I Fell In Love – Part 9

By Toyin Taiwo

Congratulations, you are six weeks pregnant, the doctor said to the couple.
�Thank you Doctor� They chorused.

�She�ll have to come back later to register for antenatal� said the Doctor

�Sure sir, thanks once again� he said with a handshake and they left the doctor�s Office.

�Sweetheart, we are having a baby. I�m going to be a mother� she said hugging him on their way out of the hospital.

Feranmi was surprised at her reaction.
�I thought she�ll take the news badly� he thought within himself.

�Yes we are having a baby, I can see you are very happy�

�Yes I�m happy� she replied with a smile.

�I�ll drop you off at home, we�ll celebrate in the evening�

On his way back to the site, he started doing some serious thinking, now he�s the one scared.
�God I thank you for this Wonder gift, but God please I don�t want to bring a baby I can�t take care of into this world, please make a way for me� he said silently and sighed.

Feranmi got home in the evening and was welcomed with a romantic dinner.

�Baby, this is nice but remember you are told not to stress yourself�

�It�s not stressful, I�m fine and besides I�m home all day doing nothing�

After dinner they retired to bed.
�Congratulations to us once again� Wemmy said smiling.

�You really surprise me today, you know�

�How?� She asked
�The way you reacted to the news of course, you don�t want this before�

�Well I guess that�s the joy of an expectant mother, I can�t believe I�m carrying our child � she said gleefully.

�I�m happy you received the news with joy�

�Hold on! Feranmi, you are scared, gosh! I can see it in your eyes�

�Ok, you got me, I�m a bit scared� he sighed heavily.

�But you�ve always wanted this from the start� she said sitting on top of him.

�I know and I�m grateful to God, it�s just that��..
�Job issue right. He nodded his head in affirmation.

�Sweetheart, the scripture says the young lion suffer and lack, but those who put there trust in God will never lack anything good.

All we have to do now is to trust God, trust me he works in mysterious ways.
See, there is this peace I felt within me since we got the news in the morning, trust me this baby will not suffer, that I am sure of.
Let�s just continue to pray and trust God, everything will be fine� she encouraged him.

�Oluwawemimo, what would I have done without you, thank you for those words of encouragement, thanks for making things easier for me. You never for once complained. I love you so much�

�I love you too, she said kissing him seductively.
�No wifey, I don�t think love making is healthy for the baby at this stage�

�Like seriously! Says who?�

�I read some stuff on the internet at work�

�What! You are unbelievable, you just knew you are going to be a father in less than 12hours and you are already surfing the internet?� she said throwing a pillow at him playfully.

�Yeah, no sex till further notice, deal with it� He said jokingly.

�That�s a lie, I will have to confirm from my gynecologist�

�When are we going to know the sex of the baby?� he asked

�Google is your friend, so ask google� she replied laughing.
�Really! Well played. If you think I�ll touch you this night, OYO is your case�

�Haba! Someone can not play with you?�

�Off course you can my sweet wife� he replied planting a kiss on her lips. I love you�

�I love you too�

They prayed that night thanking God for the wonderful gift He gave them and they also tendered there requests to God.

Feranmi now stays at home, he does one or two things in the house to keep himself busy. Wemmy now goes to work in his car.
Weeks later, he received a call from Segun his friend/boss.

�Hello Segun what�s up�

�I dey Ore, I have a job for you�

�You got another contract?�

�Not really, it�s a renovation work, one of my client in Port Harcourt bought a housing property and it needed renovation�

�Port Harcourt? That�s far, my wife is four months pregnant, I can�t leave her all alone here�

�Wow! Congratulations�


�I think you�ll need the job, now that you are even expecting a baby�

�I know, but please give me time to discuss with my wife�

�I�ll give you two days for you to get back at me, if you are not interested I�ll have to get someone else to supervise the work for me�

�How long will it takes to finish the renovation?�
�Three months at most, it all depends on you too if you coordinate things well over there�

�You will hear from me in two days, thanks so much, my regards to your family�

�OK, say me well to your wife too�

�Sure I will� he ended the call with mixed feelings.

Wemimo came back from office and met her husband cooking.

�Sweetheart I told you to stop cooking for me, I don�t like it. I�m still the wife here. I�ll let you know if I�m too tired to cook, it shouldn�t be a daily routine�

�Easy is that the way to greet, I�m just trying to help here�

�Good evening�

�Welcome, how was your day?�

�My day was fine�

�How�s my little baby doing?� he said kissing her tummy.

�Your baby is doing great�

She set the table for them to eat. After dinner. Feranmi told her about Segun’s offer.

She sighed heavily. �Sweet heart PH is far, as much as I like the offer, the problem now is me, how will I cope without you especially in this condition� She said pointing to her tummy.

�That�s why we are having this conversation, we need the money my love, a baby is on board already�

�I know�.Feranmi but I will miss you here� she said close to tears already.

�Of course, I will miss you too, we�ve never been apart since we got married. Let�s just say we are doing it for our baby�

�When are you leaving�

�I don�t know yet, I�ll have to call to confirm from Segun�


�Do I have your blessings�
he asked

�Yes� she replied, now crying.

�Wemimo� please don�t cry, I won�t be able to go if you are like this�

�I won�t cry again� she said wiping the tears with the back of her palm.

