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Nkechi is lady Mosette’s new assistant and they plan with Tamuno and the first lady for the elections. Preparations for Emily’s surgery is in full gear. Inspector Njemanze informs Caroline about Nkechi’s betrayal and Bode’s health

(Ikoyi prison)
(Visitors room)
(Ginger waits in the room as the warden brings David in chains. David sits and frowns)

David: what do u want?

Ginger: (smiles) Little brother…you are seeing me for the first time in years and this a worthy reception I must confess

David: What do you want?

Ginger: Father will be so heartbroken to know that his son is a murderer. 

David: What do you want?

Ginger: You refused to grant me audience when I told you that he was dying.

David: What do you want?

Ginger: (sighs) Nothing. I hope your conscience pricks you for your negligence.

David: (laughs) Shut up Ginger! You killed father for his kidney and you run a kidney syndicate here in Lagos. I guess you are expanding your frontiers 

Ginger: (shocked) what are you saying? You don’t know what you are saying 

David: I don’t mince words. I might be locked up in here, but I still keep tabs on my family. Family is important (winks)

Ginger: (bangs the table) You are mad! Stop talking trash 

David: (bangs the table) you are a fool! Stop fooling around. Mosette will not protect your sorry a$$ if you try to soil her name. She will throw you to the dogs. You should think about her before you act stupid!

Ginger: What has your mother got to do with me?

David: You live under her roof! Dummy!

Ginger: (stands) It was so good seeing you again 

David: if I were you, I will leave Nigeria. Oh! That’s impossible right? You are wanted in New York (laughs)

Ginger: Fool! (walks out angrily)

(Cokers mansion)
(The garden)
(Funmi and Lilly take a stroll in the garden)
Funmi: I have been doing some thinking lately. I want to get Mama Ogadi an apartment close to the mansion

Lilly: why? I think she is comfortable here…

Funmi: it is for her own good. Sooner or later, she might have run ins with Lady Mosette and I want to avoid it…

Lilly: (sighs) You are right…things seem okay now, but its best we play safe instead of walking on egg shells

Funmi: Princesa can visit her on weekends and she can also visit her on weekdays.

Lilly: (nods) that’s good

(Naomi’s room)
(Naomi sits on the carpeted floor. In the middle of her spread legs are roasted plantain, ground nut and a bottle of water.)
Naomi: (picks up a plantain and chew) This tastes good…
(Felicia barges into the room)

Naomi: (screams) Jesus! You are dead! (stands to her feet and jumps on the bed)

Felicia: (laughs) You! Traitor! Did you think you would get away? Answer!

Naomi: (screams and sobs) No! Aunty Felicia! Biko! Leave me alone 

(Felicia jumps on the bed. They struggle for a few minutes till Naomi was pinned to the bed. Felicia clasped her big hands around Naomi’s small neck, strangling her to unconsciousness) 

(Dr Ufot’s office)
(Ginger knocks on the door and enters)
Ginger: You sent for me…

Dr Ufot: Yes. The dead girl’s kidney doesn’t match Emily’s…what do we do? We might need another body 

Ginger: (paces and gnashes her teeth) I don’t like this…we need another body.

Dr Ufot: Chief Koko is running out of patience…

Ginger: I will check the morgue 

Dr Ufot: The morgue? Hmmm…are you sure about this?

Ginger: We have no other option (races out of his office)

(Hotel Bernada, Abuja)
(Suite 15)
(Lady Mosette and Nkechi are in their casual clothes. Mosette is on the phone)
Lady Mossette: …I know what I am saying. The campaign is putting the women at the center of everything. It is all about the mobilisation of women. Find a way to sabotage it and you guys will have the upper hand (hangs up)

Nkechi: You just destroyed the first lady’s chances of winning the election 

Lady Mossette: (smiles) It is politics. Over my dead body will she be elected president. This is just the beginning

(Bode’s House)
(Bode sits on a sofa as Njemanze stands in front of him and ready to leave)

Bode: Inspector…you have done enough. I’m very grateful…

Njemanze: Are you sure you will be fine while I’m gone?

Bode: (smiles and nods) Yes…

Njemanze: okay…I guess its good night. Call me if you need anything.

Bode: thanks Inspector…good night 

Njemanze: Yes…(exits)

(Bode picks his phone and dials Nkechi’s number)

Bode: You!

Nkechi: what is it?

Bode: You want me dead 

Nkechi: I don’t know what you are talking about

Bode: You will pay for this. I swear! I will be needing a new kidney because of you! 

Nkechi: sort yourself! (hangs up)

Bode: (smashes his phone) You will pay!


  1. Woah… Loved the Ginger and David scene so much. I could practically sense the drama.

    Lady Mossette didn't disappoint me too; always a two-timing bi*ch.

    I can't wait for the next episode. Me want MORE Finley Action… Please!!!

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