Tension – Chapter 6


“Dad I’m going to check on that construction company I told you about. I have talked to a staff there and he promised to talk to the manager about me but he assured me that I was qualified enough for the job.” Dad turned to face me like I had gone mad.
My name is Christian and I am 26 years old, I just got my phd 2 months ago and I have been job hunting. My younger sister Alicia was into fashion and modeling and she was making it very well, she was damn rich and shamefully sometimes she sends me money to support myself, more than 20 companies hire her within a year. But you know what, she only had one meaningful certificate, her ssce. She gained admission into futo and dropped out after her 200l 1st semester insisting she wanted to go into fashion and modeling and of course she has a big fashion store at Ikorodu.
So after all my qualifications the construction company I talked about was just too degrading for me to work in.
  “You, You need deliverance, are you cursed?” He was pointing furiously at me. 
“No sir”
“Shut up, I didn’t ask you to respond, a phd holder wanting to work in that quack building that I doubt have up to 20 staff, go if you so wish, you can even go and get a job as a cleaner I don’t care. Gosh!”
“He hissed and resumed watching the preaching that was going on in the tv.
“Retired old headmaster.” I mutter under my breathe. I was angry. If I was to be dead it would have been by my father’s tongue. HE lashes with it to ki*ll. I quietly took my bag and left.
My heart was pounding as I entered the company’s compound . Dad was right about wanting to work in a quack but was choice do I have? I was tired of my kid sister sending me money, At least with the little salary I would have I would stop bothering mom for little things I’ll have to buy.
There was a small building at the middle of the compound with 2 large caravans attached to it,one at the right and the other at the left. Carpet grass surrounded two-third of the building which almost look deserted. The building had 2 doors with a car park at the fore end of the compound. I shook my head in shame, This place was embarrassing and I swore not to show anyone my work place until I got a better job.
I walked to the door at my right that had the crest of a sword ,I opened the door that led to a large reception. 
“Good morning sir, you are welcome to Shield construction company, How may I be of help? A young lady smartly dressed who I assumed to be the receptionist asked me warmly.
“My name is Christian Oluwasegun, I was interviewed for a job some few weeks back and I was told to check in today.”
“Okay, hold on a minute let me check the names of our newly recruited staff.” She pressed some keys in the laptop and faced me again. “What is the name of the code you were given during the aptitude test?
“Hold on a bit please, Take this slip.” She handed a slip to me. “You will see a door by your left give this slip to the man you will see there and wait outside, time him after 5 minutes he will call you, if he doesn’t call you do not go in, come back here and I will tell you what to do. Do you have any questions to ask?”
“No, I don’t .”
“Very well then, thank you.” I followed her instructions, I saw the door but it didn’t look like it has been opened for years. I knocked and opened it.
“Good day sir, I was told _______ .” The look in his eyes scared me.
“give me that and get out.” He barked.
There was no need repeating it the second time. After 5 minutes my phone rang.
“Return to the office you just left.” Was all I heard.
“just for this quark place to give me a letter they are having plenty protocols as this what the heck” I thought almost aloud
“when they arrive, a large crested star will be formed on the ground, they’ve visited earth a few times before and that symbol showed where they landed. From past records, they have visited 4 continents from which 4 of us here are from, that means there are 3 more places to be before revealing their true identity to the world. Take note, these demons may come in form of pastors, prophets, friends, neighbors, security personnel, anybody so for this we trust no one. Dr Pavel and myself has done some digging from some ancient books and we’ve found that we may not really be able to wipe them out but we could save some people from the effect of the serum before the world folds up.” He said.
Dr Rashmine  a doctor from India brought out a book containing the basic language and I was jotting out the little I could, it seemed very difficult but what choice do I have? I just have to memorize. It took me a complete 3 hours before I could learn a few of the basics before I remembered I hadn’t had breakfast, my stomach was squaling already for food. I made sandwish for myself, made tea and hurried back to my study, I still has enough to cover up.
I slept much not long after, by the time I woke up Aaron was back and was trying to fix lunch (very weird), an instruction from dad I guessed.
“Momo (baby), how are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine. ” I raised a brow “What’s up with the cooking? Since when did you start cooking?” I chuckled.
“Today, that’s not a bad thing? Is it? He smiled. “Come help me babe”
 I loved Aaron a lot, if you ask me I’ll say more than anyone else in the house, he treated me more like his princess. I helped him put the soup on fire while he made the “eba” our local food.
“Tekome, I have something to tell you. I  overheard dad telling mom some things relating to you yesterday, I know you’ve already been told but honestly what you have before you is more serious than you think. I know how much you tell your friends things, you tell them virtually everything that happens in this house but this you shouldn’t dare. Trust no body.”  He looked straight into my eyes as he spoke and I could see tears swelling at his eyes. “Promise me Tekome, promise me that you won’t fail me.” He held me closer to himself 
“I promise.” I said and hugged him   

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