The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 Part 11

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“Are you sure you are alright Laura” Mabel asked for the umpteenth time has they journeyed to the hospital where she has booked an appointment with the doctor.

“Honestly am fine, just kind of feeling somehow” Laura replied.

“More reasons why you have to see that doctor” Mabel said as Laura just kept the same straight face she had on ever since she saw the news flash, even little Anne noticed her strange behaviour when they went home. She had this very strong believe deep inside of her that the two Airegin businessmen that were been spoken about in the news are his brother Frederick and his friend Pedro. She was  going to ask Old John about the issue that happened the previous night but Mabel was all over her hence she had no chance to speak with Old John alone.

Mabel rode carefully because the location of the hospital was more like a residential area which explains the reason behind the high number of road-breakers that’s in the area, occasionally she will cast a side glance at Laura who was now busy chatting to someone on her smartphone. Laura who was aware of Mabel’s stares just kept her gaze on her phone as she continued to chat to Lucas.

“Where are you” she read the new chat message that just popped into her phone with the sender as Lucas

“On my way to the hospital” She punched into the message box and clicked on the enter button.

“Why, are you alright?” another message popped in from Lucas.

“Am fine really, just want to get some tests done” Laura replied.

“You should have told me about it, I would have given you an appointment to come to my hospital”

“Ohh you won’t believe that it totally skipped my mind that you are a doctor”

“Can you imagine” Lucas replied with two laughing and one angry smileys

Laura was about replying when Mabel took a turn into a building, in the building lies a very tall skyscraper  of about  15 floors, all made of glass except for the aluminium at the pinnacle of the building that boldly spells out the name of the hospital, after looking round for few minutes, Mabel spotted a free parking space and quickly parked her car there.

“We are here” She said to Laura as she picked up her phone from the mini safe between the driver and passenger’s seats, she then stretched a bit to the back-seat to pick up her bag.

“Am sorry dear, I got to go now” Laura quickly punched in and sent the reply to Lucas and thereafter also picked her bag from the back-seat, rolled up the glass to the door of her side and opened the car door almost at the same time that Mabel did too. They walked into the building, after few minutes of walking, they were already in a place that looks like the reception of the hospital, only that in this case, the people behind the desk were more of securities in uniform. Mabel who was conversant with the place took the lead while Laura followed closely.

“Good evening” Mabel said to one of the securities at the desk.

“Good evening ma’am” the security man replied in a very clean and polished english “Who would you like to see ma’am”

“Errm Doctor Poker” Mabel replied after few seconds of trying to recollect the name of the doctor.

“Please fill this” The security man said as he placed an opened note book with a pen on it in her front. Mabel quickly filled in the blank spaces, using her name where ‘Name of Visitor’ was indicated and wrote down their time of arrival.

“15th floor ma’am” the security man said to Mabel and Laura as they marched towards the elevator, they waited for some minutes before the elevator finally slided open, they stepped into the elevator and Mabel punched the button with 15 written on it in the elevator. Few more people joined them in the elevator and when the limit was reached, the elevator slided shut and jerked up causing Laura to fret a bit, she has always had phobia for elevator ever since she was stucked in one few years ago. The incidence was one which she can never and will never forget in a long time or better put, in her whole life. She was stucked in the elevator for almost half an hour but thankfully it was just two of them so there was a little ventilation in the elevator, if there had been more than 3 people in the elevator that day, they might have suffocated due to lack of ventilation.

Left to Laura, she would have resorted to taking the stairs regardless of the distance of the floor she was going to but knowing Mabel very well, she knew Mabel was going to insist that she use the elevator not to talk of the jest Mabel will make of her if she knows about her phobia for elevators. People kept on exiting and entering the elevators at the different floors but when they got to the 9th floor, someone entered. At first they didn’t smell the stench that oozed out of the lady but as the elevator closed and continued upwards, the stench took over the atmosphere in the elevator that only had little ventilation. They were about 5 of them in the elevator including the stinking lady, out of respect none of them could cover their nostrils so as not to make the poor lady feel bad but they all held their breaths from time to time, the next stoppage was at the 12th floor and the stinking lady was headed for the 14th floor as that was the button she punched, they all endured the stench till they got to the 12th floor, as the elevator stopped, all of them except the stinking lady rushed out of the elevator while 3 people stepped in to the elevator.

“Those guys would blame themselves for entering into that elevator” Mabel said immediately the elevator closed, despite her strange and sad mood, Laura couldn’t hold back the laughter, even couple of the guys that left the elevator alongside with them joined in laughing. They were headed for the 15th floor but stepped out at the 12th which means they have three more floors, they walked swiftly after checking the time to see that their appointment time was just few minutes away. After the long walk, they finally got to the 15th floor, a little more walk down the hallway and they were at the front of a door that had the inscription “Dr Poker” on it. They pulled the handle of the door and walked in towards the receptionist.

“Hello” Both Laura and Mabel said to the receptionist at the same time.

“Hello, a very good evening to you” The cute receptionist replied as she adjusted the tip of her goggles.

“We are here to see Doctor Poker” Mabel said to her.

“Do you have an appointment with him?” The receptionist asked with her soft voice.

“Yes, I called him earlier” Mabel replied.

“Okay, your name please?”

“Tell him Mrs Mabel”

The receptionist picked up the intercom on her desk and placed it on her ear “Hello sir, there is a Mrs Mabel here to see you…… Alright sir” and she dropped the call “You may go in now” She said to them as she pointed towards the doctor’s office.

“Thank you” Laura and Mabel chorused to her again. Mabel grabbed the door handle, pulled it down and entered, holding the door for Laura to enter too and gradually closed it back.

“Good evening doctor” Mabel greeted.

“Evening Mrs Mabel, it’s been awhile” The doctor replied.

“Goood evening doctor..” Laura was about to greet the doctor too when she got a clear view of the man sitting behind the table “Lucas” She said.

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