It was a Saturday, the Sun shone brightly on Etyle City and the wind blew softly 
making the day unbearably hot for those working directly under the sun and 
crowded offices but cool for those under shades. The City was silent as it used to be 
by mid day, only few cars and pedestrians were seen on the road. 
Amarachi paid the cab driver as she alighted and offloaded her luggage just at the 
front of a storey building according to the description she was given. She brought out 
her phone and made a call to her friend. 
In less than a minute, her host, Ini walked out of the gate of the storey building. 
” Ohhhh” Ini screamed as she rushed to give Amarachi a hug. The embrace lasted for 
almost a minute after which Ini helped her friend with the luggage and led her into 
her apartment. They chatted happily as they walked into the house. 
Kolawuyi Amarachi Toyin who had just finished her youth corps service had come in 
search of a job in Etyle City and planned to live with her Friend Ini until she gets one 
and becomes able to support herself and stay on her own. 
Amarachi had been friends with Ini from their primary school days, they attended 
the same primary and secondary schools and were known to be best of friends. 
Amarachi was twenty three and was only younger than Ini by four months. The little 
age difference between their ages made them more compatible and as a result 
worked, played and shared everything together. As God would have it, it happened 
that they also read the same course in the University,only that Ini had gained 
admission into the university before Amarachi and had graduated a year before her. 
Ini had no problem getting a job in the City, her Dad was a retired commissioner of 
the state, so she got a job immediately she finished her youth service. She made 
contact with Amarachi to come apply for a vacant position in the same firm where 
she worked. 
“I’m so tired, the stress in this City is too much, Amarachi said as Ini walked her into 
a room in the apartment. 
“Sorry dear, you need to rest but after you take a shower and eat, go take a shower 
and come to the living room when you are done” Ini said, showing her the bathroom. 
“I’ll go prepare something for you to eat now.” 
After some minutes of waiting without Amarachi showing up in the living room, Ini 
walked to her room to find her fast asleep clothed in a towel only. 
“Hmmm, she must be very tired” Ini thought to herself and walked out of the room 

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