The Airegin Mafias

The Airegin Mafias – Chapter 4 Part 1

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Like a log of wood he laid on the couch, totally unconscious of what was going on around him, he felt so tired like someone that was being beaten with heavy planks, the adventures of the previous day had totally worn him out. He snored hard and continuously while Laura just sat on the bed with the baby in her hands, she couldn’t help but wonder at how nice someone could be. He could have chased her away when she came calling at his place, he could have ratted her out to the guys that were after her yesterday but no, he stood by her, he even comforted her the previous night when she was loosing it all after they lodged into the hotel. He gave her strength, protection and attention, Laura had never believed in the fairy tale about the Knight-in-shinning-armor before, but now it’s no longer a fairy tale to her, Lucas is truly her knight in shinning armor.

Laura was still deep in thought when Lucas phone snapped her back to reality, she didn’t know if to wake him up to pick the call or just leave him because it looked like he was enjoying the sleep really well. Lucas woke up at the second ring, sluggishly he stretched his hand and held the phone in his hand, he checked for the caller’s name but it was just an unsaved number, he cast a glance at Laura and they both exchanged smiles before he answered the call.


“Doctor Lucas, is that you?” a frightened voice replied. Lucas immediately recognised the voice to be that of Nurse Sofia, the nurse that had always wanted to date him, she had shown him all manner of signs interest in him but Lucas had intentionally posed a blind eye to all her advances.

“Hello Nurse Sofia, how are you?” Lucas still sounding sleepy.

“This is not the matter of pleasantries” Nurse Sofia cut in “Some guys came alongside with some policemen came here to dig informations about you yesterday”

“What?” Lucas sprang up from the couch “When was this?”

“Yesterday but I just heard about it because I just resumed my shift this morning”

“Damn it, what did they get?”

“All of your informations that the hospital has in the database, the authorities had to give out everything because the policemen came with warrants and they accused you of conspiring with a kidnapper”

“Ohhhh shiiit” Lucas cussed out. From the look on Laura’s face, she already knew that there was trouble but she didn’t know to what extent it was. “Thanks Nurse Sofia, I appreciate, please keep me updated if any other thing comes up please, thanks” Lucas hung up after Nurse Sofia replied.

“What’s wrong” Laura stood up with the baby in her hand.

“Those guys have every information about me that’s in the hospital and that includes my home address here which is where my mum and daughter are staying” Lucas explained as he buttoned up his shirt.

“Ohh my my” Laura felt weak immediately she heard the news “What would you do now, I mean what do we do now?”

“I have to go and get them both right now”

“How would you get there, you can’t go with that Van with bullets holes all over it” Laura suggested.

“Yeah, I will get a Taxi” Lucas replied.

“Please keep me updated” Laura said to Lucas as he pecked her and was about leaving the hotel room. “Lucas, won’t your daughter be in school by now?”

“Ohh true that. I will have to go home first to pick up my mum before going to pick up my daughter from school”


“How’s it going over there Eric?” Don Pedro asked over the phone.

“All good boss, we found out his residence here but neither he nor Laura was found there, we only met an old woman who claimed to be his mum” Eric replied.

“So what happened, Did she give out any useful information?”

“Nope, we had to take her out so as to lure the guy over. We are around the place right now”

“Okay, good. Keep your eyes opened incase he comes around” Don Pedro hung up the phone as he dialled another number.

“Hey Vicker, how’s it going, have they started tracking the Van in which he escaped with?”

“Yes boss, they have gathered everything needed, what’s next is to initiate the tracking process”

“Okay good, make sure you leak the coordinates of the location to Eric immediately they get it so they will get to them ahead of the police”

“Yes boss”.


Lord Frederick felt weak and sad as he still hadn’t heard anything about Laura, he had a very strong feeling that Don Pedro had done something terrible to her, he stayed outside his compound like he was waiting for Laura’s car to just drive in, if only he had planted a mole among Pedro’s guards, he would have been able to access informations about all that is happening but it had never for once crossed his mind that the both of them will ever be in situation like this.

“My Lord” General curtsied as he stood beside Lord Frederick.

“How’s it, have you gotten her under surveillance?”

“Yes, I have got someone to follow her day and night” General replied.

“Good, I have another assignment for you. I need you to find a way to get a spy for us amongst Don Pedro’s boys”


Lucas sat behind as the taxi driver rode on the path that’s leads to his residence. They had almost gotten to the house when Lucas noticed crowd right outside his compound, he then instructed the driver to halt for a bit, he pleaded with him to slowly drive by the compound and ask any of the bystanders about what happened, he them bent low behind the seats to avoid been seen by anybody. The driver agreed to do so, he drove his car by the house, many people were gathered outside the house, the Crime-Scene-Do-Not-Cross tape was wired through the gate while some men in uniforms were prancing around in the compound. The driver finally saw someone that he could inquire from.

“Hey gent” he hailed.

“Hey” the young guy hailed back.

“What happened here in this compound”

“Some unknown gunmen just came this morning and killed the Old woman staying there”

“Jeez” The driver screamed and thanked the guy as he drove off slowly.

“Drive fast now” Lucas said and after they were completely away from the scene, he sat up back “Take me to Immaculate Group of Schools” He said with his eyes filled with tears.

“Okay” The driver replied as he looked through the rear-mirror and saw Lucas shredding tears, he decided to just keep mute as it was obvious that his passenger knew the woman that was assassinated.


The hospital activities were doubled due to the continuous prancing about of Police officers, some unknown men and the hospital security personnels, Nurse Sofia had tried so hard to know what they were all up to but hadn’t gotten a chance to access the information. The moment she saw one of the hospital personnel she knew, she quickly walked up to him with her face filled with smiles.

“My friend” She said to him flirtatiously.

“Sofia, how are you?” The guy was perplexed at the manner which the nurse was looking at him but whatever it was, he liked it.

“What’s happening in there, looks like they are stressing you right”

“Yes I don’t know why they Dr Poker has just brought so much trouble upon himself and also bringing stress for us by taking the hospital’s van”

“What are you guys doing about it”

“We are tracking the Van, very soon we will discover where it is”

“Ohh that’s really nice, that Doctor Poker has to be apprehended” Sofia replied and they talked further a bit before they heard a door creak and both went separate ways. Sofia quickly went to a corner of the building to send a text message to Lucas to inform him about how they were tracking the Van. 

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