�Come� he said drawing her closer. Please be strong for us, I�ll be back in no time and I promise to always come on weekends to check on you�

� You don�t have to do that, it�s going to be too stressful. I�m Ok with once in a month. I don�t want you travelling up and down, not with this our bad roads�

�If it�s Ok by you, then I�ll make it once a month, but do not hesitate to call me if you need me to come over�
He called Segun the next day and told me he�s in. They made some necessary arrangements over the phone. He�ll be leaving for PH the following week.

Things were not going on well with the couples, Wemmy was all moody through out the week.

She doesn�t eat well and she�s already going pale.

�Wemimo please try and eat little, you are loosing weight already and its not good for the baby. He said trying to feed her.

�I�m hungry, but have lost my appetite�

�I�m still here and you are like this, what will now happen when I leave�

�I will be fine, don�t worry about me�

�Baby if you don�t want me to go then I�ll stay�

�No no no don�t stay, I promise I�ll get better.

�Now open your mouth, the food is getting cold� he said while trying to feed her.

Wemmy was a bit better before her husband traveled. On Monday morning she saw him off to the park. Good bye was really the saddest word to say.

Everyone in the park noticed them as she held on to her husband and cried.

�I guess you are newly weds� An elderly man at the park said to him.

Feranmi greeted the man with a slight smile on his face.

�Don�t worry your husband will be back before you know it� he said smiling.

�Thank you sir� Feranmi said to the man.

Wemmy left the park immediately the luxurious bus took off. She drove out of the park and headed for work.

He returned back to PH. The work is progressing and Segun was very impressed when he came over to inspect.

�Feranmi I must confessed, you are doing a great job here�

�Is that so, I�m happy I didn�t disappoint you�

�Infact I underestimated you, I think you should start considering going into construction line�

�You think so?�

�I�m positive�

He informed him that the owner of the property will come over anytime to see how far the work has gone.

Two weeks later, the owner of the property showed up but he was surprised at who he saw with him.

�Sewa! Wow you are the least person I expected to meet in this city� he gave her a side hug.

�Hi, Ex boyfriend. How are you doing?� she said smiling.

�I�m good and you?�

�I�m doing well�

�So when did you become a Port Harcourt girl?�

�I served here, and ever since then I�ve been around�

�That�s great�

�What are you doing here in PH too, cause the last time I checked you are a Lagos boy�

�I still stay in Lagos, my family is in Lagos. Duty calls and that�s why I�m here�

�Where do you work?�

�I work with a construction company�

�And you?�

�I run a boutique and a salon�

�That�s good� He checked her ring finger and noticed it�s not carrying a wedding band�

�I�m still single� She said

�I�m sorry you caught me, but why are you still single, I use to think you�d be married with kids by now�

�Not at all, but I�m seeing someone presently, he�s a Senator and we already have plans�

�Hmm, I wish you all the best�

�Its nice seeing you again, I need to run now� he said trying to stop a taxi in front of the mall�

�I came in my car, let me give you a ride�

�That won�t be necessary, I�ll find my way�

�I insist, you don�t have to act like we are strangers�

�Let�s go, my car is over there� she said pointing to her car.

Feranmi followed her quietly into the car. �Toyota Corolla 2015 Model! Senator�s money speaking� he said to himself.

�So where�s do you stay?�

�Rumuola, you can just drop me at the bus stop, my house is not far from there� he replied

�Don�t worry, I�m not complaining, just give me directions to your house from Rumuola. Let me be your chauffer for today�

Now Feranmi didn�t like this, but he didn�t want to embarrass her by refusing her offer. He doesn�t want anyone to know where his staying, not even Sewa. He wants to live a very quiet life in PortHarcourt.

Sewa dropped him off and headed back to her own house.

Seeing Feranmi again brought back memories, she should be his Mrs by now, if not for what happened back then in school that made him break up with her.
Feranmi was her first love, the one she gave her virginity to and ever since he adored her. He adored her so much that she thought she could get away with anything.

She remembered how committed he was to their relationship before she ruined it.

He loved, respected and cared for her back then. She believed there is still a place for her in his heart. Although she doubt that, because Feranmi has always been a one woman guy. But she believes there is no harm in trying.

She envied his wife who now gets all his love, care and attention.

She decided to pay him a surprise visit anytime soon, thank God she now knows where he�s staying.

Wemmy put a call through to his husband in the evening.

He noticed she sounded disturbed on phone.

�What�s bothering you my love�

�Hmm� nothing�

�And you expect me to buy that? I know you inside out, what�s the problem�

�Don�t worry, I�d rather not bother you�

�You have someone you want to bother aside me?�

�Sweetheart, my baby is not kicking�

�When did you noticed that�

�I wasn�t feeling any movement in my tummy since morning�

�Maybe it�s normal, for the baby not to kick once in a while�

�I don�t think so, we are told in antenatal clinic that a pregnant woman should have 10 or more kicks in two hours�

�Just relax Wemmy�..

�Feranmi not even the gentle fluttering feelings I use to have. I pray my baby is ok.

�You know what just calm down, go to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning to see your Ob/gyn�

�I will, that was my plan too, thanks. How�s work today?�

�Fine, please don�t stress yourself, take plenty of water and sleep early�

�Ok, I miss you�

�I miss you too. Good night baby, I love you�

�I love you too, good night�

He wanted to tell her about Sewa, but he decided not to because of her condition.

… To be continued


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