MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 73 & 74

Addicted To You

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel
✮(𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓭𝔂 𝓓𝓪𝔂)✮

“No… Mom!!” Like flash, he ran to Brandon and shielded him with his body.

Melissa pulled the trigger almost immediately and Kaylee’s eyes widened. Her chest slumped back down immediately as she breathed heavily.

Angelo slowly opened his eyes and looked around.

“I’m.. I’m alive” He muttered, looking surprised.

Melissa slowly lowered her gun. Thankfully, she diverted her gun at the last minute.

“I.. I nearly kílled my son” She breathed out in shock.

“Angelo..” Brandon also looked surprised.

“Are you okay? Did you suffer any major injuries? Did you got shot?” Angelo asked worriedly.

“How did you get in here…” Brandon whispered

“I saw a secret passage so I just followed it and it led me directly here” Angelo quickly began untying Brandon when Marco pulled him away and punched him hard.

“Don’t you f**king dare touch my son!” Melissa pointed her gun at Marco.

“Mom! Stop all this nonsense! What do you think you’re doing! Please tell me that you were forced, that you actually didn’t plan all this… Please tell me that dad is my real dad, that all what I heard is fake” Angelo asked and stylishly looked at Brandon.

Brandon understood what he meant and used the opportunity that they were all distracted and he began untying himself. Thanks to Angelo, the ropes became loose

“Don’t you dare mention that bàstard here. As soon as I’m done here, I’ll be sending him to his grave too. You don’t know the amount of maltreatment I went through in his hands and I’ll make sure he-”

“What the f**k is happening here”

Cold chill ran through Marco and Melissa when they heard that voice. They turned to the entrance to see Mamba standing there.

There was no trace of smile on his face unlike the other time. He looked really angry.

Mamba marched to Melissa then grabbed her neck, slamming her back hard on the wall.


“I asked a question.. What is happening here? Why is my son tied up?” Mamba sneered

Angelo just stared at what was happening with wide eyes. No! He refuse to believe that this monster is his real father.

“Love.. You’re hurting me” Melissa began crying, hoping it’ll soften Mamba but Mamba landed a deafening slap on her face, immediately drying the tears.

“You b*tch!! How dare you act behind my back. Because of your reckless act, Matilda escaped and guess on who she landed on… Daniel!!” Mamba yelled and her eyes widened.


“It’s all over the news and in few minutes from now, the cops will be raiding this place. You and I are now wanted by the law. All because of your foolish acts!!!” Mamba yelled at her face, tightening his grip round her neck..

Angelo to them then pushed Mamba off, standing in between them as he faced Mamba.

“Don’t touch my mom… I’m sure you’re the one who forced her into doing all these atrocities” Angelo glared at Mamba

Mamba snickered at that…

“You’re really foolish aren’t you. Is it how good of an actress that woman is” Mamba said, referring to Melissa

“I honestly didn’t imagine meeting my second son for the first in such conditions” Mamba made to touch Angelo but Angelo stepped away.

“There’s not much time. We have to leave the country immediately and you Angelo, you’re coming with us” Mamba said

“What should we do with the boss lady?” Marco asked.

“I have no business with her. My two sons are what matters to me now so-”

Brandon immediately pulled the trigger and it pierce Mamba’s tummy

“F**k!” Mamba hissed and looked at Brandon who just shot him. He succeeded in freeing himself before grabbing a gun nearby.



“Here’s your chicken” The server placed the plate before them.

“Smells nice” Chris licked his lips.

Winter immediately began eating her chicken really fast.

“I was starving” Winter groaned as she ate really fast.

Chris smiled and began staring at her as she ate, wondering if it’s possible for someone to look this cute.

Winter looked up at him and frowned when she saw him staring at her.

“What? You’re not hungry?” She asked but Chris just brought his hands to his lips, wiping off the sauce there.

His hand stayed on her lips and he gulped down as he found himself staring at them. Winter swallowed her meat when she felt him slowly leaning forward.

She licked her lips nervously and slowly closed her eyes. Just when their lips were about to meet, Winter’s phone chimed

Chris opened his eyes and slowly pulled back.

“Uhh.. I’m, I’m sorry” He muttered, looking away embarrassingly.

Winter just smiled and picked her phone to see Kelly texted her. She made to reply when she saw pop-up news so she tapped on it and her eyes widened.

“Oh no… Mom don’t you dare go to him” She shook her head and immediately ran out of the restaurant





“F**k!!” Romeo screamed out, crashing the things in his living room.

