Jakuta – Chapter 9

Thimi and Bonka who had sighted Jakuta on the mountain for a while, stood transfixed to the ground in amusement of how a lightening had struck from the pot and how the landing of the pot had caused a thunderstrike, they were still wondering if it was a coincidence that those things happened simultaneously when they saw Jakuta groaning and gnashing his teeth in pain, without telling each other, they both began to run towards the mountain but both stopped abruptly when they heard Jakuta roaring, his voice echoed in and around the forest, thick and vibrated like thunder. They were still standing there, bemused at all that was happening when suddenly, fire came out from Roaring Jakuta’s mouth.  They both opened their mouth in amazement, as the fire became even mightier before it finally went off, not without Burning some bushes in the forest.

“He spits fire!!!” Bonka said.

As soon as the fire went off, Jakuta fell down and lost consciousness almost immediately. On seeing this, both Bonka and Thimi rushed to the top of the mountain and grabbed him and exited the forest of Lahkiritah.

The following day came without any form of delay, it came brighter and fairer than the previous  one, it came along with new strengths and new dreams for everyone, especially Jakuta who was just opening his eyes for the first time since he passed out the previous day. After regaining full consciousness, the first thing that popped up on his minds were series of questions. What actually happened, how was it possible for him to spit fire, what happened after the collapse, how did he get on his bed when the last thing he remembered was passing out on the mountain in the forest.

All these and many more were the questions that flooded his mind but immediately he turned his head to the side, what he saw  right beside him on the bed made his heart skipped a million times, he forgot about every other thing at the sight of her smile, her smile that could brighten even the day of the saddest man on earth, her smile, pure and fresh like the best wine in the land.

“You!!!” He finally said after he realised he had been staring at her for a while and it was beginning to feel awkward.

“Welcome back, My Prince.” She rose up immediately and curtsied.

“What are you doing here,” he stuttered “I am sorry, please make yourself comfortable.” He added.

“I was asked to come and tend to you by your brother’s wife.” She said after settling back on her seat.

“What ? Why ?”

“You were in a very bad state when you were brought in yesterday.”

“Brought in ? By who ?”

“By us.” Bonka’s resounding voice echoed from the door where he was standing alongside Thimi.

“What ?” Jakuta jerked up on the bed. “How did you guys find me ?”

“Relax, the emperor told us everything.” Thimi replied as Bonka signalled for the maid to excuse them in the room. She curtsied and obeyed but not without looking at Jakuta and smiling to him once more. “and he ordered us to go get you. We did as he ordered and saw you on the mountain top,totally knocked off.” Thimi replied subtly.

“What else did you guys see ?” He started stuttering again.

“We saw everything, I mean everything.” Bonka

“Guys, please let it remain between us for now. No other ear must hear about this.”

“You know you can trust us.” Bonka reassured. “But how did you do that thing ?”

There was a brief moment of silence after that question was asked, Jakuta searched in his mind for answers but couldn’t find none. He himself couldn’t explain how it was possible for all those things to have happened. Well, whatever caused it, he doesn’t want it to happen again, he had decided in his mind.

“I see you have no answers for that,” Thimi broke the silence as all three of them stared at each other. “But I am sure you will have an answer for my next question.” He added.

“What question is that ?” Jakuta inquired.

“What happened here overnight with that maid ?” The question was succeeded  by loud roars of laughter between Bonka and Thimi, Jakuta only gave them the You-guys-are-mad look all through their laughing session.

“We are talking about a serious issue, you are talking about a maid.” Jakuta

“Come of it, do you think we didn’t notice how you were staring at her lustfully when we came in ?” Thimi

“If we had stayed back for few more minutes, I am sure we would have found her right on the bed, laying next to you.” They both laughed hysterically again, even this time, Jakuta couldn’t hold back the laughter.

“Did you guys tell the Emperor ?” Jakuta asked after they had all stopped laughing.

“About the fire ? No.”

“Ohh cool. Thanks guys.”

“Our pleasure.” They chorused.

“Speaking of Emperor, I think you should go and see him right away. He was pretty much very worried about you yesterday.”

“You are right, I should go and see him.” Jakuta stood up from the bed with the support of his friends, he could still feel pains all over his body, but it wasn’t as excruciating as it was yesterday. They all left his room and headed for the throne room. Immediately they stepped out of the room, Jakuta saw Obah, standing under the three with the rest of her maids, they smiled to each other before he proceeded alongside his friends to the throne room.

They finally got to the throne room, to their surprise, all the chiefs were present there, also present there was Ajaka . The atmosphere in the throne room oozed sadness, they needed not to be told that something bad had happened or loomed. Just before Jakuta could summon the courage to inquire what was happening, the chief priest came out from the Emperor’s inner chambers into the throne room.  Everyone in the room fixed their eyes on him, awaiting his report.

“The Emperor is dying.” He finally said, slowly.


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