MELT ME SLOWLY – Episode 71 & 72

Addicted To You

( Addicted To You… )

THEME: Love’s Sweet Melody


By, Ariel Mirabel

✮(𝓢𝓽𝓮𝓹 𝓑𝓻𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓼)✮


Melissa stood there with a vicious look on her face.

“Angelo’s mom… Is the boss lady?” He thought with shock written on his eyes

“Are you deaf? I just asked you to pull of your mask” Melissa said and scoffed.

Brandon gulped down and clenched his fists tightly around Matilda’s hand.

“Let’s run.” He whispered and immediately pulled her as they took to their feet immediately.

“Catch them!” Melissa exclaimed and the guards began shooting at them.

Brandon pulled Matilda into a safe corner before bringing out two guns. He aimed the guns to his right and left side before he began firing the gun, gunning down those men one by one.

“Ahh!” Matilda screamed and covered her ears when she couldn’t bear hearing the loud noises produced by the gunshots.

Brandon ducked and bullet flew pass him. Brought out a grenades then threw it the gate. It blew up the gate, together with some of the men standing there

“Ahh!!” Matilda shrieked when a bullet almost hit her. She turned to see it was Melissa, shooting at them.

“Matilda, I know it’s you!!” She screamed out.

She actually went to check on Matilda only to find two corpses with Matilda missing so she immediately understood what was happening.

“You two aren’t getting alive out of this I swear!!” Melissa screamed as she shot at them.

Brandon aimed at Melissa and made to sh00t but he just couldn’t. Each time he looks at her, he’s reminded of Angelo. How could be possibly ki*ll her with no remorse.

“F**k!!” He cussed and faced the other men.

The more he gunned them down, the more they seem to increase. One thing is for sure for him: He’s not getting out of this place alive… But he’ll make sure his mother does.

He removed his mask before facing Matilda

“Mom I want you to run to the gate and no matter what, don’t ever turn back.” Brandon said and Matilda’s eyes widened.

“But I can’t abandon you… You’ll-”

“Mom! Please…” Brandon said and Matilda stared at him. Tears escaped her eyes and she hugged Brandon tightly.

“I love you son” She muttered and with that, she began running to the gate with tears in her eyes.

“No!! Don’t let her escape!” Melissa screamed madly.

Brandon shielded Matilda and he began shooting at the men who were targeting her. Matilda kept running with all her might without turning back.

“F*ck!” Brandon hissed when a bullet hit his arm.

“No!!!” Melissa shouted when Matilda ran out of the gate.

She made to go after her but Brandon didn’t hesitate to sh00t her leg.

“Ahh!! F**k!!” She went down, holding her bleeding leg

Brandon grabbed from behind and aimed his gun at her head.

“sh00t me!! And I won’t hesitate to blow up her brain!” Brandon said menacingly and the men stopped shooting at him.

“I know you can’t do it, you’re too weak!!” Melissa laughed but her laughter immediately turned to cry when Brandon implanted another bullet on her leg.


“You really think so?” Brandon smirked.

“Just because you’re Angelo’s mom you think I’ll forget all the maltreatment my mom went through because of you?” Brandon said, tightening his grip around his gun.

Melissa gulped hard.


“Drop that gun or I guarantee you she won’t live the next minute” Marco said.

Brandon looked front and his eyes widened when he saw him bringing in Kaylee who had her mouth and hands tied.

“Kaylee…” His eyes widened.

Kaylee looked at Brandon as more tears escaped her eyes..



Romeo and Juliet got down the car in front of the asylum and began walking to the entrance of the asylum.

Romeo got the shock of his life when he got a call from Rosalie’s family, telling him she was interned in an asylum.

They both walked in and luckily they bumped into Rosalie’s mother.

“Aunt.” Romeo called and she broke down in tears.

“Romeo, I’m sorry… Please forgive my daughter” She began crying loudly and Romeo’s eyes couldn’t help but widen.

He looked at Juliet before facing Rosalie’s mother.

“Umm… For what exactly?” Romeo asked but she just kept crying.

“I think it’s best if you hear from yourself” She sniffed.

She took them to the room where Rosalie was.

“Miss please take your drugs” The nurse tried to cajole her but all she did was to scream.

“Leave!! Don’t touch me!!”

With a puzzled look on his face, Romeo slowly walked in the ward but he was stopped.

“Sir, you can’t go in any further”

Rosalie looked at him and her eyes widened. She immediately rushed to him and gripped his shirt tightly.

“Please. Save me.. She’s going to kíll me!!” Rosalie cried.

“W.. What?”

“I swear I didn’t mean to kíll her. I just wanted her out of your life so I did that. You were supposed to be mine from the start” Rosalie cried.

“What are you talking?” Romeo looked at her with a puzzled look on his face.

“Your wife… Rosalie is responsible for her déad” Rosalie’s mother said with a heavy heart.

Romeo’s eyes immediately widened.

“I love you Romeo, she wasn’t good enough for you. When I thought we’ll finally be together, she had to to come into your life. Damn you!!” Juliet screamed and made to attack Juliet but the nurses held her back.

“You b*tch! I hàte you!! Leave my man!!” She kept screaming. One of the nurses immediately injected her and it didn’t take a minute for her to fall asleep.

Then shocked look on Romeo’s faced still remained there as he looked at Rosalie who was taken to her bed.

“Ro… Romeo” Juliet made to touch him but he immediately stormed out of the place.




“You were so perfect Candy… I wanna scream to the whole wide world that I love you!!” Angelo lifted her up, turning her around

“Hey, put me down!” Harmony laughed.

Angelo placed her down and immediately claimed her lips.

“Where is Cassidy and Kaylee, thought they said they’ll come” Tasha said, pressing her phone.

