Last time on David Finley

Leslie decides to be Tuvi’s wife and they visit
Tuvi’s pastor, Rev Ojo for counselling. It doesn’t turn out well and
uncertainty clouds their relationship. Ginger calls David to inform him of
their father´┐Żs health. Nkechi is in the hospital and lashes Caroline in front
of the press because Bode is still missing

(London Blues inn, ebute metta) 1:50pm 
(Mama Ogadi approach the receptionist who is
chatting away with a scantily clad lady in her twenties. They stop chatting as
soon as she gets to the desk)
(smiles) Good afternoon ma, welcome to London Blues, the paradise of

Mama Ogadi: Thank
you. I dey find Felicia and Ogadi. Them be my sister and pikin

Receptionist: Oh!
Welcome ma…

Mama Ogadi: Thank

Receptionist: My boss
and Ogadi travelled to Abuja for a conference with some senators

Mama Ogadi: Really?
Abuja? Senators? Since when?

Receptionist: Two
days ago. They will be there for two weeks. I hope there is no problem 

Mama Ogadi:
(sulking face) It is my daughter I come and find o. I never see am for five
years and Felicia no dey give me strong answer anytime I ask how she dey

(smiles) Cheer up ma. Ogadi is fine. She is doing well for herself and recently
returned from Torino

Mama Ogadi: where
that one dey? Mourinho?

(laughs) its in Italy ma 

Mama Ogadi: Eh ya!
But she no dey try. No call or even visit.

Receptionist: She
is so busy. Just calm down. Ogadi is fine 

Mama Ogadi: Okay o.
Thank you my daughters

Receptionist: (gives
the scantily clad lady two thousand naira) take. Help her get a taxi to her
destination (mama Ogadi) she will help you get a taxi 

Mama Ogadi: thank

(the lady follows mama Ogadi towards the exit and
into the street)
Lady: I am Naomi.
Ogadi and I are very close. She misses you. There are things that are not right 

Mama Ogadi:
(confused) what is going on?

Naomi: Mama
Ogadi…there are things I think you need to know. I will give you my number so
that we can discuss better (they exchange numbers, wave down a taxi, Mama Ogadi
enters and Naomi watch as they disappear into the traffic)

(Cokers mansion) 2:03pm 
(Funmi’s room)
(Akudo is in Funmi’s bed, her head bandaged and
two pillows propped under her head for elevation. Funmi sits beside her, while
Lilly cradles Princesa gently stroking her hair)

Lilly: shouldn’t we
just take her to the clinic?

Funmi: You heard Dr
Gilbert. She will regain consciousness soon.

Lilly: I thank God
Princesa wasn’t hurt 
(David, Lady Mosette and Dr Gilbert enters)

Lady Mosette:
Lilly, the baby needs to eat 

Lilly: I
just fed him 

David: (shouts)
Dummy! Get out of here. We need privacy 

Lilly: (rolls her
eyes and leaves with Princesa)

Funmi: You need to
take care of that anger 
(Akudo opens her eyes)

Dr Gilbert: She is

Funmi: (joyful) Oh!
Thank God…

I..I..need water 

Funmi: (jumps up to her feet) I will get it (she
races out and David shuts the door)

Lady Mosette: it
was quite unfortunate that you got hit by the vase. If you had ducked, it could
have been averted

Akudo: Oh…I got
hit? David wants to ki*ll me 

Lady Mosette:
Nobody is killing anybody 

Akudo: (shouts) I
want to take Princesa away. Faraway from here. I don’t want to be part of this
(a loud knock interrupts)

Funmi: (from
outside) why is the door locked? Open up!

Lady Mosette:
Funmi…we need some talk time 

Funmi: come on! Let
me in 

Akudo: Help me! (Shouts)
Funmi help me! They want to ki*ll me!
(In a flash, David grabs a pillow and covers
Akudo’s face. She struggles to breathe for a while and becomes unconscious)

Lady Mosette: (whispers)
David! Why did you do that?

Dr Gilbert:
(fidgets) I don’t like this at all (walks fast towards the bed to check Akudo’s

David: I know what
I’m doing. I didn’t ki*ll her 

Funmi: What is
going on?

