Review Tarasha Season One and Win 2,500 Naira + Complete EBook of Season 2

Tarasha 2 has finally begun. You can win 2,500 naira by writing a thrilling review of the first season. 
Write your review of Tarasha Season One, not less than 150 words and send it to [email protected]

Review Guidelines

  • Tell us what thrills you about the story, what makes the story exceptional and what makes it a must read for everyone. You can also play around with some of the characters.

  • Give us convincing reasons why we should read the Second season. 

  • Give your review a catchy title. E.g “The Fearless Assassin.” You can also add a picture (Optional)

Remember, it should not be less than 150 words.
After sending your review to us, we will read and check for errors. Your review will be posted on the blog if it qualifies and the link would be sent to you. 
Once you get the link, start sharing on every social media you can , Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland etc. Get people to make comments on your posted review on the blog and even post their own review of the story in their comments. 
We will also post your link on our Facebook page, share the posts with your friends and encourage them to first like the page (Important!), make comments and also share. 

How The Winner Would be decided.

Comments made on your review on the blog will carry 5 points, comments made on the Facebook posts 2 points. Another thing that matters is your post views, make sure you get a lot of people to visit your post. At the end of the game, the person with the highest number of points wins. 


All the contestants whose review makes it to the blog would get the Complete EBook of Tarasha 2 whenever it’s ready.

More Tips:

You may post your review on another site or forum (after we post it first) and put your link(the link to our website) below the post, encouraging people from there to visit your review on our blog and drop the comments there. 
For those who have problems making comments, refer them to read the Guidelines Here.
Submission starts on 16/10/2016 and ends 23/10/2016. The entries would be posted on 24/10/2016 and then the game begins immediately. It’ll end on 3/11/2016 by 12 midnight. The winner would be announced on Saturday, November 5.

Note: Comments made on the sites will be checked for authenticity, fake comments made by the writer of the review will be detected and the entry will be disqualified. Be real! Be Honest!

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