Juliet bit her lips as she watched as Romeo crashed the things there. Thankfully, Alvin wasn’t at home for he would have been devastated seeing his father in this state.

When Juliet couldn’t longer take it, she walked to him and grabbed his wrist when he was about to crash another vase.

“Romeo… Please stop”

“For 6 years I’ve lived in anguish and regret for not seeing my wife one last time before her déad meanwhile the culprit was right under my nose. How could she do that to me? I trusted Rosalie!!” Romeo yelled.

“I get it, that you feel rage against her but what is done is done, we can’t reverse.. All we have to do is just to move on. I’m sorry if this is the bad moment to ask this but do you really love me like you said?” Juliet suddenly asked and Romeo turned to her.


“Right now, I just feel like you really haven’t moved on from your wife and that you still love her and Romeo, I don’t wanna be a replacement to anybody… Just tell me how you really feel and-”

Juliet’s phone began ringing so she had to pause so as to answer it.

“Winter? What’s up?” Juliet said.

“It’s Marco! He escaped and is now all over the news. I fear mom might decide to go and see him” Winter said while running down the street.

“F**k! She’s only going to endanger herself” Juliet muttered and immediately hung up

“I need to go” Juliet muttered and immediately ran off, leaving Romeo to reflect on her words.

“Have I really moved on?” He thought and ruffled his hair.



“F**k!” Mamba hissed and looked at Brandon who just shot him. He succeeded in freeing himself before grabbing a gun nearby.

Brandon aimed his gun at Kaylee and shot at the ropes, freeing her.

Almost immediately, the sound of the police sirens was heard and gunshots ranted the air as the cops began fighting with Mamba’s men.

“Angelo, take Kaylee away. I still have someone unfinished business with this man” Brandon said and Angelo nodded before carrying Kaylee.

“No, put me down! I want to stay with Brandon!! No!! Brandon!!” Kaylee screamed as Angelo took her away.

“I’m sorry boss, I can’t risk going back to jail” Marco said and escaped.

Melissa stood too and found her way out, leaving only Mamba who placed his hand on his tummy to stop the bleeding

Brandon cold bloodedly pulled the trigger again and it pierced his tummy again.


“I swore I’ll be there one to ki*ll you right?” Brandon smirked, slowly advancing to him.

“Son…” Mamba called.

“Don’t you dare call me that ever again!! I’m not your son!! I’ll never see you as a father, you monster!!” Brandon screamed and Mamba took the the opportunity to hit the gun off Brandon’s hand.

Brandon looked at the gun that rolled to the other side of the room before looking back at Mamba.

Without wasting time, he launched at Diego and hot fist fight began.


“I need to go back to Brandon” Kaylee said immediately Angelo finished untying her

“No!” Angelo grabbed her arms tightly.

“You don’t understand.. This is something Brandon has been meaning to do for years but couldn’t because of his mother. Nobody can change his mind, not even me so let’s just let him be. You going there will only distract him even more” Angelo said.

They were currently hiding at a safe spot.

Angelo looked up to see Melissa trying to escape.

“Stay here till the gunshots is over.. Please” Angelo said and left his hideout then began chasing after Melissa.

“Mom!!” Angelo called and Melissa stopped on his track.

“Angelo don’t try to stop me, I’m going to kíll you if you do” Melissa said without turning back and almost immediately the cops arrived, surrounding her.

“Mom, please just surrender… All of this isn’t worth it, everybody deserves a second chance and so do you.. Please” Angelo begged.

Daniel also arrived at the scene, standing beside Angelo.

“Angelo is right, just surrender and let peace reign. I’ve known since the beginning that Angelo isn’t my son and even though it was hard to accept him, I’ve finally did. Everyone has a moment of weakness and maybe that’s why you cheated”

Melissa began laughing loudly.

“Are you two stupid or what? I don’t love you Daniel, I’ve never done so and I’ll never do so… You were just a pawn to me and I’ve always sworn I’ll get back at you for all those years of maltreatment” Melissa said and aimed her gun at Angelo.

Daniel’s eyes widened and he immediately lost guard as he made to protect Angelo.. Melissa smirked and immediately diverted her target to him.

“Argh!!” Melissa cried out when the cops began shooting her but she used her last strength to pull the trigger.

Daniel’s eyes widened when the bullet went straight to his heart.

“Dad!!!” Angelo screamed and slowly, Daniel’s body dropped to the floor.

Angelo immediately bent down in front of Daniel.

“Dad… No.. Why did you do that?” Angelo said, already in tears.