“I’m also worried too. Try calling her phone” Barbie said.

Tasha nodded and immediately did so but her line was unreachable.

“I think her phone is switched off” Tasha said.

“Let’s go to her house then” Evan suggested and they all nodded then began heading to where their car where packed.

Angelo brought out his phone to check something. Actually, earlier he discreetly placed a tiny camera on Brandon which he connected to his phone.

He turned on the camera and his eyes widened at what he saw. Kaylee was tied up very badly with some men pointing their guns at them and what he saw the next minute shocked him to the core.

“M.. Mom?” He stuttered.

“What are you looking at?” Harmony asked and looked at his phone

Harmony’s eyes widened immediately.

“No, this can’t be” Angelo immediately entered his car then drove off.

“Angelo!!” Harmony screamed as she watched his car drive away.

Winter walked out of the company while smiling to herself. She can’t believe she won too, but the problem is that she’ll be partnering with Harmony.

“How I’m I supposed to do that?” She thought but her thought were cut short when Chris immediately hugged her tightly.

“Congrats Win!! I’m so proud of you, I knew you’ll win” Chris smiled widely.

Winter rolled her eyes and pushed him away.

“Stop that… I didn’t give you permission to hug me” Winter frowned.

When she saw the happy look on his face, she couldn’t help but mellow down.

The fact that he was the only one and Glen who supported him made her smile.

“Which restaurant should we go, I got paid for one of my part-time job so let’s celebrate for your victory. So should we go for pork, chicken, steak or…”

His eyes widened when he felt Winter’s lips press on his cheek. That caught him completely off guard that he couldn’t help but blush.

“What.. What was that for” He asked slowly.

“Let’s say a thank you peck” Winter scoffed and began walking away.

She stopped when she was hearing his footstep behind her so she turned to see him still standing there on his spot.

“So are we going for the chicken or you wanna stand there and stare at me” Winter said.

Chris smiled and walked to her

“Let’s go” He said.

Winter nodded and stylishly held his hand.

“Eww why are your hands so sweaty. Yuck!” Winter rolled her eyes but didn’t release his hand.

Chris looked at her and held her hand tighter as they walked.


The passerbys kept looking at Matilda who kept running. Her clothes looked so dirty and with how skinny she looked, they thought maybe it’s a mad woman.

She was sure she was already far from the clan but she couldn’t afford to get caught again, that will mean all what Brandon has done was in vain.

She didn’t know when she got the the highway and just then, a car was speeding to her direction.

“Ahh!!” She fell on her butt in fear and the car screeched to a halt in front of her.

“Hey are you crazy! What’s wrong with you!!” The driver of the car got down.

Matilda immediately stood up and clamped her hands together.

“Please help me! I need you to take me to-”

“What’s happening here?” The back door opened and Daniel (Angelo’s dad) got down the car.

His eyes widened when he saw her.. What the hell is he seeing?

Matilda’s eyes brightened when she saw him too..

“Daniel!” She exclaimed and quickly rushed to him.

“Ma.. Matilda?” Daniel called in shock.

Years ago, Diego announced to the whole world that his wife díed. How come he’s seeing her right in front of him? Is he hallucinating?

Daniel had to blink severally.

“Daniel, please you have to help me.. Melissa, she’s going to ki*ll him” Matilda cried out and Daniel’s eyes widened even more.




Inside the torture room, sounds of punches and kicks were heard as Marco kept punching Brandon, pouring out all what Brandon did to him.

He gave Brandon another punch on the tummy and he spat out blood.

“No.. Brandon” Kaylee thought as rivers of tears couldn’t stop pouring down her eyes.

She doesn’t know what hurts more, the fact that the person she once saw as her father kidnapped her or the fact that she’s been forced to watch this heartbreaking view

Marco punched Brandon on the face and his nose bled even more.

“Is that all you’ve got? C’mon, unchain me let’s fight.. Man to man you coward” Brandon said weakly with a scornful smirk on his face.

That infuriated Marco even more and he made to punch him again.

“What are you waiting for? Finish him off before Diego comes back” Melissa said, walking in the room while smoking.

“Boss was kind enough to spare my life and you want me to ki*ll his son. Are you nuts?”

Melissa didn’t waste a minute in slapping him.

“Watch the way you talk to me old rat” Melissa smirked then faced Brandon with a smirk on her face.

“I was actually planning on kílling you sooner or later but you willingly fell into the lion’s den” Melissa laughed.

“I can’t let you and your wretched mother steal away what belongs to me. All of Diego’s wealth belongs to our son and no one else’s” Melissa smirked.

“Our son?” Brandon asked confusedly.

“Oh my bad, I forgot you never knew… Well I guess it’s time you know. Angelo is Diego’s son” Melissa said, puffing out her smoke at his face.

“What..” Brandon’s throat ran dry.

“You heard me right. You two are step brothers, well not for long because you’re dying here” Melissa picked her gun.

“Since you two are lovers, I’ll do you the greatest favor by killing you two together so you will get to live your happily ever after. I know, my generosity will be the end of me” Melissa laughed before aiming her gun at Kaylee.

“Who is dying first. Her or you?” Melissa smirked.

“No!!! Don’t you dare touch her!!” Brandon screamed out.

“Fine… Then I guess you’ll go first” Melissa shrugged and changed her target to Brandon.

Kaylee began screaming in tears but it was inaudible since they gagged her.

Melissa clicked on her gun with a smirk on her face and her finger went to the trigger.

Angelo ran in the room while breathing heavily. His eyes widened when he saw the scene.

“No… Mom!!” Like flash, he ran to Brandon and shielded him with his body.

Melissa pulled the trigger almost immediately and Kaylee’s eyes widened.

✎.. .. .. ..『𝐓.𝐁.𝐂

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