David Finley- PROLOGUE


Tonye was willing to let go. She
didn�t want to carry on with the fights, argument and tension. She wanted to go
into the new month in peace. She prayed David wanted the same thing as she got
to the doorstep of his mini flat on the island. She took in a deep breath and
pressed the doorbell almost immediately. It was time to mend things and move
on. She heard footsteps from inside approaching the door. The door knob turned
and the door opened to reveal a smiling David. Tonye got a reminder of why she
fell in love with the barber.
�I knew you would come� David said
Tonye was speechless and did not
know if she had to be angry or jump for joy. Did he truly love her or was he
taking her for granted? Why would he just assume that she was back to make
peace or apologise as usual? She felt she had given him every reason and
opportunity to disrespect her. She felt her dignity had been shattered by his
�Come in. I am making noodles�I
have wine too� he said and winked
It was hard for Tonye to contain
her disgust. David was too disrespectful. The wink meant the usual make up sex
and she was ready to disappoint him. David hardly cooked when things were rosy.
He dreaded the kitchen. But Tonye�s call that morning meant he had to go the
extra mile to woo her again.
�Are you okay?� he asked with a
smile. Tonye felt like slapping off the stupid smile on his face. He held up
his right hand to reveal a kitchen knife. �See�I was actually slicing onions.
Come on in�let�s cook together�
�I am done. It�s over!� Tonye
shouted and turned to leave a bedazzled David

David became red with anger, rushed
after her and stabbed in the neck. Wham! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.
Seven. He stabbed her like a mad man. Blood, blood and more blood everywhere.
Tonye lay lifeless on the ground. He stood over her lifeless body and sat in
the pool of her blood. He cried.



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