Lady Mafia 2 – Episode 1

Lady Mafia 2
(Revenge Rejuvenated)
By: Vickie Dora 🌻
Chapter 1

It was still dark, pitch dark when her feet landed on the steps on the mysterious building, deep into the dark forest. Yes, this is it, the place where he hides his soul, as his body enjoys the good things on earth, while her soul wanders around , not ready to give up until she kills his last generation.

She exhaled, straightening up to her feet. Her bones cracked. “Ugh” a soft groan escaped her mouth, making her face squeeze in pain, only to be replaced by a dark look. She gulped in, folded her fist; and with the first step she mounted the stairs, up to the large doors, which pulled open itself, without the support of a force.

Weird, she thought, but wouldn’t give up. Beneath the dark clouds above the house, is fire, surrounding the house. Natural fire. Yes, she made it, she had killed a thousand men that were about stopping her mission, burning them with fire. Her clothes wrick of blood. The door shut itself, on her entrance. She cared less, but walked on, sighting a figure at the end of the alley; dressed in a ranger cloth, like hers. The b***h wanna take her position, but she doesn’t share what belongs to her.
She drew her sword off the sheath, stumping hard on the cold floor to fight her prey

“We don’t have to fight Kyla” the lady mentioned, looking determined but scared. She could see it in her eyes, what’s her name again. Mercury

“Where is Don?” Kyla asked, readying her sword to strike. Mercury smirked

“You can’t see him” she replied with contempt. Isn’t this the lady looking scared earlier, huh..she only wanted to distract her. Kyla thought, and with one swing her sword sliced into the air.

“Kyla No….” A voice shouted, rushing in between the duo, taking the strike instead. His blood splashed on her face as he drop dead on the floor. Evans? She called out in whispers, watching the hideous thing she just did. “No, I didn’t ki*ll him, did I?” She asked, with heavy heart. Mercury watched with sorrow, she shifted backward, knowing that Kyla wouldn’t spare her either.

“It isn’t my fault” she noted, with difficulty. Kyla’s eyes turned red. “No it is” she snapped, slashing her hand off. She didn’t wait to hear her groans or cries. She pushed forward, walking into the inner chamber.

“Don!!!! Don come out here you fool and face me” she gnarled, gritting with pain from within and outward. She doesn’t want her weakness to take over her, the thought of Evans lying dead in cold blood, from her hand is enough to hunt her dead, but first she must ki*ll the beast that caused all this.

She suddenly found herself in a strange place, that looks like a temple, surrounded by curtains, just like the one in her clan; the place Evans found her naked. The red and black piece of materials were flying in the air, making circles, preventing her from seeing clearly.

She sliced each cloth with her sword, bringing each down to the earth; the wind stopped blowing, as the other curtains ceased in their movement. Right before her, stood someone in a dark cloak, backing her. She held her sword tightly. “Donald” she called out, gritting. No response from the figure. She took careful strides forward, closing a safe distance for a sword fight.

“You came at the wrong time” the figure spoke up at last, still not leaving its position. Instead, it flipped off the cloak hood, revealing a perfectly shaved hair, scraped bald to the very skin, but covered in tattoo; the picture of a black poisonous spider.

“Who are you?” Kyla asked, confused at the turn of event. The figure let out a loud chuckle, turning swiftly to face her. “They call me…a witch..” she roared, and with one full force, Kyla felt herself being lifted of the floor, landing on her back, a distance away. She groan, falling into unconsciousness.

Darting out of her Dreamland, she exhaled loudly, seeing her pitiful self on her bed, in the comfort of her clan. She tried to calm her hitched breathe first before checking the time. It’s just 12am, a weird time to dream such a dream. What the hell was all she saw; she is used to having nightmares of things that had happened in the past, not stuffs as this

She struggled out of her bed, and walked towards the kitchen to make a hot tea.
“sh*t….I will need to go see her” I muttered, getting off my bed to wear my trousers. “Go to see who?” Raphael asked, watching me curiously.

“Who else…I need to see Kyla” I muttered. He scoffed. “Wait, I know she is your girlfriend and all that, but she is still the need to respect that fact bro, come on, it’s late. She will be sleeping by now..and why the hell do you wanna see her by this time, you could have done that since early evening.” He noted.

I shrugged. “She might still be awake too…it’s just 12am” “Is it urgent?” He asked. I shook my head negatively

“I just feel like checking up on her…like ..damn, you won’t understand until you get yourself a girlfriend. I just feel like she isn’t fine over there, she needs me beside her…I really need to go.”

He rolled his eyes “Whatever…just don’t get her pregnant?” He smirked. It was my turn to roll my eyes

“You are daft you know that” I resorted, walking off the room, his laughter still filled my ears.
Evans walked into her suite, making his steps into her bedroom to find it empty. “Kyla?” He called.
“Babe…where are you” he muttered quietly, being on safe guard. He walked out of the room, back to the living room, only to bump into her. “Oh…sorry” he voiced out, looking at the mess he had made. She was holding a cup of the remaining tea, of which she had drank from. When he bumped into her, the mug fell of and crash on the tiles floor.

“What are you doing here” she asked coldly, ignoring what had just happened. He followed her back to the bedroom, exhaling.

“I just…came to check on you…” He stuttered. She watched him for a while with arms folded, remembering the dream she just had. Why did he decides to come now, making her feel bad all of a sudden. “Go back to your dorm” she snapped, walking towards her bed.

“You ain’t asleep yet…are you alright babe?” He asked, going closer to her. “I’m fine..go!” she snapped, harshly. This made him stopped in his track, looking at her with quite a sad face. Was she chasing him away or what? She realizes this and sighed. Walking up to him, she caressed his cheek with her palm, looking intently into is eyes.

“Sweetheart I’m fine, as you can see…I’m just ..tired .and erm, I need to sleep, okay. So you have a great day tomorrow, you need to have your rest too..please” she voiced out softly this time. He watched her with pain in his heart. Pulling her hand away, as he hold it in between his palms. He caressed it and placed a soft kiss on it.

“I miss you Kyla” he whispered, pouting. But her countenance changed; he needs no one to tell him that it’s time to leave. He simply placed a peck on her cheek and walked out of the door.

It’s been four months now since Jade died, and ever since then, Kyla hasn’t been her usual self. She acts cold most of the time, and get angry easily. Her sole mission is to capture Don, and that, she has been working on.
“Evans, do you copy….Evans?” Autumn muttered into the mouthpiece, as she made gentle strides towards the building getting no reply from him.

“F**k I think I lost Evans” she muttered, signaling the others.
“That bas***d…” Bruce gritted from the background.

“What are we gonna do, we were asked to stick together” Moonlight asked, getting worried. “We continue with the search, we’ll meet up with him later” Bruce noted.

They are on a mission to capture one of Hades men, who they found out, resides in a hidden house in the city, only for Evans to dessert them, sneaking his way out of the scene to catch up with Kyla. She was to go on her usual secret outing, that no one knows of, neither do they know where she heads to, and he has been determined to follow her.

He managed to hack into her mail the previous day, seeing a strange message from someone asking her to be at a certain location. He checked the Internet about the location, finding out about it being in a deserted place where no human would want to live. Why will Kyla go to such a place, and who is she going to meet. He thought.
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Love y’all 💕
Vickie Dora 🌻


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