Jakuta – Chapter 11

Amidst tears, amidst wailings, amidst gnashing of teeth, the late Emperor�s body was finally laid in the ground below. Everything was done according to how the Emperor had instructed and the priest made sure every instruction was followed to the word. People came from neighboring kingdoms to pay their last respect to the generous man who had led a very fulfilling and enviable life. He came, he saw and he conquered almost all of his enemies. He was indeed a threat to most of the powerful kingdoms around, they dare not raise a sword at Hoyoh Empire during his reign, but after his death, it was only paramount for them to try their lucks and see if it would shine brightly. At the end, The new Emperor, Ajaka, who had been crowned  after the late Emperor�s demise, addressed everyone gathered at the burial. He thanked them for the love and support they had shown, most especially in memory of his father, Horanmiyan. He futher went on to declare the following market day a mourning one. In which he ordered that no one should be found buying and selling. After all of this, he dismissed them all and proceeded into the throne room, alongside his council of chiefs.

They were locked up in the throne room for lots of hours, discussing and deliberating on the restructuring of the empire. He, the Emperor and the chiefs didn’t seem to be on the same page in most of the matters of the state. A lot of arguments and all went down that day, most of his decisions were mumbled against by majority of the chiefs. He was advised to strengthen the security of the empire, to increase the number of soldiers, because they knew surely that an attack on the empire by enemies was eminent. He bluntly refused, claimed he was rest assured that they had enough soldiers to see off any one who wants to attack. It had been hours since when the late Emperor’s body had been buried and they were all still there, arguing different things out. After a while, one of the chiefs had suggested that they adjourn the meeting to another day and the emperor, Ajaka agreed to that and dismissed them.

Immediately they all left, he was still seating there on the throne, brooding over how most of the chiefs were objecting his decisions, when his wife, Rolah walked into the throne room and took the seat next to the throne. He narrated how the meeting had gone down to her and like him, she also was really worried about how the council of chiefs weren’t on the same page with him. �That’s never a good sign.� She had said. They continued their discussion until the guard at the entrance announced that Jakuta was waiting to see the Emperor.

�Send him in.� He ordered.

�Greetings, My Emperor.� Jakuta hailed as soon as he entered the throne room.

�Greetings, brother.� Ajaka replied.

�I would love to have a word with you, if don’t mind.�

�Go on, I am listening.�

�I am leaving the capital,� Jakuta said in a viscous manner, with his head held high above his shoulder and his well-gripped body standing as firm as always. �I would love to go to my mother’s village, Bhariba. I feel the need to be with my mother’s people.�

�I hope there’s no problem, or why the sudden decision?�

�Nothing at all, My Emperor. I just feel it’s an obligation.�

�I sincerely hope so,� Ajaka said smoothly, looking straight at his brother. �Well, in the good news department, you would be able to monitor and control the state of affairs in that village, and also make sure they stay loyal to the Empire.�

�With all honor.� Jakuta replied

�You have my blessing, when would you be leaving ?�

�Right away.�

�That’s really really sudden, but like I said, you have my blessing.� Ajaka waved his staff at him.

Jakuta bowed his head a bit to show his respect and was about to leave the throne room when he suddenly stopped. �I have a favour to ask from your majesty, the Empress.� Jakuta turned to face the throne.

�Ohh, me ?� Rolah asked in an amazed manner. Although Jakuta was her  brother inlaw and that they both lived in the palace for a while now, they had only spoken few words to each other.

�Yes, your majesty.�

�Ask away then.�

�I would be happy if you will grant my wish of going along with one of your maids on this trip of mine.�

�By all means, you can even go with two or three of them.� She replied cheerfully.

�One will suffice. Thank you, your majesty.� Jakuta replied softly, and then took another bow and left the throne room.

�What do you make of this, my love ?� Rolah asked Ajaka who appeared to be lost in thoughts.

�Of what?� He questioned back after jerking out of his self thoughts.

�Jakuta, leaving the palace at this time.�

�Ohh that, he could go anywhere he want, he is a grown man now and I can’t force him to stay against his decision. I am only bothered about this council of chiefs right now.�

A little while after he had taken permission from the Emperor, he had went to his chambers to pack a few things he would be needing on the trip. He had also told Obah that she had the permission of the Empress to go on the trip with him. After packing his stuffs, he beckoned on his favourite guard, that would also be going on the trip with him to come and carry his stuffs. On their way outside, he and the guard, they met Obah right outside his chambers with her own load too, then together they proceeded out of the palace.

�Going somewhere without us ?� A voice said right behind the three of them and they all turned around to see Thimi and Bonka standing there.

�Come on, brothers. I thought we already talked about this.� Jakuta said. .

�Yes we did, and our decision still remains. We are going with you on this trip.� Thimi replied sternly

�But we all can’t leave the capital like that,  the Empire needs you guys here to protect it from any form of danger whatsoever.� Jakuta tried to speak some convincing words but Thimi and Bonka remained indifferent.

�But we need you more, and you  need us even more, so we would be with you anywhere you are. Make the decision, are we all staying here in the capital or are we embarking on a trip to your mother�s place ?� Bonka cut in

�You guys don’t give up, do you ?� Jakuta finally gave in.

�No way we are giving up on this. Come on brother, remember we promised each other we would be together forever� Thimi

�Together forever, brothers.� The trio chorused together and hugged each other.

�We have got a long way to go guys.� Obah said with her face full of smiles, the trio intertwined and immediately proceeded on their journey to the village of Bhariba.


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