A New Creation – The Complete PDF is out!!!

Finally! The long awaited full copy of the story is out for sale. We’ve decided to give it out for 200 naira only. Cheap right?
How to buy

Go to our Request Page. Enter the name of  story  “A New Creation” , your email address  (make sure you enter correctly). In the recharge pin box, enter a #200 recharge card pin of Etisalat or MTN. (MtN preferably; but state the type you’re sending e.g Etisalat : 223456799757etc) and click on send. The Ebook and your entry number would be mailed to you within 24 hours. 
Make sure you send a valid recharge card pin, because it’ll be validated before sending the ebook to you. It the pin is not valid, you won’t get your Ebook. 

Good News: At the last page of the ebook, there is a game there and there are prizes for the winners. The game is the reason why there is an entry number. Follow the instructions given there and you’ll stand a chance of winning up to #1,000 recharge card and other gifts. 

Bonus: For everyone who buys the book, you get a free copy of the reunion by Donkross


  1. I sent a recharge but after a day,I checked the card and it I found out is not loaded. I sent another one yesterday and I am yet to get the Pdf.And sending the card is too slow.

  2. cece, drop your email here for us to check if we got your card, if the card has been used, you surely won't get the Pdf. If we get your request with a valid recharge pin, we always send within a period of twenty four hours.

  3. Though av sent a report through your site's contact page,

    The attachment sent to me is not displaying here I.e I'm unable to read the New Creation, also the Reunion sent is of no space like text "whenisawhimcoming" the contents are written without any space

  4. hello, I’ve been trying to send my gmail account and the recharge card in order to get the pdf format but unfortunately, i am unable to locate the request page, each, time I click on go to our request page it always takes me to another Story page. so, please can you help me send the direct link to the request page?

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