A force behind everything.

A force behind everything.

� Olatunji Opeolu Wale

Several times, always in deep thought to the point I became actively depressed and unsettled. It baffled me when some learners or high profile scholars proved or claimed the unproved statement.�There is no God �. I wondered where the evil theory emerged from. They called it Science of Evolution or research involving the existence of living things; who gives this destructive information?,Possibly from their instructor the ruler of the universe.
First law of Motion says, �Everybody continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled by some external force to act otherwise. Please notice the word otherwise in the statement which simply mean �different circumstance� referred that nothing would happen without the external force to compelled inactive body to work. Studied the law intensively, I can easily see the existence of God. Without a force body would have be in a stationary position as I mentioned previously . Example, A coin placed on a spot would retain its position till eternity unless an external force from somewhere makes contact.The force could be Animal, Man or Wind;the coin couldn�t be shifted without any contact, it had zero active force, likewise corpses in morgue.
Therefore, Planet Earth and other Planets created by God were in stationary position,until he decided to redefine Planet earth.
The reason God created Nine planets as Scientists and Geographers claimed shall be discussed as we are proceeding. Earth was in uniform position, state of rest or formless,until the External and Eternal Force(God) formed it to his own taste and satisfaction.
God did not make mistake in creating Man, tough mentioned in the scripture that he was sorry in creating Man (Gen 6-7),not that he regretted. This occurred after Man departed from his instructions and guidance.
There is a Force behind everything, There would be no rain without evaporation,There would be no Ocean waves without wind,There would be no gas without steam and there would be no sky, land, weeds, animals and you without God.
Theory of Evolution proved that Man was formed through Organisms,combination of microorganisms without any tangible fact to back the theory. My questions for the Scholars and Evolutionists are; How the microorganisms formed and the existence of life in them?.
I will be glad to learn more, I know some will like to ask these two questions: (1). How God exists?. (2). How long he has been in existence?.
God created Nine planets and their satellites according to Scientists and Geographers prove, the initial plan for man was to spread, to be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it, stated further that they should have dominion over everything. God started with one man despite all aforementioned promises for multitude,he wanted that one man to spread through his offspring to all planets. His own work would have be to form the next in line planet as statistics is increasing the way he formed planet Earth for Man habitation. Man was no longer reckoned with the initial plan.
Every Man suppose to be alive from Adam age till present age. Suppose all planets are habitable, If one planet is overpopulated or filled up , some people would have find their way to another planet to settled,They could have owned portions of land there. No need to argue with one uncle over a portion of land here, just travel to Jupiter or Mars to get your own portion.
God left the remaining Eight planets unformed because Man already departed from his initial plan. Man couldn�t fill one planet anymore because God pronounced death on them.
It could had been easier for Man to traveled from one planet to another than the way an astronaut traveled to the moon. Man could have been moving from one planet to another to subdue, to replenish and to have supremacy on anything there including Allen. Man could have occupied four planets from Adam age to this present age if all dead are alive.
God wanted Man to conquered all the planets. We can noticed the mission and the ambition towards the mission from the individuals dream, the dream had been planted by God, The target could not be reached again, but the reflection still working, the reflection made Man succeeded in Technology, Agriculture, Construction, Health etc.
The Extremity of Man could have be unlimited,but was limited through Adam, the man furthest point was moon, They couldn�t traveled further. I have not read or heard from anywhere that someone travelled to Mars, Pluto or Saturn; tough Man discovered the existence of these planets, but couldn�t near them.
The questions Scholars should be asking suppose to be, (1). The source of force behind all force .( 2). What force is/was behind any particular force and what force behind that particular one.
Force makes everything active.
A was a Force pushed B to work and B pushed C to work etc. What force pushed A to work?. Trying find solutions to this theory will lead someone to the presence of maker of everything.
No Man can define the Existence of God. As a pot could not define the existence of potter,As a car could not define the existence of its Manufacturer so Man can not define the existence of God. Until the day metal instructs the blacksmith to shape it to its desired shape.
Man is in his hand the way a pot be in the hands of a potter,the way a metal be in the hands of a blacksmith. He can break us and he can reshape us to his own like.

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