Angelo looked up to see Melissa body dropping down déad in front of him, her whole body tribbled with bullets.

The cops were given an order to shot if they tried to resist so they had no choice

“Mom!!” Angelo screamed out.

“Call an ambulance, hurry! We can’t loose Mr Rodriguez” A cop immediately said

Daniel coughed out blood as he slowly cupped Angelo’s cheek.

“Please forgive me Angelo… Forgive me. I,, I love you son” He muttered with a smile on his face before his eyes closed as his hands dropped down



Marco succeeded in finding an escape route but the moment he came out, Glen was standing before him.

“Marco..” Glen slowly called and Marco immediately raised his gun to her.

“Marco… All of this isn’t necessary. Just accept your punishment and move on.. You’ve lost already” Glen said

“Shut up!! It’s all your fault!! Had it been you never came to my life I would have had a chance with Joanna!! My family forced me into marrying you all because of a one night stand that led to Juliet!!” Marco screamed.

“Marco, just stop all this!!” Glen screamed out in tears but Marco pulled the trigger.

Glen closed her eyes, expecting the bullet but it never came. She slowly opened her eyes and her eyes widened in horror when she saw Winter laying on her own pool of blood.

“Winter!!!” Glen screamed out.

“No..” Marco’s eyes widened. His gun fell from his hands.

“No, Winter!!” Marco’s knees gave up

“It hurts..” Winter said weakly as her tummy couldn’t stop bleeding.

“No.. No.. Winter!! Winter!! I’m sorry!!” Glen held her in her hands, crying profusely.

“Mom.. I did it right? I’m a good girl, right?” Winter asked as tears escaped her eyes.

“Winter… I’m sorry” Tears escaped Marco’s eyes as he began crawling towards them but before he could reach their side, a gunshot was fired at him from behind.

His eyes widened and he looked back to see Juliet with his gun he dropped ealier.

“I hàte you!!” Juliet said in tears and began firing the gun countless times till she emptied the bullets in Marco’s body.

“Winter? No! Winter!!!” Joanna screamed out when Winter’s eyes shut down.

The sound of cries and Winter’s bloody body was all Marco saw before he was engulfed into eternal darkness.



The gunshots already died down, meaning all off Mamba’s men were defeated.

The father and son battle was still going on and both of them looked extremely tired but none of them was reading to back down.

Brandon breathed heavily as he held his tummy, Diego shot him earlier. One on the tummy, the other on the shoulder.

He already lost so much blood and his vision was standing to fail him

Same as Diego. Never in his wildest dream would he have imagined himself fighting against his son.

“I need to end this, once and for all” Diego picked a knife and launched at Brandon.

Brandon ducked and kneed him on his tummy, making sure he hit on the place be shot earlier.

Diego’s knife fell from his hand and Brandon picked it. He didn’t waste time before stabbing Diego

“This is for all the trauma and depression you made me go through during my childhood” Brandon said and pulled out the knife then stabbed him again on the tummy

“This is for all what you did to mom who did nothing but love you” Brandon said and pulled out the knife before landing the last stab on his chest.

“This is for all the blood you made me spill. To all the lives you’ve taken” Brandon said and pushed him off.

Diego fell on the floor as blood kept oozing out of his body

“S-Son..” He stretched his hand to Brandon who instead stepped on it.

“I’m not your son.. You lost that right long ago” Brandon said and marched his hand before staggering out of the room.

He held the wall for support as he walked with his other hand round his tummy.

He finally got out of the room and the sun shun on his face. Kaylee who was hiding like she was been told saw Brandon coming out.

“Brandon!” Kaylee rushed to him and when she got to him, he collapse in her arms.

“Brandon… Hold on, the ambulance is on their way” Kaylee said and Brandon smiled.

“I think it’s the end for me” Brandon said slowly and Kaylee immediately shook her head.

“No… Don’t say that, just hang on” Kaylee said as the cops ran into the room to check if Mamba is alive.

“I feel free… After a long while, I feel happy” Brandon smiled weakly.

“Brandon…” Kaylee cried.

Brandon cupped her cheek and wiped off her tears..

“I love you Kaylee” Brandon said and that broke Kaylee’s heart even more.

“Tell Angelo that I love him too and I’m proud of him.. I love you Kaylee, thank you for making me feel loved” Brandon said and slowly, his eyes shut down.

“Brandon? No!! Brandon!!”

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂


  1. So so bloody
    Daniel, Winter and Brandon, you all should stay alive, please
    Very interesting
    Thanks authoress, more insights

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