Tension – Chapter 8

My temporary leave was expiring today and I wished I wouldn�t go back to work but I needed the money, my pay was quite huge and I was beginning to enjoy my job too. My mind travelled a thousand mind as I carefully folded my clothes into my suitcase, I had a little bit of understanding of what dad was talking about and the new things I was learning were interesting but scaring. The signs the symbols e.t.c brought me into more desire to learn. I completed my packing and kissed momma goodbye as I flagged down a cab that was going to take me to shield construction company.
�Hey brother, where have you been?� Wesley gave me a tight hug.
�Ive been around, was sick so I had to take sometime off. Ive been at the clinic.� I lied. What I hated the most.
�You�ve been at the clinic, what clinic? Obviously not the clinic I know here. I was sick myself for a couple of hours and I had been in the clinic and I’m so sure I didn�t see you there. So?�
�Yeah, so? I just told you were I had been, you probably didn�t get everywhere there. I was in a private ward. Does that satisfy you Wesley? I have to get to work.� I said and walked past him.
I could barely concentrate at work, I was sort of nervous and tensed that I snubbed the ever pesting Wesley. If people at my job weren�t minding their business, someone would have least noticed I wasn�t acting usual. I poured a little nitrogen into the bottle containing scavenuim, I poured it into the test tube and pressed the pass button, a few steps forward and I added 0.5mg of Hcl and my job was done leaving the rest for my colleagues to add whatever necessary before passing it to another lab in lab of auto tech.
Wesley didn�t care to bother me this evening after the encounter at work, I was glad that at least I could get to concentrate on the task I had ahead of me. Immediately I got home I threw my lab coat on the couch, my shoe at one end of the room and headed straight for my fully stocked kitchen. I was starving. I took a bottle of vita milk from the fridge while I was boiling rice. I opened the suitcase I had returned with, taking out the brown envelope containing the papers dad had given me to read, the time was short and I had limited time left. There was a tiny writing at the side of the envelop. �???????? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???????” (read from the heart of secrets.) In greek.My mind clicked, dad had told me not to read it in the open.  The house might be bugged. I had heard everything including phone calls were having bugs so there was enough reason to be careful especially as I was with a very confidential worldwide issue at hand.
After much thinking I thought of the best place I could be. I took a touch light and my glasses with a footstool and started my study in my private room, the ward rope. The morning saw me dozing on the floor of the ward rope feeling tired. I read for so long I didn�t think I would sleep before going to work but the fright I felt while reading had made me wish for nothing but sleep. 
�Good morning dad. I got a missed call from early this morning.�
�How are you doing?�
�I am okay, healthy sir.�
�How was your night, did you sleep well?� he asked again.
�I did the little time I did.� Dad calling to check on me was weird but calling early in the morning was worse. �Is anything the problem?�
�No, I just wanted to confirm you read the book. If you have any questions or you seem to feel trouble lurking immediately call me immediately. Do not talk to anybody, just act normal and don�t forget to wear the p watcher, the war could be anytime.�
�Okay. I have to get to work. I am almost late.� I hung the call and got ready for work.  I got to the lab just in time to meet the chemical supervisor looking for me. He had seen my work and was impressed, that meant I will be taken to another laboratory  with a more complex work.
It was 1 month and 3 weeks after I met with that being. She comes every single night to teach me what I needed to know because I was the youngest of the 7 that meant I would need a lot of explanations to understand quickly. It was 11am on Saturday morning and I was just lying down on the sofa looking at a mathematics competition but my mind had travelled a thousand miles. Aaron was in the sitting room but was online chatting. I felt so lonely and drenched in my thought that I didn�t notice dad entering.
�Give me the remote control quickly.� He snatched it from the table. �be smart.� He scrolled to Channel news. It was showing a moving ray of red light.�
� It had started tiny in Japan, then to Korea,Isreal and now it is going towards the united states. Well known scientists all over the world have come together so solve this mystery but for now there has been no certainty concerning the recent development but so far so good, the precident of the united states of America has adviced everyone to stay calm since no disaster has been recorded yet. Stay tuned for��.� Dad muted the television
�Do you know what this means?� dad asked looking at me.
I kept quiet, I was thinking. �Yes.�
�So tell me, what will result from that ray of light?� 
I scratched my head to think, I had read that part of the book but I couldn�t remember anything. Dad�s eyes were about popping out from their sockets.
�Don�t tell me you haven�t been learning anything.� He screamed. �Jesus Christ.� He banged the table very hard.
�Honey take it easy.� Mom hurried from the room with a bra and a knicker. �baby, take your time alright? Take a deep breath, now exhale.  �It will form a shield and a sword.� I said quickly.
Dad nodded his head. �Now only a few of us knows about this, not even the modern scientists know exactly what it will form. This starts the beginning of disasters, perils then we will have to move to a shelter for safety.�
�Dad, this is just a sign. Why are we panicking?� I asked
�It is not panick, its called preparation.� He said and walked into the room and mom followed.
�Do you think this will be the end of the world?� Aaron asked without removing his eyes from his phone.
�I don�t know. Nothing in the book has said so nor has my guardian angel, the teacher.�
�Are you scared?�
�Honestly yes. Im not supposed to be telling you this, Monsters, blood sucking demons will be invading.�
 �this is going sour.�
�I hope I can stand it. We are just 7 generals and I know only myself.�
He didn�t respond and I knew he didn�t know anything to say to reduce my fear. I drowned myself in the many questions floating in my mind before I slept on the couch.

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