Inseparable – Chapter 7

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Ama and Ini took their lunch in the cafeteria silently. The place was busy at break as
usual with several workers chatting and eating in pairs or trios. It was Ama’s second
time of visiting the place and her third day at work. She visited the cafeteria the day
before and found their services quite good, so she didn’t hesitate when Ini called her
during break that day.

Ini was about to get up from the table when eyes met with someone’s she had been
avoiding, Benson. Benson was a co worker in her department and was the most
annoying of her toasters. He had been embarrassed by her several times, but he
would always come back. She would have given him a chance for his persistence but
she couldn’t because the guy was a flirt who wouldn’t mind chasing a monkey if it
wore a skirt.

“Ama, let’s get out of this place, I don’t want that jerk to meet us here”

“Who’s that?”

“I’ll tell you about him later, let’s go out now”

They hurried out through the other entrance but were outsmarted by Benson who
had gone to wait for them outside.

“Hi Ini baby, trying to escape from someone?” He said mockingly

“Ben, what is it you want this time?”

“Baby, you know what I want, just grant my request and things will be okay”

“Not in this world, nothing like a relationship will ever happen between both of us.
Get that into your brain.”

“Come on baby, ain’t I good enough?” He continued and turning to Ama he said
“Hello Friend, would you help me beg Ini for a chance to prove myself?”

“Sorry sir, she’s obviously not interested in you, the best you can do is to let her be”
Ama replied and ran after Ini who was already on her way to the office.”


Dennis sat in his office, lost in thoughts. He was thinking about the recent challenge
he face at home. The previous two nights had been almost sleepless for him as he
had to share his bed with a total stranger. He had begged the Lady to leave the room
but she stayed insisting that her bride price had been paid and she had a right to
share his room. On the first night, he was disturbed by her terrible snoring and other
sounds she gave out while sleeping. On the second night, she clung to him and
insisted hat he performed his manly duties to her. He managed to escape at a point
and made his way to the guest rooms only to find out that the keys had been hidden
by his Mum. He had to resort to sleeping in the living room.

“Hello sir, you sent for me” A voice jerked him off to reality. He found a pretty figure
of Amarachi standing in front of him, he had to look around the office for some
seconds to recall where he was.

“Oh, I sent for you?” He asked surprisingly

“Yes sir”

“Erm, I wanted to ask you about the Erm… , the erm .” He stammered

” The research on prices you asked me to make?”

“Oh Yes” He replied quickly to save himself from further embarrassment though he
was very sure that wasn’t the reason he called for her.

“Here is it sir” Amarachi replied placing a file on the table, ” the market prices of all
products are well documented in there”

Dennis scanned through for some seconds and dropped it on the table.

“You may leave now”

“Okay sir” Amarachi replied and proceeded to the door.

She was about to walk out when Dennis found himself mention her name.

“Sir” She turned back and gave a surprised look at him.

“Sorry for troubling you. I wanted to find out what you will be doing after work

“I’m not doing anything, I’ll just go home”

“I was wondering if we could have dinner together tonight”

“Sorry, not today sir. I have so many things to attend to”

“But I thought you said…”

“Yes sir, I just remembered that I have some work to do at home”

“Okay, so do we postpone it till weekend?”

“I’m not sure I’ll be chanced sir”

“It’s okay, thank you”

She left without saying any other word, he wondered why he gave up easily, he
would have pressed on, and maybe she would have agreed

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