even a minute in
police custody without raining the full weight of the law they claimed to be
experts in on them.
“Where is your Son?” Akin asked Mother. She wasn’t pleased
with his barging onto her office without invitation. Akin shrugged it off with
a reminder that he built the office. Mother couldn’t believe she could still
hate him more than she already did at that moment. Akin wanted to assume position
of interim leader in Andrew’s absence, he was best suited for it at the moment
– The firm must always have a leader at all times, that was what Article 3 of
their constitution dwelt on – He controlled the largest percentage of company’s
stock, and was already let off the hook by the court. Who could contest? He was
here to see the look on her face when he made her understand that her time and
plotting were over. Yes, he knew she was the one behind the entire thing; and
he was ready to bury their long-time hatchet if she was ready to move on too.
“See you on the other side,” he bade her farewell, he was off to announce
his taking over.
“Wait!” Mother called out in time. A was already at the
door, but the sound of uncertainty he picked in her voice caused him to smile,
he felt she had realized her chances and probably wanted to cut a deal, that
was what she had always done all these years. He felt her hands on his
shoulder, they began to caress him. He turned and kissed her, and moved her
backwards to her desk. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t help it, he would
accept this sign of surrender from her if that was all she had to offer.
Mother let him ravage her with kisses long enough to locate what she
searched for on her desk. She slapped him to send him off her.
“Idiot!” She insulted him, how could he think she’d be quick to jump
into bed with him, at her age she was wiser than that. “Take,” she
threw him a file, it was the document of Andrew’s power of attorney, in his
absence she controlled everything he controlled including the firm, Akin had
lost again and as far as she was concerned he was a lost cause without a
The power of attorney was something Akin didn’t see coming. How
couldn’t he? It was a basic thing that even a break out lawyer would know. He
realized he was fast losing track of the law world. He needed to get his life
in order as soon as possible.
“Hi Dad!” Mark’s voice came from behind him. Akin couldn’t
believe his ears. He quickly turned and saw him standing before him. He panicked.
Detective Ojo walked in with a gloating face, he was ready to run
Andrew down with detailed questions that would expose him for what he knew he
was – A killer.
“bas***d,” Andrew silently cursed him. He was still holding his
composure just as he had been doing for more than twenty-four hours he’d been
held here: There was no working clock around but he knew how to keep track of
time without a time piece, that was something he’d use to his advantage now.
“It’s more than twenty-four hours now,” Andrew gloated. The law specified
all preliminary interrogation to end after twenty-four hours if no substantial
evidence against the accused was found, and the police were already faulting
that law as far as he was concerned, taking the battery away from the table
clock before bringing him in wouldn’t save them if he decided to press charges
against this precinct and Ojo in particular.
Detective Ojo muttered, he couldn’t find something substantial to say
in his defense; Andrew was right about everything, especially the battery part,
he wondered what kind of person this was, and realized his intelligence must
have been the reason he ascended to the position of CEO and not through bribing
of a High Judge as he had always thought. He had always hated Andrew since that
court proceeding, but now he knew better. “You’re free to go now Sir,” he
panicked, the threat of the full weight of the law seemed more real before him
now than when his partner pointed the possibility out to him. He wanted Andrew
out of here as fast as humanly possible.
Andrew was having the time of his life watch the Detective fumble with
his locks and clearance proceedings. He laughed at how fast his manner of
approached had changed when he realized his gimmick had been found out – Times
like this made him love Ramon well, he blessed her for making him learn to
mentally follow the time where there was no time piece. He kind of enjoyed his
experience here, but was in no hurry to return a second time.

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