The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 3 Part 13

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A  school bus was driving slowly before him and the lights at the back was blinking, indicating that the school bus was about to turn. Lucas pushed the horn desperately to warn the school bus driver but it was too late as he had already navigated the car to the left direction he was turning to before sighting the speeding oncoming vehicles,  Lucas who had calculated carefully as soon as he saw where the school bus was trafficating was swift enough to swerve the Van to the right direction thereby escaping collision with the school bus just by some inches, the immediate car in their pursuit wasn’t so lucky as it was too late to avoid collision. The car collided head on and at top speed with the school bus, thereby shoving it out of the way into the nearby bush, thankfully there were no students in the bus, just the driver alone. 
Noises of screeching tyres was what Lucas was hearing as he continued speeding away, the accident had bought him more time as his attackers were all still trying to manipulate their ways out of the accident scene. After driving continously with the same speed, he later saw the cars driving out of the accident scene and continued with their chase, Eric’s car was now the one behind them and then the Police car while the other car waited to help the ones that were involved in the accident and to also get the accident car out of sight in order not to leave any traces. 
Lucas maintained the gap between them even as Eric had increased the speed of his car to the limit after he took over the steering at the accident scene. From time to time, Lucas kept on staring at the rear-view mirror to note the distance, Eric was still hot on his trail but the police vehicle was a little bit behind. Thirty minutes gone and the chase was still as hot as it was when it started. Lucas very well knew that the next city was just around the corner, all he needed was just to get there on time with the same distance apart between him and Eric, he knew the city very well as it was where he was born and brought up before the federal government posted him to go work at the hospital in the city that has both brought him joy and danger, he found Laura which is one of the best thing that has happened to him in recent times and alongside her came danger at all sides. He knew very well that he was going to lose them as soon as he got into the interior part of the city he was headed. 
General walked into the living room where Silvia and Lord Frederick were, Silvia was still out of the know of what was happening, all she knew was that something not so good was happening, she had tried tirelessly to get her husband to tell her what was going on, her son Carl was in his room so she wondered what else could get her husband to be this unstable and all worked up. As soon as General walked in, Silvia rushed at him, held his suit jacket and demanded to know what was happening from him but General uttered no word as Lord Frederick signalled to him to keep mute. 
“Get a hold of yourself woman” Lord Frederick snapped at Silvia 
“How can I get a hold of myself when you won’t tell me what’s happening” Silvia snapped back at Lord Frederick after letting go of General’s jacket. 
“Go to the room and wait for me” Lord Frederick said in a sharp, cold and very serious tone, Silvia knew immediately that her objecting the order would spell trouble so she left for their room in anger. 
“What’s happening right now?” Lord Frederick now talking to General as they were the only ones in the room. 
“The last we knew of was that they found the car Laura ran away with but she was nowhere to be found” 
“Who found the car? 
“Eric and his boys found it first before the insurance company got there” 
“If anything happens to as little as a strand of hair on Laura’s body, Pedro will hear from me in a very big and bad way” Lord Frederick said as he walked around the living room with his hands folded together to his back. 
“What’s the update” Don Pedro asked one of the guards as he got outside the compound with his wife still nagging after him. 
“Some of our men just had an accident while chasing after the car which Laura was in” The guard replied quickly 
“The car? I thought they said she had abandoned the car she went with behind the Hospital?” Don Pedro was lost while his wife paused on her nagging to listen to the guard. 
“Yes the car was found behind the hospital but she was later seen escaping with a man that escaped with the Hospital’s car, a van precisely.” The guard explained. 
“So there is someone helping that girl now?” 
“Yes, some guy is helping her escape” 
“Wait wait wait” Mabel cut in “Which hospital are you talking about?” 
“Your regular hospital” Don Pedro quickly replied and was about to ask the guard another question but Mabel said something else. 
“Doctor Poker” 
“What?” Don Pedro asked in amazement  
“If truly there’s someone helping Laura escape and they are using the hospital’s car then definitely it is Doctor Poker” Mabel said again. 
“Who is Doctor Poker” Pedro asked. 
“He is Laura’s friend, more like lover but what is it that happened that made Laura run away with my baby, something must have happened” Mabel started nagging amidst tears again. 
“You heard her right, go and dig every information you can find about that Doctor Poker, I want to know absolutely everything right this minute” Don Pedro announced to all the guards standing around them and they all started running helter skelter at the Don’s order. 
Without getting tired, weary or reducing the speed of their cars, Lucas and Eric had continued the car chase leaving the police van further behind. At one time, Lucas was almost distracted with the cries of the baby behind in the van with Laura. For a moment, he had thought about why Laura had even escaped with the innocent baby, maybe the chase wouldn’t have been this hot if she hadn’t escaped with the bad man’s baby, he said to himself. He quickly snapped out of the thought at the sight of a road board he saw. 
**Goodbye to Bextord, Airegin’s capital** 
He activated his full concentration as soon as he saw this, the main part of their escape is just about to be executed, he had to find a way to lose Eric as soon as they enter deep into the city they are headed. Eric noticed the increase in speed of the Van but there was nothing he could do as he had been running at his speed limit all this while, any increase in the speedometer might see the car somersaulting and that wasn’t a risk he was willing to take at all. 
Immediately the police van got to where the sign of Goodbye to Airegin’s capital was, they had to stop because they would be needing series of permissions to officially enter into a jurisdiction that wasn’t theirs, even if the criminal they are after is one of the deadliest, not to talk of someone they are after just because Don Pedro had told them to do so without even knowing if truly he was a criminal. 
The place where the sign was rooted serves as the bother line for two cities. They had to turn back and return to their station leaving only Eric and the boys in the car to follow up with the pursuit. 
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  1. I Tire For This Slut Called Laura. Why On Earth Will She Carry A Baby On An Escape Mission. You Yourself Is Yet To Escape Let Alone With The Baby. I'm Sure This Will Part Pedro And Fredrick

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