My House Hunt Wahala by Winniel

By Onomereroso Winifred

I could hear the landlady banging on our door like we have not paid the house rent for years but it was just 3 months due. My dad flared at the woman as he opened the door.

“Why can’t you be a little patient, I just lost my job and I told you about it but you just wouldn’t understand. ” Dad banged the door at her. “Start parking your stuffs,we should be out of here in a month.”

Where I stay wasn’t that bad and I could say in 3 years I made the best of friends I had from my area. Talk about Ken, my best friend, Susan, Christy and my craziest friend Eva but dad was always complaining about the house. We stayed in a 2 storey building that lacked water and had a lot of holes in it. There were not net by the windows so every night the mosquitoes sang reggaes and blues into our ears, since we were staying at the top floor water could barely get to us at the top so we always had to fill our drum from the last floor. So much trouble for a house we payed #300,000 thousand for a year.

“Hello, good morning Agent. This is Mr. Yemi Gabriel, I’m in need of a 3 bedroom flat anywhere in Ikorodu within the next 2 weeks, is there anyone available for now?” “Okay”

For 2 weeks dad called all the agents he knew,even the ones his friends recommended and it was becoming frustrating and it seemed everywhere was already occupied.

“Anything yet?” Mum asked as soon as she returned from work.


 “One of my colleagues told me of a house they rented through I think we should try that.” Mum suggested.

“No way! It could be fraudulent. Things like these done online are not reliable and the house might be expensive too,you know we can’t affort expensive rent for now.” Dad protested.

“This is different honey,just try it. According to my colleague they didn’t have to pay to much,the house is comfortable and it doesn’t take a long time to process.” Mum explained.

My dad eventually agreed to visit the site and in 3 days we got the house and guess what? It wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be.

I picked up my school bag as soon as I clicked “post” on my facebook wall. I felt it  would be wise to save others from the stress of looking for a house to rent so I decided to post my story.

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