Five Things To Do In Preparation For 2017

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It’s just few days to the end of 2016 and the world anticipates 2017. For some 2016 was a great year, from the beginning of the year till now, they’ve had so many achievements and successes. For some others, it came and passed as usual, there was nothing special or different about the year while for many others, it was a bad year; they had things go roughly for them.

No matter which category you fall into, if you are still alive, you have hope for a better tomorrow. I believe you’ll like to have a better experience in 2017. I brought you five things to do in preparation for the next year. 

Be Hopeful 

This is the first thing you need to do. I know the recession may have dealt with you badly but you still need to have hope for a better year. Don’t think you can’t do better than what you did this year and don’t think things will get worst. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for the best; this will give you the morale you need to launch into the new year.

Review Your 2016 goals 

Do a crosscheck of the goals you had in 2016, mark out the ones you achieved, mark out the ones you didn’t complete and mark out the ones you were not able to do at all. 
If you achieved all your goals, you still need to do a brief review; check how you achieved those goals and what errors you made in the process. Outline how you can achieve those same goals easier and with less struggles.
If you didn’t meet some targets, outline what the challenge was; what stopped you. Write out the possible solutions. If you don’t know, start searching for information, search for answers, search for solutions that’ll make your 2017 easy for you.

Write out your targets for the next year 

These could be new targets or the ones you are carrying over from 2016. Break your goals into smaller ones and also write out your action points. 
Edit and reedit your written goals. You may have to remove some or add some. Remember to plan with available resources and your estimated income for 2017. 
Do a check on your friends 
What I mean by this is you should take note of the kind of friends you keep. The wrong association could be one of those things that made you miss some of your targets last year, so take note of some of the friends you need to avoid this year and the ones you need to keep. 
For example, you may have a friend who shows up everytime you just received your salary and is always able to convince you to spend on drinks you didn’t plan for. This could reduce your savings and disrupt your other plans. Try as much as possible to put away friends that never adds value to you.
Plan Your Expenditure
I know of course that the recession may be one of the reasons you didn’t hit your targets this year but as the next year approaches, plan with that little amount you’re getting now. Cut off unnecessary expenses , I already told you one way to do this is to put away unnecessary friends and association. 
Also don’t buy unnecessary things that’s not in your plan, better still, don’t put unnecessary things in your budget. If it could be done away with, please do. 
I’ll drop my pen at this point. You could also drop your points and let me learn from you.

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