The Airegin Mafias Continues Today

The Romance/Crime Thriller continues today and we’ve come up with this post to help you remember the characters and remember where the story stopped. You can Read the Previous Episodes Here.

List of Characters and their descriptions.

Lord Frederick – One of the drug lords whose sister Laura went missing.

Don Pedro – The second drug lord whose custody Laura was.

Silvia – Lord Frederick’s pregnant wife

Mabel – Don Pedro’s wife and friend to Silvia. Laura’s Master and teacher in the fashion designing trade.

Laura – Lord Frederick’s younger sister.

General – Lord Frederick’s personal assistant and head of guards.

Eric – Don Pedro’s personal assistant and head of guards.

Old John – Don Pedro’s favorite cook.

Rhoda – Old John’s lover and maid in Lord Frederick’s home.

Katherine – maid in Lord Frederick’s home and General’s lover

Lucas – Doctor and Laura’s newly found friend.

Vicker – Assistant to Eric

Carl – Don Pedro’s little and first son

Anne – Lord Frederick’s daughter

Story so far 

Don Pedro and Lord Frederick returns victoriously to Airegin from Kanturai, Asia after the deal which ended with a gun war with the Asian men.

Laura on seeing a news which caught her interest becomes more inquisitive about the job her brother and his friend does. Her inquisitiveness leads her to read a mail on Don Pedro’s laptop which made her inquisitive the more.

Don Pedro discovers that Laura has seen his mail and calls for an emergency meeting with Pedro but Laura foolishly traces Don Pedro to the board house where she’s discovered peeping by the guards. This puts her on the run as Don Pedro’s men give her a hot chase. She takes Don Pedro’s little baby boy with her and runs to Dr Lucas Poker who joins her in the race.

Eric leads Don Pedro’s boys in the chase after Laura and Lucas while the drug lords, Don Pedro and Lord Frederick are at disagreement with each other on what to do with Laura.

Posting continues this evening, and would run from Mondays to Fridays.


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