The Pew and the PIEW

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By Akinyemi Bliss (MiCi)

So, tell me, are you one of them sisters sitting every Sunday on the PEW in the front row of the church  dreaming of the PIEW? Oh! You dont know what that means? Its my acronym for

Proposal, Introduction, Engagement & Wedding.

So let’s go straight to where this is heading, you have the looks, omo! In school you were fine girl no pimples and people still call you that, you are an epitome of beauty, a combination of dimples and well set teeth with the cutest gap, the big seductive eyes and flawless skin are your most priced possession, not to mention the curves and straight legs….

Oh! Girl, you are an angel, you shouldn’t have a problem nah, haba!!!

You don’t have just the looks babe, you have the brain, you are stylish with a great fashion sense…OMG!!!

You the hottest babe with the hottest brain for every idea… You mean you are seeking the PIEW also? Chai!!!

I’ve seen you at dinners and events with different dudes, kilonshele nah?

Wait, did you just say you don’t like cooking? Morire…

I heard you don’t keep a clean apartment also, modaran! And your attitude is nothing to write home about…chisus!  You cannot even pray 60 seconds as a single bae and you expect to pray 60 minutes in marriage.

I know you must have heard that dudes love beauty with brains but I need you to add attitude to the list.

You watch Big Brother Africa shey? Make this your new BBA meaning Beauty, Brain, Attitude…

Prayers shouldn’t be left out also… soon, you are gonna seat on that PEW with the one who by then would have made your PIEW dreams come true….

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