The news that the chamber under attack had
gone viral – Tension filled every corner of the firm. The sudden realization of
the impact the reopened Crescent case could have on the firm forced almost
everyone to think about their future with regards to the firm. Worst of the
entire news that broke out was the rumored involvement of Mark in a shady deal
that was linked to the last time the Crescent case ran, all these didn’t make
things easier on the climaxing fears of young staffs who were concerned about
their opportunity in future labor markets if the firm lost this huge case.
Things were looking uglier.
Boss needs you now,”
Agnes used those words to welcome
Andrew, they’ve been searching for him all morning. “I had a rough night,” He cried out to his defense,
before heading for the conference room as Agnes directed him.
Andrew entered, and openly apologized to
one no in particular for his late arrival, he always did like to make an
impression when necessary. He caught Patrick with the corner of his eye, and
wondered aloud why a suspended staff was in the conference room.
firm’s been summoned to court,”
Mark spoke.
Andrew took his seat; things were more important than he’d been playing them
since he arrived. Mark took center stage to intimate all present about the
implications of the impending doom if they didn’t avert it. He announced that
the preliminary hearing had been scheduled for the coming Tuesday, everyone
wondered why that soon, it didn’t give them enough time to prepare. Patrick
asked if they had anything incriminating on them, all eyes turned to Make because
of the recent rumors making the rounds.
Mark looked back at all their faces in
silence, the question though unexpected was still easy to answer, nonetheless
he remained quiet. Every man looked at his neighbor with a corner of an eye and
kept the other fixated on Mark’s lips lest it started to move. Mark finally
spoke when he realized how much damage not speaking was going to do to his
want to say here and now that I wasn’t involved in any discrepancies as many of
you might be suggesting. Anything you heard is aimed at discrediting me,”
rose to his own defense, his hands shook in anxiety, his heart raced, all he
wanted was for the meeting to be over already.
CEO Sir, I heard that the dreaded new comer, Mr. Huey, is the one representing
the opposing team, and he seems all out for your blood from what I’ve heard. If
there’s something we need to know, now is the time to spill,”

Mr. Dimeji said to Mark, consciously looking down to avoid any form of his
wrath. Mark refuses to answer him and adjourned the meeting.
 *** Next Tuesday, after The court appearance
All attempts to make the presiding judge
drop the case and stop its move for a retrial proved abortive, Mr. Huey
performed far above their expectations – he was a true monster on the leash,
and all he wanted was their blood, or Mark’s own, no one knew his desires in
Andrew couldn’t take it any longer, he
wasn’t one to be associated with failure, and now, his name was stamped on a
case headed to the drain full of lost cases souls. He needed to clear his head,
hence his need to visit The Bar.
told me I’d find you here,”
A voice came
from behind Andrew directed at him. He swiftly turned to behold his intruder.
He didn’t have a surprised look on his face because he recognized his intruder.
That was all Andrew said to the male figure before him. He gave him the look
that read “keep talking.”
The man spoke eloquently. For the better
part of his narration, all a quasi-drunk Andrew could make out was the continuously
repeated line of taking down Mr. Akin.
want Chief Dr. Barr. Akin. Right?”
Andrew finally
asked him.
I do. Help me get him, and I’ll give you what you want most at the moment. You
know where to find me.”
The man dropped
his card and took his leave.

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