Cracked Sources – B02E04

“I thought I told you not to come.” Anna shrugged to say.
Patricia ignored her friend and kept walking in, deeper into the
house. Anna had no choice but to run after her; she unsuccessfully tried to
wrap her head round the possibility that Patricia wasn’t here to check up on her
but to finish her food, evident from the way she was already ransacking her
“What!” Patricia suddenly exclaimed, and gave the shocked look.
“What?” Anna asked back with joking eyes, she wasn’t in the mood to
play but Patricia was forcing the game out of her. Anna slammed the door of the
refrigerator and rested her back on it, playfully warning Patricia to stay away.
In all sincerity, she knew the reason her friend was her �  she wasn’t committed to her work ever since
Mark went behind bars; she also knew that the only reason she still had a job
at the firm was because Andrew still cared deeply for her, and no one would
dare incur his wrath by recommending her for sack. But she didn’t care, she�d
still choose Mark over Andrew, now and in the near future.
“I had sex with Mark,” she finally confessed. It was a
relieve to have someone to confide in. Patricia feigned shock even though her
expression showed more intrigue than shocked; she wanted details on how Anna
was able to successfully pull off such stunt with her man behind bars.
“You promise not to spill?” Anna asked with childish enthusiasm. The tale
began to flow.
Save for the grace of God, Agnes would have come down with a heart
attack by now; the hand that held her leg caused her faint heart great fright.
She kicked hard and strong, and ran out the door as the hand recoiled. About two
minutes passed and no one came out, she opened the door again and tiptoed round
the desk. She bent down from a distance to get a view of her assailant and fell
backward when the figure turned its face towards her. It bore Andrew’s face but
not his confidence. Whoever it was, looked like Andrew but was shaken and
terribly filled with fear, as Agnes thought.
Agnes hurried back from the dispensary, and locked the door behind her
just as she did on her way out � No one was going to see Andrew this way. She
quickly fed him the medicine from a bag-pack that bore the tag ‘Agoraphobia’ on it.
“What has she done to you this time?” Agnes asked with
concern written all over her face. She wondered for how long Andrew would keep
paying the price of being Jasmine’s son. She cuddled him the entire duration it
took the drug to begin suppressing his condition. She asked him a question when
he started to feel like himself again, “why do you let her keep doing this
to you?” It was a reference to all the years of pain he’d endured under
his mother�s tyrannical rule. Andrew didn�t respond; he wasn’t even fazed by
the question. He felt better now and that was all that mattered.
“Hello!” Beatrice voice from the intercom interrupted their
discussion. Andrew silently joined Agnes to clear the room from all signs of
distress. Agnes unlocked the door to let Beatrice in. They exchanged light
pleasantries at the door: Agnes buried her worries perfectly behind a smile,
allowing Beatrice to close the door behind her.
“Are you alright?” Beatrice asked. Andrew panicked. He hoped
Beatrice couldn�t see through him. Alas, it was just a routine question, his
secret was still safe. Beatrice was here because she needed a favor, but Andrew
needed to get laid � it was a potent medication for tackling his agoraphobic
condition. There was a way both of them could help each other; he wouldn’t let
her speak any further lest her next words trigger his wrath.
Andrew�s hands ran through Beatrice�s bare-back; he traced her spine
all the way to her a$$ crack, from whence he barebacked her. She quibbled at
his aggressive act devoid of passion. He was non-passionately driving her
insane, which ended as soon as he came.
After each was refreshed and seated, Beatrice reminded him the reason
she was in his office.
“A favor you say.’ Andrew said a second time. Beatrice wanted a
transfer from Mr. Sanni’s office to work directly under Andrew, for reasons
best known to her. She expressly refused to tell Andrew why she so desperately
wanted to work with him again, and so, Andrew rejected her request. It was a
shock to her.
“No!” She argued. She tried fruitlessly to provide a reason
for her wanting a transfer. Andrew could tell she was hiding something;
everyone knew Mr. Sanni treated her as though she was his own daughter, it
would break his heart when he returned from his leave and realized she no
longer works for him. Beatrice got very angry: she stormed out of his office
shouting on top of her voice, she couldn’t believe she had ached her private
part again for nothing.
“Mother!” Andrew stood outside his home calling for his mom.
His eyes lifted up to catch sight of her on the balcony. She finally surfaced.
He wanted to apologize for his behavior at the office earlier in the day, he
claimed it was disrespectful of him and that his outburst was unintentional.
Mother didn’t care for his apology, all she wanted was her requests granted � She
wanted to be made a Director of the firm as soon as possible. According to her,
that would be the first of payments she intends to receive for the many
sacrifices she had made on his behalf to get back the company that�s rightfully
theirs. She turned her back on him and went back inside, leaving him to wallow
in his thoughts into the dead of the night.
Andrew killed the engine. He couldn’t sleep in his home tonight
especially after his encounter with Mother showed him he wasn’t welcome. He
understood it was punishment for his recent bad behaviors; if there was
something he hadn�t perfectly, it was challenging Mother�s wisdom in all matters.
He walked up to the porch and reached for the doorbell. The door opened before
he could use it, yet, he pressed it still. Ramon laughed. “You still act
like a boy,” she said, before welcoming him to her home.
Andrew looked around and gave a nod of acceptance: For the many years
he had known her, Ramon had an expensive taste for beautiful things and well
decorated surroundings, he couldn’t hide his appreciation over her apartment
and even pleaded that she come add her golden touch to his own place. She chuckled.
She was surprised to get his message saying he was coming over this late, she
didn’t want to pry on the inner happenings of his life he wasn’t ready to share
with her yet, but she couldn’t hide her displeasure that his Mother was back
and she was the last to know. Ramon wasn�t one to mince words � she wanted to
become a name partner at the firm. She knew Andrew was already working on
renaming the firm, the final step to rebuilding it in his image, and she wanted
to be a part of that success story when the time come. To her surprise, Andrew
surprisingly agreed. She thought maybe it was because he wanted to quickly get
into her pants, but the words he spoke to reassure her proved her wrong.
Andrew loosened the knot of his tie, his buttons followed, save for
the last – Ramon yanked it off. She wanted him as much as he wanted her – Her night
robe fell to the floor, her dark sexy legs revealed themselves. Andrew’s entire
clothing fell away by the magic of her hands, and soon she was above him about
to ride. The anticipation was killing him, it was as though Ramon had him under
her spell. He laid her gently on the floor and spread her thighs before him �
he wanted to know what she tasted like now.
“Andrew-Ramon Chambers,” she said, momentarily distracting
�Yes. Andrew-Ramon Chambers sounds good enough.� Andrew said to quell
her fears. The name sounded good to her; she released herself to him.

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