Last time on David Finley

Caroline is back to unravel the mystery behind her sister’s
death. Her first point of call is the Cokers mansion where she meets Funke
Coker. Lady Mosette and David are troubled for she also visits Detective
Sankura, Dr Gilbert and Leslie Okoronkwo. Akudo is also back with little
Princesa for David Finley. 

Find Episode 1 and Prologue here

(cokers mansion) morning 11:02am 
(Funke cuddles Princesa in her arms as David
watch. Lady Mosette folds her arms)

David: I can’t
believe this… How can you two let Akudo fool you? I mean…someone travels to
Dubai and returns after eleven months with a child for me and you gladly

Funke: a year and two months darling brother…and
yes, we accepted. She looks just like you…see her blue eyes.

David: (turns to lady Mosette) Mum…

Lady Mosette: where were you last night? I hope you didn’t
do anything stupid!

David: I went to get a couple of drinks. I needed to

Lady Mosette:
(sighs)I have a genius For a son. Bravo!

Funke: (giggles)
yeah right!

David: mother?

Lady Mosette: at age
thirty six, I never believed that I would be babysitting you. David I’m
(her cellphone rings)
Hello? Detective. What? You must be joking. (she
hangs up and screams)

Funke: (scared)
what is it mum? (the baby cries)

Lady Mosette: turn
on the TV. Channel 108…now!
(David turns on the TV)
(Caroline Martins is being interviewed by ace
broadcaster, Paul Imole)

Caroline: the fight
to bring justice for late Tonye Martins is in full swing. Contrary to what the
police investigation said, Tonye’s mental state was 100percent perfect. She did
not ki*ll herself. The Martins wants justice and justice we will get.

Paul Imole: thank
you (faces the camera) exactly two years ago, the body of thirty years old
banker, Tonye Martins was found in her boyfriend’s compound. Police claim she
was clinically unstable and stabbed herself in the neck several times. Tonye
and her erstwhile boyfriend- David Finley had a misunderstanding and she
thought a cook whom David had hired, Akudo alongside David’s old friend- Leslie
Okoronkwo were his mistresses. Leslie, Akudo and David were unable to stop
Tonye from killing herself. However, a video footage from a nearby CCTV camera
that captured the tragedy, is missing. No one knows what truly happened. It…
(David turns off the TV)

: I
will strangle that…

Lady Mosette: calm

David: don’t tell
me that! You need to call the President.

Lady Mosette: For
what? This is minor 

(Akudo’s house) ikeja 11:35am 
(Mama Ogadi is in the kitchen listening to the
radio and cooking. Akudo reads a fashion magazine, Austin browses on his new blackberry
she got for him)


Akudo: Wetin?…You
dey disturb me o

Austin: Your name
dey trend o. You and that your boyfriend name.

Akudo: What do you

Austin: See
sef…Linda Ikeji don carry am (shows Akudo his phone)

Akudo: (reads with
mouth wide open) Wetin be this? Caroline Martins. (Gives him his phone)

Austin: I think say
the matter don end 

Akudo: (stands and
goes to her room)
(Mama Ogadi enters)

Mama Ogadi: Where

Austin: Inside room 
(Akudo reappears fully dressed)

Mama Ogadi: where
you dey go? Waka about… Since you just come from Dubai, NA so so waka waka!

Akudo: I dey go

Mama Ogadi: Abeg
do…go bring Princesa 

Akudo: She dey with
her papa…you better forget that girl. I dey come. (exits)

(Okonkwo’s duplex)
(Leslie and Akudo sit facing each other)

I will try to forget what you did. You are a whore!

Akudo: I learned
from the best. You (smiles)

Leslie: we have
something to discuss. I am uncomfortable with the recent developments and I
think we should act fast. I have called David and Lady Mosette severally; they
want me to remain calm. It is clear that this lady is winning and they don’t
know what to do 

Akudo: I think we
should leave the country before we sink

Leslie: (takes a
deep breath) what else can we do?

Akudo: Flee o! If
Caroline gets that footage, we are doomed.

Leslie: I thought
Lady Mosette got rid of it

Akudo: I don’t think she did. The guy who lived in
that compound was never found. He just vanished.


(isove estate, Lagos Island)

(Caroline parked her car in front of the house
beside Tonye’s murder scene, David’s former house. She steps out and knocks on
the gate. A lady opens)


good morning ma…I am..

Lady: I have been
expecting you. We cannot talk here. I will give you a call 

Caroline: But…

Goodbye…people are watching. I will call you (slams the gate)


(Third Mainland bridge) 8:30am 

(Caroline is driving at the Oworonshoki end of the
bridge when she notices two white jeeps trailing her. She drives faster and
they still trail her. She stepped on the brake suddenly and the two jeeps
served to avoid a collision. The cars hit the railings of the bridge and were
on the verge of tumbling over. A well-built man dressed in camouflage kicks
open the driver’s door from inside and holds out a gun. He aims it at
Caroline’s range rover and shoots. It hits the back windscreen and shatters it.
He fires four more shots, she ducks and drives off)


(Caroline’s condo) 10:45am 

(Caroline lay on the longest couch in the living
room while Bode sits close to where she place her head. Inspector Njemanze and
Nkechi stand over her)


Why are you so stubborn? I told you to end this madness. I don’t like this!

Caroline: (smiles)
I am fine. It was nothing 

Nkechi: It was more
than that, Caro. You need to tread cautiously

Bode: (to Nkechi)
if you were not my fianc´┐Że, I would have thought that you wanted Caroline dead.
How can you encourage her in this madness?

Caroline: (sits up)
Thanks for coming over guys. I will be fine. (To insp. Njemanze) thanks for
assisting the Martins family again. God will bless you. 

Insp. Njemanze:
(smiles) you are welcome. However, you need to be careful. I know you want
justice served, but e need you alive too. The move to assign a new detective to
this case is in full swing. Be rest assured that justice will prevail.
(Caroline’s phone rings)

Caroline: Hello?
Who is this? (Puts her phone on loudspeaker)

Caller: The lady
from isove estate 

Caroline: How did
you get my number 

Caller: Never mind.
I’m glad you are still alive. Meet me at Ketu. They won’t trace us.

Caroline: Mainland?
Why should I listen to you? What do…

Caller: Do you want
the footage or not?

Caroline: I do.

Caller: 12 Demurin
street. 8:00pm. Tomorrow. First floor. Brown door. Knock once (hangs up)

Bode: You will be
so stupid to go there.

Caroline: (stands)
I choose to be stupid (goes to her room)


(12 Demurin street, Ketu) Next day 7:59pm

(Caroline stands in front of the Brown door. She
waits for the time to clock 8:00pm and knocks once. The lady opens the door.
She enters and the door closes. The apartment is dimly lit)

Lady: You were
followed here 

(confused) By who? My brother?

Lady: No! Those who want you dead. There is a back door through the kitchen. It leads to the
backyard, scale the fence into a football pitch, run till you get to the street
where you parked.

Caroline: Why are
you doing this? 

Lady: (gives her a
paper) this contains the phone number of Tamuno White now Munota Tweihh. When
you call him, just mention my name. Ibukun.

Caroline: Ibukun…
(a loud knock intrudes, Caroline shakes in fright)

Ibukun: (whispers)
Go! Use the backdoor
(Caroline obeys and disappears. The door is torn
down and shots are fired. It hits Ibukun in the head, chest, legs and stomach.
She slumps to the ground. Dead)


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