Lady Mosette: we
need to move her away from here 

(somewhere on the island) 2:19pm 
(Caroline is in her Range rover. She moves at a
snail speed and some cars behind her, honk for her to move faster, while others
overtakes her with the drivers hurling curses at her. She parks in front of
Restoration church and rests her head on the steering wheel, a tear drops. She
wipes her tear, kills her engine, exit the car and enters the empty church. She
heads straight to the altar and kneels)

Caroline: I haven’t
been here in a long time. The last time I called on you, you didn’t listen and
I gave up on you totally. I asked you to bring my parents back to life but you
didn’t and it really hurt me. You couldn’t stop the trailer from crushing my
parents and you made me and my siblings orphans. I am here again. I don’t trust
you, but I need your help and I hope you are listening (sobs) I am weak, tired
and lost. I miss dad, I miss mum. I miss Tonye. Where is Bode? I am alone! You
can’t hate me this much. What have I done? (cries very loud) I am sorry! I am
sorry! Please forgive me (she rolls on the floor and sleeps off after a few
minutes. Her cell phone rings, she wakes to answer) Hello?

Caller: why have
you been calling me?

Caroline: is this
Tamuno, sorry Munota?
(there is no reply)

Caroline: Ibukun

Munota: the footage
will be given to you as soon as you get to Abuja. Lodge in Hotel Bernada, I
will contact you 

Caroline: thank you
(he hangs up. She stands up and straightens her dress. She races to the door
and bumps into Rev Ojo)

Rev Ojo: Hello?

Caroline: Sir…I’m
in a hurry (she leaves as Rev Ojo stands to watch her enter her car)

Lady Mosette are at Nkechi’s 


I couldn’t help but feel the pain you are going through when I watched the TV
this morning. We are deeply sorry for the way things have turned out.

Lady Mosette: I
swear to God. I will never harm Bode, he was very co-operative during the
investigation and it is quite evident that he isn’t in support of what Caroline
is doing 

Nkechi: Did you
kidnap Bode?

Lady Mosette:
No…I mean not at all. I guess Caroline has more enemies than I expected

Leslie: We want to
help you 

Nkechi: How can you
bring Bode to me? That is all the help I need 

Lady Mosette: I
will get the whole Police force searching for him once we know that you are on
our side 

Leslie: Not just
the police…

Lady Mosette:
Yes…the navy, air force and military too 

Nkechi: I’m in 

Nkechi’s room)

Lady Mosette:
Thanks for alerting me when you saw the interview on TV.

Leslie: We are in
this together 

Lady Mosette: I
wish Akudo wasn’t too difficult. David is losing his patience; I’m also losing

Leslie: I could
talk to her 
(Leslie’s phone rings) hello? Tuvi…

Tuvi: I need to see

Leslie: Not now!

Tuvi: please 

Leslie: where are

Tuvi: in front of
your house

Leslie: I’m on my
way…(she hangs up) I have to leave now (pecks lady Mosette and leaves)

Lady Mosette: (her cell
phone rings, she answers) Detective Sankura?

Sankura: why am I
being investigated?

Lady Mosette:
what do you mean?

Sankura: the
disciplinary committee of the force and EFCC are seriously going after my
involvement in the case and my accounts

Lady Mosette: I
have no hand in this 

Sankura: You have
to do something. Inform Mr President. I don’t want to end up in prison (he
hangs up)

Lady Mosette:
trouble everywhere! Damn you Caroline!

(FINLEY’s TOUCH) 7:02pm 
(The barbing salon is dimly-lit. David sits in one
of the fifteen cubicles as he plays with a deck of cards. Dr Gilbert nervously
adjusts his collar at intervals. Akudo is in the center of the salon, on the
floor. Her hands and legs are tied with aprons and her mouth is stuffed with a
huge towel)

Dr Gilbert
where is lady Mosette? I don’t like this at all 

you make me sick with your questions! I have told you to calm down.
(David stands and goes to the toilet. Dr Gilbert
goes to meet Akudo on the floor)

Dr Gilbert:
(whispers) Don’t scream. I want to help you. Don’t scream…I will get you out
of here. (Akudo nods) Please… (he removes the towel in her mouth and unties
her legs and hands) Stand up (he aids her to her feet and leads her to the
door. She is outside) I’m coming…let me get my… (Three shots are fired, it
hit him in the back and head, he drops to the floor. Dead.)

Akudo: (screams)
Noooo! (She runs as fast as her legs can carry her)

(Somewhere in Abuja) 9:00pm 
(a warehouse)
(A masked man brings a tray containing a bowl
of beans to Bode who is blindfolded and seated on a metal chair. His hands and
legs are bound in chains)

Masked man: it is
time to eat… (He drops the tray on the floor)

Bode: Will I eat
with my hands tied?

Masked man: (slaps
him) Stop being a stupid smart talker. I will ki*ll you 

Bode: ki*ll me
(Another man enters and signals the masked man to
remove Bode’s blindfold)

Masked man: This is
Munota Tweih

Munota: (smiles) your
sister is in Abuja. She is here for the footage 

Bode: (shocked)
Munota? Tamuno white?

Munota: (laughs)


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