The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 2 Part 9

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“We have to step in,” Lord Frederick said as he put two extra pistols in his pocket.
“Yes, sure.” Lord Pedro replied, also hanging a long firearm around his neck.
Both waited for a space of ten seconds before stepping out simultaneously.

They headed for the back as they shot randomly at every Asian gunmen they set their eyes on, Lord Frederick was in front while Don Pedro followed behind, Don Pedro turned around to see if there was any attacker lurking around them but that was when he saw the numbers of bikes and bike men infront. Without informing Lord Frederick who was ahead of him, he went back to the front to help in dealing with the attackers, Lord Frederick took some seconds before turning around and that was when he saw his friend Don Pedro shooting vigorously at all the bike men and the rest of the attackers. He quickly turned around and joined him too as they both shot at all the asian gunmen, Eric noticed the change in tides as most of their attackers were now down, He looked towards his right and saw his boss Don Pedro and Lord Frederick shooting at any and every of their attackers, he smiled and also felt his moral refuelling with lots of adrenaline, he resumed back to the shooting and together they brought down almost all the asian attackers.

One of Rahmid boys quickly ran behind a car to take cover and he brought out his phone swiftly dialling a number.

“Hallo boss” He said in a thick Pakistani accent with his heart pounding heavily.

“How is it going?” Rahmid asked.

“Boss most of our men are down, this people are far more experienced than all the new intakes we brought” he replied.

“You are very stupid, am I supposed to tell you to retreat before you know that you have to retreat?” Rahmid barked on the phone.

“No boss, am sorry boss” He muttered in reply.

“Retreat right this minute with my boys else I won’t be sorry when I have your head hanged on a pole” Rahmid barked orders again.

“Yes boss” the guy hung up the phone “Retreat, Retreat” He kept on screaming repeatedly and the other boys that heard him echoed the retreat command.

“Do not let anyone of them escape” Don Pedro too screamed as he reloaded his firearm and resumed shooting randomly at the attackers as they drove their bikes and cars away, the intensity which he was shooting surprised Eric, it had been a long time he had seen his boss in this kind of action.

“And I thought you have stopped your trigger happy ways” Lord Frederick said as he also starred at Don Pedro in bewilderment.

“I thought so too but now that I have realised that I still have it, we are going after this guys, we will kill them and their masters Ajeet and Akhil” Don Pedro replied.

“Calm yourself now Pedro, we have to get out of this country together with this money right this minute” Frederick Cautioned.

“Arrrrrrrrrgh” Pedro screamed, his anger had taken toil on him., he felt betrayed and pissed. General together with the boys that were fighting at the back rushed to the front when they heard Pedro screaming.

“Is everything alright here” General asked no one in particular.

“Yes yes” Frederick replied “General and Eric, both of you should get the bus and Van out of this traffic even if you have to carry it on your heads” Frederick ordered.


Rahmid continued cussing under his breath as he rode carelessly in his car, he was angry at Ajeet and Akhil for not telling him about the professionalism of the targets. In few more minutes, he was already in Ajeet and Akhil’s compound, he rushed down from the car leaving the ignition on and the door widly opened. Ajeet saw him from the window and quickly went to click the door open.

“Tell me it’s done my brother” Ajeet to Rahmid who came closer and pushed him on the chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me that those guys were professionals?” Rahmid screamed as he stormed into the house after shoving Ajeet away.

“What do you mean?” Akhil asked as he emerged from inside the house to the living room.

“What I mean is why didn’t you guys tell me about the targets, you only told me about the two drug lords and two guards whereas there were many of them”

“Ohh that” Ajeet said in a hushed tone.

“Yes that” Rahmid barked again.

 “Actually we gave the correct information, there were only four of them before today, the two drug lords and their two guards” Ajeet explained.

“And where in the hell did those new guards sprung out from” Rahmid

“We only saw them today at the point of exchange, we didn’t know how and when they got into this country but am pretty sure it was yesterday or day before that they came into this country” Akhil said.

“And why didn’t you deem it fit to tell me?”

“We thought you were going to outnumber them since you had more boys under your command” Akhil shouted back.

“You thought wrong and thanks to you now most of my boys are down, boys that I have invested a lot of time and resources on are now gone” Rahmid screamed at Akhil

“And the money?” Ajeet cut in silently.

“I said my boys are all gone and you are asking me about the money, they fought back my boys and left with the money” Rahmid replied in a cooler tone. Ajeet stared at him for few seconds before walking inside the house.

“You have nothing to say huh?” Rahmid asked in a much cooler tone this time around, deep inside him he knew that the lost sum is far more than all the time and resources he used in raising those boys, he knew he had failed but didn’t want to take all the blames alone, he needed a leverage on Ajeet and Akhil. Akhil sat down as his leg felt too heavy for his body at that moment, he felt weak and dizzy as realisation dawned on him, almost all of their worths had just gone down the drain, it was now game over for them, Rahmid stared at Akhil who was looking blankly into the wall beside him.

Ajeet went into his room, opened a bottle of whiskey that was in his table and downed almost all the whiskey in the bottle, his eyes deemed almost immediately, he could barely see his way through to the side of the bed, he staggered to the bed, dipped his hand at a corner of the bed and brought out a nine millimeter gold plated gun. He staggered back to his feet as he moved to the wall with the huge mirror, he stared at his reflection at the mirror for a while, he raised the gun to his head and laid his hand on the trigger.

“It’s all over” he said barely audibly still staring at the mirror with a gun to his head “It’s over” he said again and moved away the gun from his head. He staggered back to the living room, Akhil was the first to see him holding the gun but he didn’t even flinch a bit, he just kept a straight face starring blankly at his partner as he held high the gun and pointed it at Rahmid’s direction. Rahmid finally turned around and saw Ajeet pointing a gun at him.

“Ajeet” Rahmid stammered as he stared at Ajeet with his eyes full of shock “We can still do something about this, Ajeet drop the gun” He Stuttered.

“Something like what? Go to their country to grab the money back?” Ajeet asked as he corked the nine millimeter in his hand.

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