Inseparable – Chapter 8

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” I want to relax my hair, how do you do it here? ” Bola asked the person she guessed 
to be the manager of the salon. 
“We do it for just six hundred naira” 
“Okay, so who’s attending to me? ” 
“I” he replied with a smile, motioning her to the hairdressing section.”Come over 
“Okay, please do it well. This is the first time a male would relax my hair ” 
“You have nothing to worry about Miss”, He smiled.” I’m a professional” 
“Here’s my hair relaxer” She said and brought out the hair conditioner. 
Bola observed him as he gathered everything he needed; she wondered what would 
make a good looking guy venture into a handwork that is mostly perceived to be for 
females. He kept a neatly shaped low cut that made him look like a black American, 
his eyes were the perfect definition of sexy, his face was the most handsome she had 
seen in years. 
She felt blood flow faster through her veins as he worked on her hair, it was more 
than just of feeling of relaxing the hair. Although he did it perfectly, she felt there 
was something more in his strong hands that gave her the soothing feeling. 
In some minutes, he was done working on her hair. 
“Wow, you did it well” Bola commented taking a deep look into his eyes. 
“I’m good at what I do Ma’am” he said taking his eyes off her after noticing her deep 
“My name is Bola” 
“I’m Frank” 
“I stay just opposite your salon, across the road” 
“Opposite the salon?” He asked in surprise. 
“Yes” she said walking out with him following closely,” I stay in that house” she said 
pointing to a black painted gate. 
“Oh, that’s cool” He said unconsciously, his mind racing to two days ago. That was 
the same gate he saw Amarachi come out from. He was tempted to ask about her, 
but advised himself against it. He concluded they must be friends and if he could get 
to be friends with Bola, maybe he could get Amarachi that way. 
“Yeah, I’m having my birthday party this Saturday at Bovina Hotel and you’re invited” 
“Oh! Saturday??” He replied excited then talking silently to himself “that means I can 
get to meet Amarachi again” 
“6pm, I will be expecting you” she said and proceeded to take her leave. 
“Oh sure, I will be there” 
“Why don’t you just give him a trial, it’s an opportunity to chill out you know” Ini said 
munching meat pie 
“I’m thinking it’s too early, I just started this job and I need to concentrate” 
“Come on, how will just having a break disturb you?” 
“Not with my Boss” 
“Hahaha, what’s wrong with that? Or the guy isn’t cute? 
“Yes, isn’t he cute?” 
” He’s okay” 
“Then give him a trial” 
“Alright, maybe this weekend” 
“Good one girl” Ini replied smiling. Then her expression changed ” Oh! I forgot to tell 
you, Saturday is Bola’s birthday party” 
“Wow, which means I’ll have to postpone the date” 
“No you don’t have to, I will just go alone” 
“No, that can’t be. I insist, the date is postponed” 
“Okay, Mister Manager has to wait then” 
“Hehe” Amarachi gave a chuckle. 
“Oh! What’s that at your back? ” Ini asked putting up a serious look. 
As soon as Ama looked backwards, Ini grabbed her meat pie and ran into the kitchen. 
“There’s nothing … Oh! My meat pie, I’ll kill you if you eat it” she pursued after her. 
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